Trucy Wright
Name: Trucy Wright
Canon: Apollo Justice
Age: 15
Residence: Enveria Apartments Room 405
Journal: magictrucygirl
Played By: Amanda

Background — SPOILERS ENSUE.
Trucy is currently living under the care of one retired hobo lawyer Phoenix Wright, hence her last name. Her biological parents are Zak and Thalassa Gramarye two famous magicians who had made up part of Troupe Gramarye. She was told that her mother died when she was younger due to a trick gone wrong that involved two pistols. During that time she continued to live with her father Zak, but at the age of 8, he was accused of murdering his mentor and her grandfather Magnifi Gramarye.

The defence lawyer for that particular trial was none other than Phoenix Wright. During this trail she managed to help her father escape before a guilty verdict could be declared. This was also the case that Phoenix happened to lose his badge from when he presented false evidence without his knowledge. Since then, Zak has been believed to be deceased and despite Phoenix’s relentless searching he was unable to find any of Trucy’s other relatives so he adopted her and raised her as his own child. Since then, Trucy has lived with Phoenix and has helped him change his dreary law office into the “Wright Talent Agency” and to this day maintains it.

Her first encounter with Apollo, a defense attorney was during his first case where she presented him with a piece of false evidence: a playing card with a drop of blood on it. When Apollo found out about presenting this false piece of evidence he took his anger out on Phoenix although it was Trucy who gave it to him in the first place. A few months later, Apollo was roped into joining the “Wright Talent Agency” which was actually now called the “Wright Anything Agency” and became his assistant in his cases.

While it should have been ‘happily ever after’, Trucy’s mother Thalassa wasn’t actually ever dead. The fatal shot that was supposed to have killed her actually made her lose her sight. So what was she up to this whole time while Phoenix was raising Trucy? She was a new blind Borginian singing satiation named Lamiror who also had amnesia and couldn’t remember that she had a daughter. Thanks to Apollo’s last case where Phoenix was experimenting with the Jurist system she regained her memory.

But we aren’t done with the twists yet! Before Thalassa’s marriage to Zak, she had been married to someone else and had bore a child who was actually Apollo. This little secret was kept from the two half-siblings and Trucy still has no idea that her mother is alive. And probably won’t any time soon because its Phoenix keeping the secrets from the two. D<

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