Name Tsume
Canon Wolf's Rain
Age N/A
Residence house in industrial district
Journal distantwolf
Played By Laenavesse



Tsume is actually a gray wolf with an X-shaped scar on his chest. However, just like all wolves of the series, he is able to have a human disguise. This form is of a tall, dark skinned man with white short hair with a rat tail, and wears all leather. …Tight leather. Still hot.

He is the very first wolf of the pack to be introduced in the series, though at the time it shows him in his human form and leading a band of human thieves who rob a train. He later discovers Kiba who had taken shelter in the tree that was the center of their base and after Kiba had told Tsume he had lost his pride of a wolf to be living amongst humans like he was, they had a brief scuffle until one of the younger gang members sucked it up and tried to help him.

Later, after a semi-failed raid on one of the noble/research facilities in which the guy who had helped fend off Kiba falls to his death despite Tsume’s attempt to help him (the kid had seen through Tsume’s human disguise when Tsume had reached down to grab him and wrenched himself loose), Tsume is recognizing even more that he really is different and doesn’t belong with the humans, and his members are thinking the same, especially since they were all being captured by the authorities.

He stumbles upon Toboe when he sees the pup crying/howling over accidentally killing a girl’s hawk, which had caused the human disguise to fade. He quickly jumped in and took Toboe away and took care of him somewhat. Brought him back to the base and gave him food at any rate. Of course, he later saves Toboe again when they run into Quent and Tsume initially does the spiffy super leap of awesome, pretty much ditching Toboe. Or so it seems. As Quent was about to shoot Toboe after seeing through the disguise for the briefest of seconds, Tsume jumps back down on the crazy old man and helps distract Quent. Then the two both do the crazy leaping business and escape.

Later, after his gang breaks up and after a brief spat in which Tsume drives Toboe away (Saying that he was sorry for saving the runt), Tsume gets chased after the authorities when one of his old gang mates snitched on him. Of course, wolf powers exceed humans, so he is able to run away, but he then encounters Blue. They get into a bit of a scrap, fall down onto a large stack of crates, and Tsume dashes off again to his base.

Kiba, Hige, and Toboe later come to him – Kiba had followed his scent of blood – and they try to convince him to join. He refuses, but when the base is surrounded, they all bolt out together. During the escape attempt, Toboe slips on the pipe he and Tsume were running along, which is pretty much identical to the scene with the boy from his gang. Tsume still goes back and saves him the same way he tried to save the other kid, and they get the hell out of Dodge. Still, as they reach the edge of the city (and after pushing the hesitant Toboe off the cliff thing), Tsume hesitates before going after them.

Of course, despite following them, Tsume is skeptical about the whole “Paradise” thing. After four days of travelling, he later breaks off from the group, going off on his own. And of course the runt chases after him. And of course something has to happen. Something always happens. In this case, Toboe triggered a machine gun robot that pretty much aimed right at him. Tsume, with his awesome wolf senses and ability to notice the small glint of metal from the light of the setting sun, instantly ran over to save the pup. While Toboe came out unhurt, Tsume had taken some damage. The robot continues to chase them even out of the destroyed military facility. It’s a determined bugger, what can I say? Toboe and Tsume get into a tight spot, and though Toboe tried to distract it from Tsume so he could run, the robot focuses on the injured wolf instead. Just as things look rather bleak for the <strike>angsty emo “leave me alone”</strike> wolf, Kiba appears and attacks the machine, changing its focus onto him. Hige then helps Tsume out and after Kiba defeats the machine (which still lives for a few seconds after being wailed on by an avalanche…I told you it was a determined bugger), they all reunite and continue their journey to find Cheza, who had been taken by Darcia, and ultimately Paradise. Of course, Tsume explicitly says that this wasn’t about “friendship”.

This changes throughout the series of course. And he even states that they’ll find Paradise when talking another pack of wolves they meet in a city. When they do find Cheza, Tsume is a bit skeptical but as time goes on he accepts her for who she is and knows she’s important. The fact he was brought to the city where she had been is proof that he had caught her scent before. He just probably never wanted to admit it.

The issue of who would be the best leader arises when they are in the Forest of Death and go through the cave the creepy owl leads them to. Kiba has gone a little…crazy over the fact that Cheza hasn’t had water or sunlight in a while and is starting to wither. However, Tsume up to this point has been pretty much in command, or at least attempting to take that role. When they have to fight off the bugs, proof of trust is shown when Kiba throws Cheza up to Tsume who had found safe ground on a ledge. It’s during this time when he actually shows a little of his kind side to Cheza, telling her that they would be able to handle things (and smiled). At this point, Tsume has officially recognized her as important though he may still not believe in Paradise. It is also at this point in which the foursome finally recognize that yes they are a pack and can work together to fight off the bugs.

And then have some fun playing in the water.

Happy fun tiemz are over when Darcia comes to pick up Cheza. They all get pretty much laser beamed (really, it was a cheap move) and after they recover and pick up Blue, they continue their search for Cheza. Once again, Tsume has to take command as Kiba is just oh so focused on his sweet little flower that he charges forward despite the fact that the others are getting tired. So while Tsume tells them they all need to rest, Kiba goes off on his own. They all meet up again at Darcia’s castle, but it’s not so great there either. Jagara’s forces appear and they all split up again…especially after the castle blows up.

During their journey to find Kiba (with Tsume ironically being the one to be most adamant about it), they encounter an Indian tribe and learn about a story of how humans were descended from the wolves, and a little bit about Paradise, though it leads to more questions than answers.

When Ihk takes them to the desert of bones, Toboe separates from the group, wanting to stay with the tribe. Tsume tells Toboe that if that’s what he wants, then that’s fine in a rather neutral tone, and he and Hige continue on. He tells Hige that Toboe had always wanted to be with humans, and that if Hige wants to quit that’s fine, too. It’s here that he says the reason why he’s continuing is because he wants to be sure of it. If wolves are to bring the end of the world, he wanted to see it happen. Also, apparently Kiba influenced him a bit, as Hige points out. They spot Jagara’s forces heading toward the plant that Kiba is actually hidden, Ikh and Toboe soon joining in. They take Kiba’s body back to the village where they try to bring him back. Once he does and is well enough, they continue their journey to find Cheza.

They learn the direction to Jagara’s castle, where Cheza was being taken. They have to cross an ocean of floating ice and of course when there’s an ocean of floating ice and a bleeding Toboe…something has to appear. So enter the freaking, giant ass walrus. Toboe kills it via just hanging onto the area around its eye and having it slam itself into a bunch of ice that pierces it. Go Toboe! ..And they eat that giant walrus as if it were a ham sandwich.

Anyway, thanks to Hige, they manage to get inside Jagara’s city and the group splits up into two groups. Hige and Toboe go to gather information while Tsume and Kiba go to see if they can figure out how to enter the castle. They manage to get two kids to tell them a back entrance and soon they’re inside. Unfortunately they get separated, but Tsume had picked up on Cheza’s scent and continues onward.

Unfortunately Tsume has a bit of a “WTF” moment when he comes into a room filled with stuffed wolves with collars similar to Hige around their necks. And a cage falls on him. Oh snaps. He gets sent to the same place as Hubb is and of course won’t take it sitting down. From the last wolf that is remaining (old hag) he learns about Hige’s story and confronts him a bit about it (not that he gets much) when Hige comes in to let them out. At any rate, they find Jagara and after the confrontation continue to find Paradise.



Tsume is definitely your run of the mill stoic, semi-solitary badass, and arrogant character. With a bit of emo. He’ll take the command whether he’s leader or not and usually has to thanks to Kiba’s stubbornness. If there was a rank, he would be second in line. He’s also the one to usually be put on “guard” as he is also perceptive to danger and anything that’s going on.

But he really is like a cookie. Hard on the outside with a soft center. He might not show that he cares but he really does look out for the others, especially Toboe. He is always quick to notice if any of them are tiring or failing behind and will suggest that they should take a break. Or rather make it sound like an order, but it’s a semi-suggestion? He’s not exactly much of a talker, but he’s not a silent type either. He will say his opinion and be blunt about it. Also, he can be nice when he wants to, giving encouragement or worrying about those he cares about. Yes. He can cry. Or rather shed a tear. Literally.

He is also rather good at reading people, or pointing out some of the negative/downer/faults/things-that-need-to-be-pointed-out characteristics of people. He is also definitely a realist, if not a pessimist, and if things start sounding a little too dreamy or just plain out there, he’ll make a comment about it. He will also bring the others around and to focus on the goal at hand.

Though Tsume can be pushy about things, he also doesn’t make people do anything they don’t want. If they want to leave or do something that could end up being stupid, he lets them do as they want. “Just leave him be” is a saying that’s not uncommon for him to say. He seems to be able to understand people and know that sometimes it’s easier for them to do what they want than fight over it. Not that he won’t if it’s necessary.

Also, he likes going off on his own a lot. Either to just think or just be by himself. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like being around people, but he is definitely not a willing social person. As he did run a gang and doesn’t mind the company, as well as being with the others, it’s obvious he’s not really a “lone wolf” (pun…semi intended). It’s more like he’s with them so he can be with them and/or use them rather than actually believing in the whole “friendship” thing. Of course, that changed over the journey, but he’ll still be “meh” about the whole buddy-buddy thing.


One of the most obvious abilities Tsume has is to deceive humans. As a wolf, he has a human disguise that humans will normally see as opposed to his real wolf form. However, it’s not impossible for them to see his form, either through a strange state of delusion or if he just drops the disguise completely.

However, most of powers/abilities come from being a wolf. He is incredibly athletic as all wolves are: agile, strong, fast, do crazy jumping moves. When he fights, he is actually fighting as a wolf though it will look like he’s fighting as a human to others. They may see glimpses of his wolf self, but then they’ll see his human form. They will also see that he is wielding a knife. Also, Tsume is probably the second strongest of the pack, if not the strongest. He can definitely go toe-to-toe with Kiba at any rate.

As he does have a strong personality and persona, he can easily take command and lead when necessary. He also has good senses all around and sense danger usually before the others, as well as a lot of things. He can also apparently tell the difference between a cloud flashing with lightning and if it’s actually something reflecting off its surface (no joke.). Of all the four wolves, Tsume is the one who seems to have the most “wild” experience, which is what also makes him more perceptive to these things.

As a wolf, he also has the ability to heal faster when there is a full moon, as well as heal faster in general.

Other Stuff

Nothing really, except that as a human form he still has the scar on his chest as well as piercings in his ears. Kind of cool. A gold stub on the right and a gold clip on the left.

Non-humans should be able to see through Tsume’s form easily, as in vampires, other animals, animal humanoids, as well as those who have a rather high psychic connection. Otherwise, humans will almost always see Tsume’s human form.

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