General Information »

Characters in Somarium have the option to create and run a shop if they so desire. They can sell various kinds of items or even information, and they can set their own prices. There is no currency in Somarium, so payment is instead made using dreams.

Running a business such as a restaurant is also possible and follows the same guidelines. The only difference between a business and a shop is that a business will offer services rather than goods.

How Payment Works »

For example, say your character wants to create a bakery. Food is not necessary for characters in Somarium, but that doesn't mean they can't eat it anyway. And everyone loves cakes. So, they make a bakery. Because food is not terribly important, it shouldn't be very expensive; so, the price to purchase a cake or other item for the shop could be "a happy memory."

In order to pay for their item, a character would have to include the purchase price in one of their dream-entries. So, if you want to buy a cake, you have to write about a happy memory in your journal. The shopkeeper would then view the entry and note the cake as being paid for.

Both the items for sale in the shop and their prices should be something that suits the character. The items should be things the character is capable of creating or finding, and this they would be interested in selling. The prices should be something the character is interested in knowing; a selfish character would have no interest in someone else's happy memories, and would demand something else as their price. Other possible prices could include "a secret", "information about Somarium", "something you'd rather forget", and so forth. Be creative and come up with something that suits your character.

You can also ask for an actual item as payment, but in that case the character would hand over the item in a log or shop thread, not a journal entry.

A payment dream may count for two purchases only if one of those purchases is from the mod store and the other is from a character-owned store. You cannot use a payment dream for purchases from two different character-owned stores.

Themes and Prices »

Each shop has a theme for the items it sells: food, books, tools for exploring the desert, etc. For the most part, the shop should sell only items of that theme — exceptions might be made in some cases for special items. Each shop should also only have one type of price; you cannot charge "a happy memory" for one item and "a sad memory" for another. You may charge more than one of your price (two happy memories), but you can only charge that price. Slight variations in price and number are allowed if the customer chooses to haggle.

Missing Payments »

Generally, you would purchase an item, and then pay for it in your dream for that day. However, some characters are evil/selfish/immoral/whatever, and thus might choose not to pay for their item. The characters have the right to make this choice, but remember that if a shopkeeper does not receive payment for one of their items, they have the right to try to force a payment, or exact some other form of retaliation. This could be simply continuing to request payment until it is made, refusing to let that character purchase anything else from the shop, stealing the purchased item back, threatening the character who didn't pay, or anything else you can think of. It depends on the shopkeeper's personality. The amount of time before the shopkeeper decides to retaliate for a missing payment can also vary depending on their personality.

Thus, you should probably look around the shop a little before you actually buy something. Make sure the price is something you're actually willing to pay, or that the shopkeeper doesn't seem like the type who'll break into your house if you don't pay them. Some shopkeepers have no ill intentions and might even forgive a missed payment, but some won't. Try to pay for everything, and be careful if you decide to buy from someone shady!

Haggling »

You may also haggle with a shopkeeper if you so desire, to get the price of an item changed or lowered. Your ability to haggle depends entirely on the shopkeeper's personality and your character's relationship with them. Some shopkeepers might not haggle under any circumstances, and some might not haggle at all, so make sure to ask them if it's something you're interested in.

Applying for a Shop »

Characters at Somarium can apply for a shop after the player has been active for around two weeks and are sure they will stay in the RP for a good period of time. Meaning, if the player has been active, they are eligible to run a shop. And if they wish to have another character run a shop, they do not have to wait another two weeks (though it would be recommended if the character got his/her bearings first. Unless it's IC for the character to just immediately try and open a store). It's quite similar to the rule for applying a second character.

Running a shop takes a lot of responsibility (even if it probably won't be that busy). However, you are free to ask a mod as it could change depending on the type of business.

For the application form, go here.

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