Name Tyler Chase
Canon Trauma Center
Age 29
Journal Dude Doctor
Played By Meygan


Tyler doesn't have much of a background. At some point in time, both of his parents died and he was left in charge of his much younger sister, Amy. Tyler seemed to be doing a fine job at supporting the both of them until the day he found out his sister was very, very sick. Unfortunately, the GUILT Deftera that was causing her illness had never been seen before. Doctors were baffled on how they could go about curing it. Unable to sit back and watch his little sister waste away to nothing, Tyler turned to the medical field and enrolled into a medical school.

It was there that he met the amazing Derek Stiles. The two became fast friends, Tyler even going so far as to allow Derek copy off of his tests, something he still teases the surgeon about to this very day.

It wasn't until after college and joining up with Caduceus USA, that Tyler saw the real effects of GUILT in more people than just Amy. Even the surgeons at the most advanced hospital in the world could do nothing to save the people who were slowly dying from incurable diseases. Tyler was unable to stand aside and let these people suffer. Many patients in terminal conditions were secretly killed within the hospitals walls by the cheerful man, the 'Death Doctor' was now going around and relieving people's suffering.

There seemed to be no hope for his little sister and Tyler came very close to giving her a painless death until Derek Stiles joined Caduceus and was able to cure the Deftera with his Healing Touch. After seeing Derek's amazing power for the first time, Tyler realized that he could no longer 'help' others as the Death Doctor, not when there was hope of people being cured.

And so now Tyler and Derek are back to being BFF and Tyler loves to run errands for Victor constantly because he isn't as good a surgeon as Derek so he doesn't have a lot of real work to do. THE END.


Tyler is a very happy-go-lucky kind of man. He's almost always smiling and upbeat, glad to greet the day with a huuuuge smile on his face. He loves his job, but isn't exactly the most dedicated of surgeons. He's known to be exceedingly lazy and whines about work he doesn't want to do, but when things need to be done, he will do it with very little no complaint.

There's a bit more serious side to Tyler that doesn't come out very often. Though he may act like he doesn't take his job seriously, seeing patients in pain is very difficult for him. He became a doctor to help people, and when he is helpless, he tends to get a little emo. It doesn't happen often and he usually can pull himself out of it, but he'll probably whine about things for awhile.

He also loves his sister more than anything. Even cute girls. Though he reaaally likes cute girls. And he says the word 'dude' quite a bit


Tyler is a surgeon and can perform many difficult operations, but he doesn't have any cool powers like Derek.

He also has beautiful hair. That is an ability.

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