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The world of Somarium, being a dream world, is significantly different from our own. The land is flat, with a large island in the center. Nobody knows what's beyond the ocean— people have tried to explore it, but none have succeeded.

Somarium has a multitude of different places to explore, all mishmashed together in one place. First, in the very center, there is…


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The village, Espoir »

The little village of Espoir is where new residents of Somarium first find themselves when they arrive. Espoir is a cozy, quiet little place fashioned out of stone and brick. It seems to be mostly abandoned, although there are still crops growing in the fields, so who knows if people are still living here. It's the perfect place to set up a home if you want to live a nice, peaceful life. Oh, and please ignore the scarecrows. They are not actually moving. It's only your imagination.

Surrounding the village on all sides is…


The city, Somni »

The city of Somni is quite a change from Espoir. It's filled with skyscrapers, dirty sidewalks, and one-way streets, like one would find in a typical city, but it's also eerily… quiet. Nobody lives in Somni— not at the moment, anyway. Restaurants all have closed signs up, cars parked on the street have layers of dust, and not a soul resides here. No one knows how long it's been abandoned, but parts of the city are falling apart from lack of care, so be careful. Also keep your eye out for any critters that may have made their home in Somni— they may or may not be friendly.

There are 5 districts within the city, and here are some bare bone details about them:

[District 1] - Residential district. Many of the nicer apartments and the parks, including the main "central" one and gardens can be found here. It's the more ritzy area and is the least damaged of the districts and the nicer looking one. If you like nature and wanna relax, that's the place for you other than Espoir. Also where some of the schools are.

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[District 2] - Shopping district. Stores galore! From major chains to small specialty shops, you'll be sure to find most of what you want here. Except weapons, unless you count costume props and steak knives weapons. Those are found somewhere else. Many of the major restaurants and fast food chains are here as well. Plazas can be found here and there.

[District 3] - Business district. Most of the company buildings will be here, as well as some hotels and big restaurants. You'll find some special stores, particularly supply ones, here. There is a nice park near the center. It should be noted this is where most of the skyscrapers are and if you go to the top of the tallest one, you'll be able to see the buildings of the neighboring district (2) as well as the distant lights of the others. The main hospital? It's in there somewhere. Don't know how good it is though :O Red light district? Hurrhurr 8D

[District 4] - The slums/industrial section. It's the most run down and has more signs of destruction in it, particularly the closer you get to the desert. There may be signs that close off certain sections. You'll find old factories, labs, as well as very old run down apartments. You may be able to find interesting things in here, but I wouldn't recommend going in there alone unless you know what you're doing. Or crazy. The super mondo science research facility is hidden somewhere in here. What’s inside it is anyone’s guess. And its exterior may fool you. And those weapon shops mentioned earlier? You might have more luck finding a secret store here. But, good luck finding it and then getting into it. Looks like someone had put some magic seals on it and you'll need special permission to access it. [NOTE! DUE TO THE EARTHQUAKE EVENT, MOST OF THE INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT HAS TAKEN HEAVY DAMAGE AND MANY BUILDINGS AND AREAS ARE DESTROYED. ONLY PLACES THAT WAS CLOSEST TO THE CENTER OF SOMARIUM ARE RELATIVELY INTACT. REPAIRS ARE UNDER WAY.]

[District 5] - Government district. Here you'll find many law offices and a court house, as well as the police and fire departments. There's even a capitol building, but the doors are locked tight, almost as if they were sealed by magic. Good luck breaking into that one.

[For a more detailed description of various things you can find in both the village and the city, look at this entry.]

On the very outskirts of the city, buildings are much more in ruin, many of them falling over and sinking into the sand. This is where the city gives way to…


The desert, Saburra »

The Saburra desert is one of the more dangerous parts of Somarium. Where the desert borders along the city, there are remnants of what were once buildings falling to pieces and sinking into the sand. These can be found throughout the desert, although they get more sparse the further out into the desert you wander. It's not advised to go out too far, though, as the Saburra desert is home to multiple different beasts and critters, many of which don't like human visitors.

Nobody has fully explored the Saburra desert yet, so who knows what other wonders or dangers have yet to be found…?

As one wanders along, eventually the desert flattens out, and in time you'll eventually stumble across…


The beach »

The beach is the very edge of land on Somarium, and very quiet all around from the looks of it. Nobody has managed to explore this far yet, either, so the mysteries of what may be on the beach remain just that— a mystery.

Beyond the beach is the ocean— another place that holds nothing but mysteries in its hidden depths. Anybody who tries to explore too far out into the ocean is mysteriously found back in Espoir with no memories of what happened. What other strange things could be lurking in the ocean's waters…?

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