Suzumiya Haruhi
Name Suzumiya Haruhi
Canon The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Age 16
Residence Enveria Apartments (707)
Journal haruhee
Played By Bee


Haruhi has always been a little eccentric, believing in the unbelievable, even as a child. She had a rather average and happy childhood. Her parents liked her, her teachers liked her, and she had a lot of friends in her class. She felt important, special—one in a million. It was only when she went to her first big Baseball game and looked at the crowed of thousands that she realized that she was really just one out of a million.

If there were thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of people at the Baseball game, how many more were in Japan? If there were that many in Japan, then how many in all of Aisa? What about the world?

Haruhi could no longer delude herself into thinking that she was important.

But! What if there were other things out there? What if there were Aliens, or ESPers, or Time Travellers? Surely these were people out of the ordinary! These were the people she wanted to know! Normal humans were no longer of any use! She didn't have time for the ordinary or the mundane!

Haruhi's full-fledged quest for the paranormal began in Jr. High. But she could find nothing extraordinary in her small Jr. High, filled with ordinary people. Little did she know, however, that an Alien being called the Integrated Data Entity (made up of many parts, and always creating more) began to watch her after that point. The reason was simple: a large amount of data materialized out of nowhere on Earth, originating at Haruhi.

Indeed, many other strange people began to focus their attention on Haruhi following that first year of Jr. High. People in the future looked back and began to wonder about that energy fluctuation and a squad of ESPers were created to deal with the “closed space” that Haruhi created when unhappy or unsatisfied.

By High School, Haruhi was now becoming resigned to the fact that she may never find anything out of the ordinary.

But! Chance would have it that all three entities: the Alien, the Time Traveller, and the mysterious transfer student cum ESPer would begin to orbit even closer around Haruhi. Along with one, not-so-extraordinary person: Kyon.

Together with these four people, Haruhi began the SOS Brigade—Spreading Excitement All Over the World with Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade (Sekai o Ōini Moriageru Tame no Suzumiya Haruhi no Dan).

While many mysterious things happened around Haruhi, not many involved her directly, at least not that she could see. Not until she decided to recreate the world, that is. Opening up closed space, she brought only Kyon along. Her friends from the “old world” contacted Kyon, trying to tell him what was happening and hinting at what he needed to do to stop it. In the end, he convinced her to go back to the old world, saying, “I thought your ponytail was a charm point!”

It was after he had kissed her that the space had reversed, bringing them home again. (Though some would argue that the world may have been destroyed and recreated according to the way Haruhi had interpreted it before, and that the idea that they had gone 'back' was just an illusion.)


Haruhi has the surprising ability to maintain a bright and cheerful face no matter the odds, and is always full of energy. She has “no need for normal human beings!” and is in search of new and interesting things. She's smart, but isn't really interested in the types of things they teach at school. Haruhi, while she can be nice, can also be VERY manipulative and bossy. She has no qualms in taking what she wants when and where she wants it.

Despite her energetic personality, she can easily become bored or moody. At times like this, she often grows quiet and displays an open disdain for most people. She's not good with relationships as she mostly just tells people what she wants from them and avoids people who don't interest her. Though she appears to be friendly and have a lot of friends, she's not quite sure what to do with these people or how to handle them outside of being a Brigade Chief. She'd probably laugh at you if you came to her for advice regarding people-problems (and then wave you off; domestic issues bore her).


Some call her God because of her power to manipulate the world around her without knowing it, simply by wanting or not wanting something. Because the Somarium world is not her own, she does not have all of her powers. Or much of them, at all. However, her uncanny ability to draw wanted things towards has remained, and she's able to find things either by chance or by actively searching them out. Since rare and exciting things are her favourites, she often finds things that belong to other people or worlds. Another of her powers is a high sense of intuition and she seems to “read people like a book” (to a limited degree and with hilarious results).

(!) If seriously angered or provoked, Haruhi may go into “God Mode”, a state in which she's aware of her powers and can use them. However, this only last for several moments and she has no memory of whatever happens while she's in this state or that it even exists. Because she's in Somarium, these powers are very limited and mostly consist of acquiring data (the information needed to change her environment) and sending this data out in large quantities, resulting in a storm of energy that sometimes picks up small to medium sized objects (depending on the amount of data released).

(!) Not canon.

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