Name Rosemary
Canon Metal Gear Solid
Age 28
Residence Mansion number 4 in Espoir
Journal Rule of Rose30
Played By Meygan


Growing up, Rosemary always dreamed of becoming an actress. Much to her surprise at the age of twenty-one she was finally given a chance to be one, by a military organization of all places. Working under the Patriots, she was assigned to keep an eye on a man named Jack Sears and was given his psyche profile to comb through and study. She then proceeded to change her clothing, the way she spoke, and even the color of her eyes just to make herself into his perfect woman.

Knowing he would be walking by Federal Hall on his way home, Rose placed herself in front of the building to wait and ambush him. However, before he came along, a group of middle-aged Japanese women came up to the young woman and inquired as to what building it was that King Kong had climbed in the movie. Shrugging the question off, Rose answered that 'it was probably the Chrysler Building'. As if by coincidence, Jack happened to be passing by right as she answered. A massive fan of monster movies, Jack jumped in to interrupt the women's conversation, saying it was The Empire State. The two immediately began to argue, driving the old women away.

After they finally finished bickering with each other, Jack and Rose walked to the Skyscraper Museum together to see just who was right. However, because of the how long they had argued, the museum was already closed for the night. The two went separate ways, but Rose had already planned out their next meeting.

The very next day, they met again at the military base Jack worked for. Rose had 'just been' employed there as a data analyst. Seeing it as 'fate', the two went to the Empire State Building that night and then returned to Rose's apartment to watch King Kong several times. Thus, the two started dating, though unknown to Jack it was because of orders from the Patriots.

Though their relationship went along pretty smoothly, the couple had their own share of problems. Jack had a tendency to close up and act cold to his girlfriend when all she wanted was for him to open up and be honest about his past. He even went so far as to raise his hand against her a few times when she attempted to pry too far.

Two years passed before the Big Shell Incident. Jack was called in by Colonel Roy Campbell to infiltrate and take out the terrorists who were stationed in an off shore clean up facility. Rose was brought in, under orders from the Patriots of course, to be his data analyst and assist him as best as she could.

Throughout the mission, Rose attempted to get closer to Jack by bringing up how they met, their past arguments, and asking questions about her boyfriend's life before her. It wasn't until near the end of the mission when Jack finally opened up enough to tell her about his life as a child soldier. This was all she needed to start spilling her own secrets.

Rose then admitted, while Jack was still on his mission, that she had in actuality been a spy for the Patriots the whole time they dated. She had been ordered to be his girlfriend, but during their two years together she realized she really did fall in love with him and wanted nothing to do with being a spy anymore. And while she knew she was completely in love with him, she had no idea if he really loved the ‘real’ her. After the first startling revelation, Rose then told Jack that she was pregnant with his child before her transmission suddenly cut out. After this, she was held captive until Jack completed his mission.

Once Jack defeated Solidus, the leader of the terrorist organization, Rose was set free and the two were reunited. They vowed to stay together and start a new life with their unborn child. They became engaged and it looked like they would be able to have a happily ever after ending.


While the first few weeks together were complete bliss for the couple, Jack soon became plagued by nightmares of his previous life as a child soldier. Unable to sleep, he became a bitter alcoholic, spending most of his nights away from Rose to drink at the bar. When he'd finally return home at odd hours of the night, he'd be covered in bruises and cuts from the fights he had gotten himself into in his drunken haze. His nights out at the bar became more and more frequent until one day he just didn't come back.

The few times Rose would be able to actually corner the man and talk to him, she found herself growing increasingly afraid of him, not only for her sake but for their unborn child too. It grew to a point where Rose finally wanted out.

Lying to him, Rose told her fiancee that she had miscarried the child. That seemed to cut Jack's last tie to her. She never saw him again.

Frightened of her ex-fiancee, alone for the first time in years, and pregnant with a child she wanted to protect, Rose broke down to the only person who she trusted, Jack's former commander, Roy Campbell. Knowing the danger she had placed herself in for defying the Patriots, the man offered her a fake marriage to him as protection to both herself and her child. Knowing that Jack wasn't going to come back to her, Rose agreed.

After giving birth to her and Jack's son, John, and faking a marriage to Campbell, Rose became a psychological counselor who specialized in one-on-one counseling for soldiers for the Combat Stress Platoon (CSP). It was here that she was enlisted by her 'husband' to help out Solid Snake during his mission in South America, where she would finally hear word of Raiden after years of silence…


The Rose who emerges in MGS4 is very different from her younger self in MGS2.

Rose is a very sweet, loving, and intelligent woman. She is generally very trusting of people, including strangers, completely fine with going out of her way to make them feel comfortable around her. Her sensitivity to others people's feelings makes her very careful of keeping on everyone's good sides and as such, she rarely makes enemies.

She is also very cognizant of herself. She knows herself, her strengths, her weakness (besides cooking which she is oblivious to), and is very aware of the mistakes she has made. She regrets very little of the less-than-honest things she has done for she believes that in the end things have always worked out, in some way, for the best.

After the birth of her only son, her already caring nature became even deeper, her attitude towards people becoming much more motherly. As long as someone is not threatening her family, there is on one she doesn't love.

But that doesn't mean that she doesn't put her foot down when she needs to. As a therapist, Rose often has to be blunt with people about their problems. If someone is doing something unhealthy or hurtful, she will calmly explain what they are doing and what they should go about changing to fix it.

Under all of her good traits, Rose of course has her own problems. She has a bit of a jealous streak, though not nearly as bad as Raiden's. Rose is capable of lying with a straight face and can hide her hurt better than most people thanks to her previous acting job with the Patriots. Though not nearly as bad as when she was younger, there is a little bit of a narcissist within her. She knows she is a beautiful, intelligent woman and that many men would jump at the chance to be with her, however, she would never voice this feeling like she has in the past.

Though the woman has matured greatly in the last few years with the birth of her son and her estrangement with Raiden, Rose is still very fine with nagging the people she is close to. She also has quite the temper when angered.


As Rose is not a soldier like practically everyone else from MGS, she really has no extraordinary special abilities. She will, however, use her psychology training against you if she feels you could use her help.

Other Facts

Rose can't cook. At all.

She also fails at remembering monster movies.

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