General Rules

This is a roleplay, meaning we want to see the characters. Keep your own bad moods out and let your characters' bad moods in.

Play nice with the other players.
Don't flame a player, character, or pairing. If you have a problem with someone, either speak to them about it in a rational and mature manner or take it up with a mod. We want to keep the drama to a minimum.

No god-modding.
Your character cannot escape Somarium, manipulate the world, hack the journal network, etc.

Additionally, you cannot include another player's character in something without consulting them first. You can't put words in a character's mouth or say they did something unless their player has said it was okay. This includes stealing things, starting fights, mind-reading, and so forth. When in doubt, ask the player.

And please remember that your character is not invincible. Your character may have incredibly powerful abilities in their canon, but there could be a character from another canon with abilities just as powerful. If you start a fight, talk to the other player about which character would actually win. Also, if your character does happen to be like God, his powers will have to reduced or have some sort of limitations on them to keep things fair for the normal humans of this world. Things could such like more energy drained, limited number of use, or not even have their powers (up to you).

Also, if your character has the power to manipulate other characters, you MUST talk to the player. And the character will not be able to command another character to do something that they would not do OR kill themselves or another player. That is to say, if someone was possessed/controlled to try and kill someone, the character may follow through the plan up until the actual killing action. At that point, the character will regain control of his/her body and will not follow through with the action. The only way such actions can actually follow through is if the whole plan has player consent and it's IC to the characters.

Be active.
We don't expect you to be around every single day, but we do expect you to remain at least somewhat active. Activity checks will be done about once a month. We will check dream/voice posts made by each character and their participation in the main community. Characters who show little to no signs of life will be removed the RP.

No OC's allowed.
Sorry, we do not allow original characters in this RP. You may apply for any published character in anime/manga, video games, movies, TV shows, or books, but you may not create your own characters.

No alternate versions of characters.
You may only apply for the primary version of a character — i.e., the version that is shown for the majority of canon. If a younger or older version of them is shown in canon, or a version with different memories, but that version is only shown once or twice, you cannot apply for that version. An example would be, say, the Neku from Tin Pin World in The World Ends With You; he is a valid canon version of Neku, but he's not the primary version, so you would not be allowed to apply for him.

This is only for alternate versions with little to no screentime in canon. If a younger version of a character appears prominently in some part of canon, not including flashbacks, that version is fair game.

Cross-canon characters allowed.
We DO allow characters who are canonly represented in different series so long as they are distinctive from one another. For example, someone could app as Link from Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, and another person could app as Link from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Another example would be the characters from CLAMP's Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE series. One person could app as Sakura or Syaoran from TRC and another could still app as Sakura or Syaoran from Card Captor Sakura. While they share the same name and some characteristics, they are both from distinctively different canons. Or any of the Final Fantasy cameos from Kingdom Hearts and then their main canon.

An example of what is not allowed would be Subaru. If a Subaru from X already exists, then one CANNOT app Subaru from Tokyo Babylon as they are actually canonly connected, just under different titles. HOWEVER one could app Subaru from TRC and then X OR Tokyo Babylon. The same applies with Yuuko from xXxHOLIC and TRC. They are the same character and thus could not be applied as separate.

Keep mature content out of the main comm.
We have no problems if you characters want to have sex: straight, gay, threesome, whatever. However, please keep all mature content in a character journal as opposed to the main Somarium community. If a thread in the main community starts out rated G and starts to head towards R, please make a new post in your journal, put a link to it in the current thread, and continue in your journal post.

Journal posts containing mature content should be friend-locked, but please do not flag them.

Characters should not be involved in sexual activity if either the character or the player is under the age of 15. No child porn, please.

No pregnancies. Assume that Somarium magically gives all characters 100% pregnancy protection.

No playercest.
While you may have more than one character, your characters may not interact with each other. This would essentially be talking to yourself and missing the point of the RP. If for some reason you think playercest is necessary, please contact a mod and we'll try to work something out.

Limited fourth-wall breakage.
We realize that there are canons with characters who would see and recognize some of the current cast as fictional characters, such as Konata from Lucky Star. While they are allowed to make note of them and even tell the character him/herself, it is required that such actions must be player approved before anything drastically revealed is told to that character.

Keep OOC notes to a minimum.
If you have to discuss something with another player, we'd prefer you contact them via instant messenger, e-mail, or private message. If you must include an OOC note in a post/comment, make sure it is obvious that it is OOC and try to keep it as unobtrusive as possible.

Limit journal confusion.
You may use a character journal that you are currently also using at another RP, provided that that RP does not require you to post in said journal. You will have to post in your character journal for Somarium, and it would get very confusing very quickly if posts related to another RP appeared on Somarium friends lists.

No pets allowed.
Sorry, but as this is a dream world and it's only the person's dream self that is manifested, no pets or other moving/living accessories are allowed. This includes any sort of robot. See Add-On Characters for how to apply for those sorts of characters.

In case of problems…
We want our players to be able to have fun in an environment where issues can be resolved in a mature manner, i.e. to the player's face. If you have an issue with someone that you don't think they'll respond to you, please ask the mods for assistance instead of resorting to anonymous wank.

We realize some wank will happen. We just want to try and prevent it because it's really not worth it.

Application Rules

  1. You must be at least 13 years old to apply to this RP.
  2. We would prefer that characters under the age of 10 not be applied for. This is for both plot-related and moral reasons, and has more to do with the character's maturity than actual age. If there's a character under the age of 10 that you'd like to apply for, and you feel they would be mature enough to deal with possible violence, sexual content, large scary monsters, or other possible trauma, please explain somewhere in your application what exactly makes this character so mature. We will assess this on a case-by-case basis. (This especially applies to characters from Japanese fandoms who act much older than their age anyway.) Acceptable child characters would include people like Sunny from Metal Gear Solid and most of the cast of Card Captor Sakura. Unacceptable child characters would include people like Yael from Gundam 00 or Elysia from Fullmetal Alchemist. An explanation of why this character is more mature than their age would indicate is necessary even if we have listed them as "acceptable."
  3. You may have a maximum of five (5) characters. HOWEVER. You may apply for a sixth upon mod approval. If we see that you have been capable of handling all of your other five characters, then you are mostly like eligible. But talk to the mods first.
  4. You may only apply for one character per application round. Wait until one application is accepted/denied before you submit another one.
  5. You may only have two characters from the same canon at any time. To prevent playercest, you should apply for characters that would not be required to interact with each other. HOWEVER there are some exceptions to this rule. For series in which characters may have minor cameos from a different series in an overall canon, such as the Nippon Ichi universe, or those with extreme prequels/sequels like Metal Gear Solid (3 and PO) and .hack, it is possible to apply for a technical third character of the canon so long as there is mod approval and you have discussed it with us. If there are other possibilities, you must talk it over with us before we can determine if that character would fit under this rule.
  6. You may not apply for a character that someone else has reserved, or a character someone else has already applied for. If you apply for a character, and there is already an application for that character being processed, your application will only be looked at if the first application is denied.
  7. You must wait until your application has been accepted before your character can join the game.
  8. If your application is accepted, you have one week to do all of the required steps given in your acceptance notice. If you do not complete those steps within a week, your character will not be considered part of the RP and you will have to reapply. NOTE: If you are on hiatus when your application is accepted, you are exempt from this rule. You will be expected to complete the acceptance steps upon your return, however.
  9. If your application is wavered, you have one week to make the requested revisions to your application. If you do not submit the revisions by then, your application will be considered dropped. You will not receive a Declined notice if this happens.
  10. Two wavers = deny. If your application is wavered and you submit revisions to it, your application will be declined if we don't feel that your revisions adequately fix all off the original issues.
  11. If your application is declined, you have to wait two cycles before you may reapply for that character. That is, you cannot apply for the character in the next cycle, but you can in the one after. You're welcome to apply for other characters in the meantime, however.
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