Name Teddie
Canon Persona 4
Age Unknown
Residence Has no home :(
Journal Beary Bad Puns
Played By Meygan


Teddie was born into his existence as a Shadow, a being within the TV world who was created by humankind’s repressed desires and emotions. However, unlike other Shadows, there was something very different about Teddie. He actually had his own desires and emotions, and it was because of them that he learned to speak in human language. At the start of the game, he takes on the appearance of a stuffed bear in a clown suit to look more appealing to humans because he wants to befriend them.

Repressing his own memories, he remembers nothing of his past life as a Shadow or of the beautiful place the TV world was before being covered in fog. The only things he knows for certain are that he has always resided within this world and, as of recently, it has been getting very messed up (increased fog/Shadow agitation) due to someone throwing humans into the TV.

Upon first meeting the protagonist and his friends, Teddie urges them (and actually begins to physically stuff them through the television set exit) to leave the TV world because the Shadows become far too aggressive when the fog clears up. When Yosuke and Souji return for a second time, the bear accuses them of pushing people into the TV and demands proof that they are not the people causing the murders. They, of course, can provide no proof to show that they aren’t the culprits, but Teddie allows them to prove their innocence by catching the REAL culprit! During this interaction, Yosuke demands that the bear show his real face and proceeds to take off his head- showing that inside of the bear costume is nothing. It is completely empty.


Giving the two boys pairs of glasses that are able to see through the deep fog of the TV world, Teddie accompanies them to the area that he earlier sensed a human presence in. Upon arriving there, the place is crawling with vicious Shadows and it doesn't take long for Souji to summon his persona for the first time to defeat them.

Teddie is in complete awe. Finally, after spending so much time hiding out from the Shadows, there is a person who can defeat them! From here on out, Teddie is completely enamored with his new 'Sensei', vowing to do anything for him. He becomes the official support member of the group, going along with them on their journeys to save people from the Shadows, giving back-up support and advice from the sidelines.

The three of them continue on through the months together, saving people and gaining new members to their team (Chie, Yukiko, and after a particularly steamy rendezvous Kanji). What Teddie is remains a mystery, but the team is far too busy saving people to investigate his existence fully. It isn't until the group jumps in to save the idol Rise Kujikawa that they run into the first set of trouble along the way.

Due to her Shadow's incredible scanning ability, the young girl's other self is able to evade every kind of attack that the group throws at her. Even Kanji's impressive Jerry Springer-based attack doesn't seem to work. Standing safely out of harm's way on the sidebar, Teddie watches in horror as his only friends come closer and closer to a GAME OVER. He knows that a small, weak bear like him can bear-ly do anything to help out, but he has to try something! His squeaky feet moving on their own accord, Teddie takes a fighting stance between his friends and Rise's Shadow.

A moment of powering up super saiyan style and Teddie goes bear-serk, single-handedly defeating Rise's Shadow with his astounding power and saving everyone. However, Teddie is not unscathed by the ordeal. He comes out, uh, flat, and his beautiful, silky fur HAS BEEN RUINED. MAN, FORGOT THAT THEY ALL ALMOST DIED. HIS FUCKING FUR IS RUINED- IT IS OFFICIALLY THE END OF THE WORLD.

As Teddie mourns the loss of his precious fur, Rise comes to the conclusion that there is no 'real' her, all of the different personalities of her are in fact the same person. This, however, prompts Teddie to ask a single question.

"There's no real me?"


What do you call a Teddie without teeth?


…okay back to app.

The simple question causes Teddie's own Shadow to rise up from within him. This other Teddie begins to taunt his flatter self, calling him naive for believing that there is anything more to himself than the hollow insides he currently has. He hints of the bear's true past life as a Shadow, but Teddie doesn't want to hear any of it. The denial causes his other self to transform into his true Shadow form, a giant Teddie with portions of his face missing, revealing the black emptiness beneath. The bear's insecurities about himself come forward to the group. Does his existence have no meaning? Is he purely a superficial being? A hollow and fake person?


After defeating Teddie's Shadow, Teddie steps forward to accept himself. He announces that he doesn't know who he is, but he realizes that he is alive and he has friends who will help him in his search. That is enough to help him make peace with himself. As the group says goodbye to take Rise home, Teddie falls to the floor and begins to do crunches, saying he will train until he is stronger and can be a good ally to the team!

And hopefully his fur will grow back even more beautifully than before!

The next time the team go to find Teddie, much to their surprise, he has crossed the barrier from the TV world into the real world. Lounging in a massage chair at the local superstore, Junes, Teddie was just chilling out as he waited for them to come find him. Deciding that he is a valuable member of the team and that he really, really hates being alone, Teddie comes to the conclusion that he wants to remain in the real world with everyone.

Due to the fact that this game is really long and Teddie's role is very important, I shall summarize the remainder of the game as this:

While Teddie was doing crunches, he grew a very attractive human body within his suit. Everyone is freaked out.

Teddie's one true love is Topsicles.

While getting wasted one night on non-alcoholic alcohol, Teddie gets his very first kiss. Thank you, Kanji. ♥

The little bear/sparkling boy befriends the protagonist's little sister and there is so much cute I think my eyes actually started to bleed from crying so much.
Teddie is the most beautiful girl EVAR!

Oh yeah, and a lot of ass was whooped.

And then, to summarize, through all of the ordeals, Teddie not only becomes a stronger bear-person, but the bonds he forms with his friends gives him the strength of mind to accept the duty he has to the TV world. Before the MC gets on the train back home, Teddie says that he has decided to stay over in his true home. He wants to protect it, to make sure that no evil will ever come around again.

Everyone makes fun of him. Thanks a lot, assholes.



Teddie is first and foremost a very innocent creature. There are many things he doesn't know about, especially when it comes to the real world, and he never hesitates to ask questions. He is insanely peppy, almost always cheerful, and very willing to please (especially when it comes to his Sensei).

The small bear is taken in easily by advertisements and peer pressure, not quite understanding enough of the real world to say no. Tell him to do something and most of the time he will without a second thought. He's just a cute, little naive bear though, so don't make him do anything too horrible. ;_;

The most annoying adorable interesting feature of Teddie is his constant use of horrible puns and jokes, usually involving the word 'bear'. When summoning his Persona, he usually shouts "BEARSONA!" Along with puns, Teddie is a bit obsessed with watching television. He memorizes commercials and loves to repeat them or give taglines at the most awkward moments.

The darker side of Teddie, as seen through his Shadow, shows how much he hates to be alone and how scared he is of having no real purpose in life. Though he has overcome his past and accepts that he was once a Shadow, the small bear still enjoys the company of his friends over being alone.

His ultimate goal in life is to score with a girl, preferably Yuki-chan. ♥


Teddie’s greatest strengths lie in his constant optimism and his ability to turn everything into a bad pun!

Like some of the persona cast, Teddie is able to summon his persona, Kamui.

Other Facts


Whenever he walks, his feet squeak. Always.

Also, in bear form Teddie doesn't have much balance. He gets knocked over easily and once he does, it is very hard for him to get back up again. Like a turtle :(

AND he has dexterous fingers! Which he needs when he is making those anti-fog glasses! And he can open up a path to go between worlds! Pretty nifty!

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