Name Repede
Canon Tales of Vesperia
Age 4.5 dy / 31.5 hy
Residence with Yuri
Journal caninewarrior
Played By Laenavesse
Extra Add-On Character


Repede used to belong to a different owner before he wound up with Yuri and Flynn. The pipe he carries in his mouth is a memento of the old guy and it could be said a lot of his personality was influenced by him. He met Yuri and Flynn as a stray down in the Lower Quarter of Zaphias, and has since then followed them around. They don’t consider each other as “owner and pet” though, and more like friends.

There is also a story that Yuri tells the group in a skit that Repede is considered as the leader of the dogs and cats of the Lower Quarter, and chased out the original that had apparently been oppressing them.

At any rate, Repede has been following the group through their adventure, helping out here and there as any dog would. He is currently a bit worried about Yuri though.


If a dog could be thought of as the silent, lone warrior, Repede would fit the bill. He’s pretty cool/level headed and is also very devoted to the group and his loved ones, especially for Yuri and Flynn. It seems he likes to play with Flynn a lot more than he does with Yuri, but he seems to be attached to Yuri more than Flynn. It’s an interesting relationship.

He does carry this “noble, pride” air about him (the scars and the pipe help the image really), and he might rebuff Estelle’s advances for affection, but he’s just playing the “I’m a cool dog” card. Really. He seems to like chasing/bothering Rita though.

Repede will also show his own affections in his own ways. Whether it’s just lying down nearby or following, he’ll keep an eye out for everyone.

Oh, one last thing. He behaves more like a human than a dog, really.


He has a dagger and he can use that thing! Slash slash goes Repede! …As well as normal dog attacks but come on. Dagger. He can also steal things from people and is a pretty fast runner.

Repede can also be like God and be immune to arcane/mystic artes by using Gale. It’s…pretty incredible and fun to watch really.

Other Stuff

He has a pipe though he doesn't smoke it. And yes. He really does use the dagger in combat. REALLY.

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