Tieria Erde
Name Tieria Erde
Canon Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Age N/A
Residence Rivera Apartments
Room 308
Journal Superior Gundam Meister
Played By Kelly

[Warning: Spoilers]


Tieria’s life and history before the public armed interventions of Celestial Being is not known. Upon being asked to join, this young man was given the codename Tieria Erde. His year of birth, real name, and heritage still remains unknown. After joining Celestial Being, he was given one of four positions – Gundam Meister. Name and personal history are considered to be Classified information within Veda. Nothing about Tieria’s history, origins, or nationality are known to the other three Gundam Meisters.

Tieria, unlike the other Gundam Meisters, posses a unique ability to directly interface with the Celestial Being supercomputer, Veda. Using his ability to interface with Veda, he became the pilot of Gundam Virtue and Gundam Nadleeh. This ability to directly interface with Celestial Being’s supercomputer leads people to believe that there is something more to Tieria than meets the eye, possibly hinting at cybernetic-enhanced humanoid or android roots.

Tieria makes his debut in Celestial Being piloting Gundam Virtue at the HRL’s celebration at the orbital elevator. Using the massive laser canon (aka. GN Bazooka) that is equipped on Gundam Virtue, he took care of the last terrorist mecha that was out of the reach of Gundam Kyrios (piloted by Allelujah Haptism). At a later date, Tieria was forced to reveal Gundam Nadleeh because the HRL had captured Gundam Kyrios and severely restrained Gundam Virtue, planning to capture it also. This revelation of Gundam Nadleeh left Tieria emotionally distraught, blaming himself for revealing this hidden ability so early.

When meeting the members of Celestial Being who called themselves the Trinitys, Michael Trinity commented that Tieria “kind of hot” if he were a girl.

Before one of the final battles against the UN Forces, Tieria attempted to keep Lockon Stratos from participating in the battle due to his injuries from a previous battle. Despite Tieria’s efforts, Gundam Dynames (piloted by Lockon) joined the battle – this event led to Lockon’s death. Tieria blamed himself for not protecting Lockon and also blamed Setsuna F. Seiei for not making it in time to help save Lockon.

During the last battle, Gundam Nadleeh was severely damaged and Tieria was forced to eject himself from the Gundam and hope that his colleagues in Celestial Being would recover and rescue him.


Not much is known about Tieria Erde. At first glance, he comes across as very withdrawn, not desiring anything more than Veda’s company. He is a young man who is callous and unrelenting. One of his most well-known parts to his personality is his judgmental nature. He looks at his colleagues with nothing but disdain, picking apart their every action and looking for the smallest mistake as an excuse to label them as unfit. Tieria looks at the world with disgust, preferring to be in the pristine surroundings of outer space and locked securely within the chamber that connects him to Veda. He carries the responsibility of being Celestial Being’s connection to this all-knowing supercomputer, Veda. Everything the young man does is dictated by Veda and he rarely, if ever, strays from his directives. This ability to connect to Veda sets him apart from the other members on board the Ptolemaios, giving him an air of superiority that he carries with him no matter his company.

Veda means the world to Tieria and this is shown when he is forced to deviate from Veda’s plan and reveal the high-mobility mode of his Gundam in order to save his own life. After the battle, the broken Gundam Meister sat in the cockpit of his mobile suit in tears, torn and beaten over what he had done – betrayal the one thing most important to him. Reducing himself to nothing more than watashi, he deems himself unfit, just as he has the rest of his colleagues. The safety of his sealed-off world comes crashing down around him, revealing how truly fragile this young man is, when he loses his connection with Veda. He feels as if he’s lost his qualifications as a Gundam Meister since he can no longer link with the super computer.

He rarely, if ever, shows this raw emotion in the presence of or concerning another member of Celestial Being. The only member that has seen this vulnerable side of Tieria is Lockon Stratos, who tells him that being a Gundam Meister is not all about his ability to connect to Veda, offering comfort in the fact that Tieria can still be human like the rest of the crew. Lockon realizes that, despite the face Tieria puts on for everybody, he is very fragile underneath his seemingly hard exterior. Tieria struggles with the fact that he has lost his purpose and made mistakes, now existing as nothing more than an ordinary Gundam pilot, a human.

This human side of the Gundam Meister, however, is shown when his fellow Gundam Meister, Lockon Stratos, loses his life in a battle. Tieria cries as he hears the harrowing call from the orange Haro filter into his Gundam. He blames himself for this. If he hadn’t caused Lockon to lose sight in his dominant eye during a previous battle, things would not have ended like this. Once on board the Ptolemaios, he displays human emotions, showing his anger and pain. He lashes out at Setsuna, blaming the young man for Lockon’s death. He doesn’t know how to deal with these emotions, these human emotions that are so very foreign to him.


Tieria is very capable of piloting any Mobile Suit. He is particularly experienced in piloting GN-005 Gundam Virtue and GN-005 Gundam Nadleeh. He has the ability to directly interface with the Celestial Being supercomputer, Veda; however, this ability was lost towards the end of the first season.

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