Suoh Tamaki
Name Tamaki
Canon Ouran High School Host Club
Age 17
Residence Enveria Apartments
Room 310
Journal baka_tonou
Played By Laenavesse


Tamaki was born in France while his father was on a business trip, and he wasn’t exactly, ehm expected so to speak. His father loved his mother dearly, but she was of lower caliber though still an aristocrat and they weren’t exactly approved for marriage. In fact, Tamaki’s grandmother (father’s side) was very displeased and was not willing to accept Tamaki into the Suoh family. However, after much persistence, his grandmother made a deal with him: leave his mother, who at the time was very ill, and live with his father in Japan and she would be sure his mother would be looked after.

This was a very hard choice for Tamaki as he loved his mother very dearly and still wishes to one day see her, even though he knows it would break the deal (which is the only reason why he doesn’t). However, because he loves his mother so much and wants her to get well, he leaves France at the age of fourteen and transfers to Japan and attends Ouran Academy, the school his father is actually the superintendent of. Tamaki spent his final year of middle school there, and that’s where he met Kyouya. Oh the FUN tiemz they had. Or Tamaki at least. But because of Tamaki’s super awesome charming yet also stupid personality, the ended up being total BFFs. As much as Kyouya probably would not readily admit. Least not directly.

Thus, due to Tamaki’s BRILLIANT genius, he decides to start up a Host Club upon entering high school, and Kyouya would help him of course. He had no problems getting it approved (Dad is head of school and adores him, wut) and he hand selected the rest of the members: the Hitachin twins Hikaru and Kaoru, Mori, and Hunny. Everyone one of these people had some sort of down side to their life, but because of Tamaki, they were able to be who they were truly are. BECAUSE TAMAKI HAS SPECIAL POWERS LIKE THAT. He was also so damn persistent about it, no matter how hard they tried to refuse or how many times he failed.

Of course, Host Club is huge success. I mean seriously, room of five hot guys who serve you? Any bored aristocrat girl’s dream~ But then…something unexpected happened, and it came with the name of Haruhi.

After a certain incident (in which she accidentally knocks over a vase and has to pay it back), she becomes part of the Host Club, and when dense, silly, stupid Tamaki finally realizes she’s a girl (it only took him to just, oh, WALK IN ON HER WHILE SHE WAS CHANGING.) he gets really protective of her. And thus, her becoming his “daughter” and the whole notion of the Host Club being a “family” is officially born. Kyouya was dubbed mother, Haruhi the beloved, ever so wonderful, NO ONE CAN TOUCH HER daughter, the twins as evil, perverted, WHY ARE THEY IN THE SAME CLASS AS HARUHI T_T NOT FAIR sons. I never did understand Mori and Hunny’s role, except when they were in drag. Well Mori was smart and was greatly excluded from that part. But they’re still family. Somehow.

And thus most of Tamaki’s time is spent fretting over Haruhi as well as trying to keep the family a, well, family. He spent most of his time thinking up fun, wonderful ideas to incorporate into the Host Club as well as to help entertain the others.

Until this lovely lady, Éclair appeared and told him that if he came back to France with her, he would be able to see her mother who happened to become a maid of hers (I think). This involved marrying Éclair and leaving the Host Club. FOREVER.

Well, even though Tamaki loved his little family, he really did love his mother dearly and after a long consideration (and Éclair’s meddling stupid bitch should die >_>) he decided to accept Éclair’s offer. Who could really blame him, considering the circumstances and that by that point he was starting to wonder if he was maybe becoming a burden to the others.

But the others did not feel the same way. Just as Tamaki held them all dearly in his wonderful, gracious, sparklicious heart, they each held Tamaki in…well maybe not so grand of a manner, but he was close to them. Especially Haruhi. And so, everyone did their part in helping Haruhi and the twins chase after them, though it was Haruhi who in the end was able to convince Tamaki to return. Via having the carriage lose its balance by the incredibly, dangerously fast pace they were going at and being COINCIDENTALLY at a bridge and thus falling over the edge.

Before jumping to save Haruhi, however, he did say “Thank you” to Éclair, and he meant it. But yeah, whatever, he saved Haruhi much like the time in the episode at the beach. And he returns to Ouran and the Host Club, and it continues on.


He’s a confident, rich spoiled kid but is fascinated by commoner life (you can thank dear Haruhi for that) and he doesn’t act spoiled but yeah. He can unintentionally make non-rich people a bit annoyed (read: Haruhi.). He’s definitely a narcissist, always wanting to look his best for the ladies~ But he’s not a playboy or a real flirt. It’s really hard to explain this whole thing about the Host Club. I think he has a sort of “pure” intention in that he just wants to make the girls happy rather than just get laid a lot. He’s way too dense for that. And too “innocent”. I mean he definitely knows stuff but the way he reacts.

He’s definitely an optimist, and will look to the better side of things. He’s also rather persistent. And he will over do things. Whether he intends it or not. It’s just how he thinks. If Haruhi tripped, he would immediately call like fifty hospitals or ambulances and a police escort or something. Over a bruise.

Thus, he becomes a bit of a spazz. He’ll be all “OMGOMGOMGOMG HARUHIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~!!!! T__T!!!” if ANYTHING ever happened to her. Same thing with anyone really. Example, though it’s in the manga, when he learned that Hikaru had passed out in the mountains, he immediately took off from his mansion where he was to visit him >_>

Can we has drama? Even if you didn’t, he’d give it anyway. Seriously, he can be such a drama queen king. And if Haruhi ever gets made at him, he’ll go into a little corner and sob and cast GLOOM over everything.

However, he does have a serious side. And he is definitely a prince, or in his case, a “king”. And he loves ideas such as this.

But all in all, he’s a good guy :O And he’ll look out for you if you become close to him. Which really won’t take long…


…Though he will help those people out. Though it might be because he doesn’t want to be cursed.


Make girls swoon by just looking at them. He’s such a charmer~ But he also has this ability to make people see deeper into themselves, and thus bring out a “better” part of themselves. Sometimes as a fluke, but he can be perceptive. That sparkly, bubbly, oh so positive outlook masks his other serious side that he does have. Because of his confident attitude, he actually gives people the same sort of confidence.

He's also great for organizing things as well as being quite creative. Since he also has a kind heart, he can also relate to kids a bit as well as just make anyone feel like they are being cared about/loved by someone.

Tamaki can also see when someone else is having some love problems. Unfortunately…he cannot notice his own self. It can lead to problems sometimes.

Other Stuff

This is anime version Tamaki. Which REALLY doesn’t differ that much in terms of the manga except for maybe background family stuff. And things that happen afterward.

Did I forget to mention he is uber protective of Haruhi? And seriously does not realize that he LOVES her rather than just think of her as JUST a daughter?

Dense, oblivious, stupid Tamaki is dense, oblivious, stupid.

This can also be said the same for any other girls that he's around (not that there are that many in Somarium). He'll recognize anyone else's feelings but his own.

Tamaki has developed a bit more than the stupid dense idiot that he first kind of started off as, and I tend to play Tamaki with a bit more depth than you see in the anime. Or at least more than you see. You could say he kind of acts like he does in the later part of the manga, which is amusing to me because I didn't read the later half until after I was RPing him for a while. But yes, he can still spazz and have epic icon spams. His highest number has been 21 I believe.

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