Rita Mordio
Name Rita Mordio
Canon Tales of Vesperia
Age 15
Residence IDK None yet
Journal Kyudousha
Played By Yun

Basic Info

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Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Ristelle Heterosexual
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brownish orange, or orangish brown
Height: Short
Other: Calloused palms and fingers

- Consistently asymmetrical
- Bunch of random field equipment as accessories (they come in handy for New!Discoveries!)
- Blastia choker-thing
- Heels WTF
- Goggles that do nothing


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“You should be thankful. I stopped reading to come here and eat with you, you know!”

Rita… Is a complex individual. Most of her personality has been molded due to her past circumstances – her orphan status, her lack of friends and family at her very impressionable young age, the lack of acceptance from society due to her gender and age, the lack of an adult figure in her life and subsequently her lack of respect for authority – it all accumulates into a single, emotionally train-wrecked, bitter and conflicted bundle named Rita Mordio.

She is proud, stubborn and blunt, unwilling, or unable to pull punches or to sweeten her words for the sake of anther’s ego. Growing up as an orphan, Rita was too intelligent for her age, and did not have the life experiences needed to make good use of it. What happened was that she became very distant from her peers at a young age due to that intelligence, but that she was also heavily distant from the adult figures in her life. She was easily bored by the antics of the children around her, and frightened the adults, threatened them, with her far too old for her five-year-old face demeanor. Stuck between thinking that all her peers were idiots and all adults were heavily disappointing, she withdrew from society at a young age, and has never quite opened up since.

Because of her self-upbringing, she is proud. The way she’d put it is, “I fed myself, clothed myself, made a name for myself. I know my own worth, and I’ll be damned if I let anyone else tell me otherwise!” Because of her confidence in her own abilities, the abilities that were all she had to rely on for the first 15 years of her life, Rita comes off as quite arrogant. She doesn’t deny it, she is arrogant, and she’ll be quick to tell you that she has the skills to back it up - and indeed she does, though she tends to remind others far too often for it not to be irritating.

However, her constant reminder to others about her self-worth is not only there to remind them that she isn’t just a bratty 15-year-old, but also to solidify this fact for herself. Despite all she claims with a confident front, Rita is still very much a child, and an insecure one at that. Because of her lonely upbringing, she craves recognition of any kind at all, be it from acquaintances, colleagues, society at large. The way she sees it, she lacks the social standing, and even the societal charisma that would bring the recognition, and thus the only way she will be recognized is if she becomes incredibly good at what she does – if she can impress and surpass others who are in the same field, stand out enough so that her name becomes known for who she is. She claims, however, that recognition is hardly the same as friendship, and while she does acknowledge that she is searching for recognition (she doesn’t make a secret out of it, with all of her ‘I’m not just ‘Mordio’, I’m Rita Mordio, get it right, idiots!’), she claims that she doesn’t need companionship beyond her beloved blastia and research.

Despite her intelligent and logical mind, she is still liable to see the world in black and white the way a child does. At the age of 15, she’s realized that despite reaching that pinnacle, despite becoming the most intelligent researcher in Aspio, possibly the most ingenious researcher on Terca Lumireis, her standing only seems to alienate even further, if that’s even possible, those around her. The logical and practical part of her understands the reason - that when others look at her, they see a teenager striving too hard to play the role of the intelligent researcher, and that most people are unable to look past that. However, the emotional, 15-year-old side of her cries foul play, for she knows that she has worked harder than anyone to reach her current standing, and that writing it off because of her age is simply unfair. The logical side of her understand that life is not about being fair, but it doesn’t stop the child-like side of her from becoming bitter.

However, in hindsight, she is used to not being taken seriously because of her age. It was the backdrop of her life when she first set foot in the academic world of Aspio, and it too has shaped her personality. To make herself heard in a world that judges by seniority, she had to be firm and unwavering. When researchers attempt to skirt about the subject, she stomps her foot down. When she finds that she has been excluded from a tech conference, she invites herself. When professors try to be patronizing, she throws their words back at their faces. Teenagers rebel and throw tantrums, and that’s the equivalent of what she’s doing. And it works – it gets them talking. Talking about the rude little upstart that thinks she’s all that just because she knows a couple of formula. It gets them talking about her rudeness, but it also gets them talking about her, and her ideas circulate because of that. Her intelligence is what makes her ideas brilliant, but it’s her rudeness that makes her famous.

Because of that, she developed a hardened personality – untrusting, and cynical, blunt and stubborn as a mule. She found that an arrogant front worked best – it intimidated others, but also showed her confidence in her work, which in turn got gears turning in the right direction. However, it also made her unapologetic. To change her mind or to admit wrongdoing was weakness, and to show weakness in front of those researchers was to discredit her integrity, and in the academic world, integrity was everything. It’s safe to say that she didn’t, couldn’t, make any friends that way. Paranoia had set in, and every other word directed at her that was neither an insult nor an agreement was trying to discredit her somehow, prove her wrong, find her weaknesses, exploit them. She couldn’t let that happen, and in panic, she let her iron curtain drop, and doesn’t allow herself to regret it.

Logically, she understands that this is effectively a path of self-destructions, but she also understands that it’s gotten to a point in which if her research is taken away from her, she would lose all purpose. It’s come to the point where she herself admits that she does not have any hobbies outside of blastia, which has dominated her life for the past five years or so. Her research is both a friend and a companion, one that she believes as long as she remains good at what she does, will never betray her. In return, she places all of her trust into her research and blastia, and is fiercely proud of her understanding of the blastia world.

Rita expects the world of herself, but doesn’t expect much of the world. Thus, she is liable to be surprised when she is recognized for her work, because even though it is what she’s gunning for, she doesn’t expect to have it. Oftentimes, we see her emotionally overwhelmed by little acts of recognition, which shows that despite what she claims otherwise, the opinions of others do matter. However, she dislikes the fact that they do, because it is almost an admittance of her weakness.

Because of her hard-headed and single-tracked mindset, when Rita feels as though she’s being backed into a corner by idiots, or when she finds herself stuck in a situation which she doesn’t know how to react to, she has a tendency to strike preemptively and violently, in which she almost acts and fights back like a trapped animal. This rashness is partially influenced by her arrogance, which allows her to believe that she would be able to solve and conquer any and all obstacles in her path, and if she comes across something that she truly cannot comprehend, she tends to fry it out of a misguided sense of panic or confusion. It’s also partially influence by the fact that she doesn’t suffer idiots well (you have a brain, use it damn you), and lacks the patience to deal with them in a civil manner.

It could be said, that her entire being seems to be set on the battlegrounds of a conflict between her logical, intelligent side and her emotional, pessimistic outlook.

And somehow, it’s consistently a losing battle.



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