Name Raven
Canon Tales of Vesperia
Age 35
Residence Altosk Tavern
Journal notjustanoldman
Played By Laenavesse



In this section I delve basically all that Raven does within the game. Or at least the key aspects of it. This will include some spoilers and hints of his otherwise unknown history. 98% of this should be factual and canon as it is basically an overview of the game. THERE ARE SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Raven first appears in the game rather in a jail cell. The scene involves him speaking to a guard about some happenings about the guilds. Seems innocent enough. Once the guard leaves, he then talks to Yuri. The conversation cuts short when Alexei and a guard come to Raven’s cell and tells him to come out and follow him. Yuri is a bit confused as to why the Commandant would want to talk with him, but he’s distracted by the oh so shiny keythat Raven slips under Yuri’s cell to help him escape. The old man then tells Yuri about a secret passage underneath a statue and is escorted off after Alexei.

The next time Raven appears is in Capua Nor. When the party is trying to confront the Magistrate, he causes more of an annoyance for them than anything else. He goes up to the guards and directs them to the group that had been hiding, forcing a battle. But after that, he waits for them on the other side of the manor…just not for long. As they approach, he takes one of the lifts up and though the group tries to pursue, they end up taking the lift down. What Raven is doing in there is unknown and can only be theorized.

His third brief appearance is in Capua Torim after the group finally manages to make it over. It is during this time that Yuri learns about his search for apatheia, a term that won’t appear again until a while later. It’s also the reason why Raven was at the Magistrate’s manor. As soon as the rest of the group shows up, though, the old man is off and running. (Well with Rita gunning for him, it’s only understandable.)

Raven then later joins the party in Kiev Moc (he is actually seen on the rooftop as the group is leaving saying to himself, “Kiev Moc, huh? How convenient…”), again giving off the philosophical, annoying, mysterious vibe and helps them go through the forest to the Aer Krene that they are sent out to investigate. It’s here that he also reveals Karol’s fear of bugs, though he somewhat tries to help the tyke by making him confront the bug monsters himself and showing he can do it. Once they reach the Aer Krene, they meet with a long, white haired man that Raven identifies as Sephiroth Duke. They witness him use a sword called Dein Nomos control and basically fix the aer that had gone out of control.

Afterward, when they return to the entrance of Kiev Moc, they find a hoard of monsters stampeding toward them. When it all clears, however, they find themselves in the presence of the Don himself (one of the people that Yuri has wanted to talk with). It is here that they learn that Raven is actually part of the guild, Altosk, one of the head guilds of the Union and led by the Don, the leader of the guilds. It was the Don who had assigned Raven to look after them, and it will be the Don again who sends Raven out on a messenger mission which coincidentally (or not) reunites him back with the group while travelling. During their travel, they learn that Raven’s recipient, Belius, leader of the Palastralle guild and the city of Nordopolica, is actually an Entelexeia, and they learn a little more about them as well as how they turn into cyano ciel crystals, also known as apatheia. From there, he continues on with their travels, and along the way the group begins to learn a little bit of Raven’s history.

For starts, when they first visit Mt. Temza, he already tells them how it was the main battlefield during the Great War. And a little further in, it is then revealed that he had least served in the knights. Not toostrange, but surprising. He doesn’t offer more than that, however, and instead steers them forward, dodging any questions they threw at him.

While he is always there to help them (on the excuse he has nothing else to do and it’s along his agenda), Yuri notices that there is still some distance between him and all of them. At Egothor Forest, on their way to Myorzo, Raven does say something along the lines of questioning the notion of conviction and loyalty, and how being a dead man can change that. It puzzles Yuri for a moment, but there were more pressing matters to attend to. Like not getting blasted by the Hoplon Blastia Canon that was gunning for them and the various knights that littered the place.

But that question of loyalty will be come to light after they reach the Krytian city of Myorzo (which is also inside a giant jellyfish looking Entelexeia that flies around the world) and learn more about the Entelexeia, blastia, and the entity called the Adephagos. After the talk, both Raven and Estelle, who had earlier learned she is the “Child of the Full Moon” and whose power could actually destroy the world, disappear. Yes, Raven took Estelle. He had brought with him a blastia core from the outside that would activate one of the pods, so this was obviously pre-planned and took Estelle to…



Since then, Raven has been helping the group and has become closer to them than before, ready to atone for his mistakes as well as to live his own life. Nothing truly Raven-centric happens. From here on out, the group continues their journey to save Estelle. Once they do, they must go to Zaude, where they encounter Yeager (and in battle Raven mentions that the two were just destined to fight each other; theories on that in another section) and then later must battle Alexei himself.

Unfortunately Alexei still manages to unleash the Adephagos (quite unintentional, but that’s what happens to power hungry corrupted bastards) so now there’s a new problem the group has to solve. With Rita’s genius they do manage to find a way and much travelling and helping others and fighting and ridiculous tower climbing later, they encounter the final boss and vanquish the Adephagos. Note: The group never actually fights the Adephagos but instead blasts it with the power from every single blastia core in existence.

Except for Raven’s. His is special since it’s powered by his life force rather than aer. …It would have sucked otherwise.

Afterward, as suggested by the credits, Raven continues to help out rebuild the Union as well as help with the Knights. The Schwann Brigade really does not want to let him go. I mean really. However, he had left the Knights after Schwann’s “death” back in Baction. But he’s still seen either helping or actually leading his old brigade. So it’s quite possible he “joined” back in since he is the only veteran and senior officer with actual experience that could help Flynn in regards to leading the Imperial Knights.


This is written as IC as possible, but some of it may be my own interpretation. I try to stay true to canon however. THERE ARE SOME MINOR SPOILERS HERE. JUST LETTING YOU KNOW.

Very laidback, pretty smart/wise, and likes to use his excuse of being an “old man” to try and get out of things. If Raven doesn’t like something, he’ll certainly whine about it, and he’d prefer doing as little as possible “Takin’ it easy” would probably be his motto, if it wasn’t already.

Still, he does act more like a father figure for the group, always keeping the party in check as well as giving them encouragement. Of course, he also likes to say these things in cryptic, philosophical ways that make them go “What the hell are you talking about, old man?” and he’ll just respond “What? You don’t like my eloquent, poetic comments~?” He will give out advice that’s straight to the point and will be down to earth when necessary. If anyone ever needed any advice or a sort of pep talk, Raven would be the one to go. Whether or not the person will actually understand it depends on how “deep” he wants to go.

He can also be pretty silly, especially in some of his reactions. Raven also has a tendency to not show what he’s really thinking and joke around. Raven goes into nostalgic bits sometimes, though it’s hard to tell if he’s serious or joking…probably both. He will don several masks if necessary so it really is hard to tell what the old man is thinking. The fact that he will also tend to dodge the question by focusing on more pressing matters is a skill that he is quite good at. He can also be very serious when necessary, and though he prefers watching from the sidelines and letting others take the lead, if he needs to take charge, he can and will. And then later complain about it.

Raven also loves women. Particularly the busty kind. He is totally not above peeping or encouraging the ladies to wear certain clothing. However, he apparently can’t seem to take things rather well as he will pass out or faint at certain thoughts or images. Too much for the old man, it seems. Still, he has a lot of energy for an old guy…well when he actually uses it. But possibly due to what happened with Casey, he has never actually settled in on a relationship and just maintains the flirting relationships. There is also the potential reason of him always believing to be a dead man and not really looking forward into anything in life that he just turned to women as a sort of escape. Now, however, he probably would be looking more into settling down with someone. …Or continue to chase women, but hey, it’s Raven.

Raven is also very adept for the heat. He can take it very well. Cold on the other hand…no. He also doesn’t like sweet foods. It’s not really clear as to why but he doesn’t. Yet he makes an awesome crepe (all for the women, as he says).

It should also be noted that Raven is very much a “pal around” type of guy. Which does make it easier for people to open up to him. He is also great with kids. He also enjoys learning information about other people and is pretty good at reading people, or noting their change of expression. And while he was a double agent, he’s pretty good at keeping secrets, especially his own. He does not willingly talk about his past if he can help it, except for maybe to those close to him. The past is the past, and there’s nothing he can do about it but move forward now, especially since he technically has a third chance at life.

If there is one thing that Raven focuses on, it’s doing what you can do instead of worrying over it.

When it comes to anything regarding his past, he tends to prefer to ignore it, or say that it happened to someone else. That Schwann Oltorain was a completely different person. This is either because he no longer wishes to associate with that past or he just wants to forget and move on with his new life as “Raven”. On several occasions he’ll refer to how Schwann had done this and that and now he, meaning Raven, must amend those past mistakes. Also, when acquiring Vanji Lost from Drake, he calls Schwann his brother.

RP Personality Development

If anything I’ve noticed in all the RPs that I’ve played Raven in, the necessity for him to play the “father” role is usually high, if not almost immediately. This is particularly so in Somarium. I find that Raven slips into the “looking out for the younguns’” mode a lot. Not that that is a bad thing, but it is a bit amusing.

Another thing that I am personally exploring and forcing a little on him is the fact that he does have his past. Basically, Raven must confront has past. In Somarium in particular, as that is the only game so far in which he has to physically look at his past through the dreams and then later questioned by those who watch them. There is also the fact that Raven can connect to those who faced similar experiences or is going through such things.

In his normal canon, Raven probably would not have to worry about this so much (well, unless we go with the theory that he aids Flynn in fixing/helping the Imperial Knights. Rejoining is a different thing entirely, but not impossible. Just less likely.).

While he still would rather not talk about his past if he can help it, I think there is slightly aversion to it. Instead of running away or just parting from it completely, he has to come to grips that yes, this happened, yes he did those actions, and now he has to live with them while also moving forward. His past is just another tale to tell the kids around the fire. Some people might take a different approach in how he handles his past, but I like taking this avenue as it opens up the character development.

Raven is certainly not comfortable with talking about his past. Up to a certain point he can proud of what he did, but then after that he would just rather not go there. But it’s a tale that provides a lesson to others.

He is still the “come on, let’s have a drink and not worry about the little things” kind of guy; the guy that people will initially think that he probably just hung loose and partied when he was younger. To have this alternate personality, this different persona that he only reserves for certain situations gives him a different dynamic. It’s still his secret. Being serious is not something telling. But being able to take command and be the complete opposite is.


Raven is mainly a bow user, though he can also use a small dagger to help with close combats. His bows are actually unique, as well, in that they can actually fold and come together to form a katar that he can also use in close combat. He is also able to use a sword, but he prefers the bow. However, if he must use a sword, he will use the Imperial Knights style and be rather fast. He’s also rather…acrobatic for an old man. Despite complaining about old bones and all, he can do a no-handed backflip (repeatedly) and when he uses his skills, he can jump high into the air and twirl around and all that jazz.

As well as being able to use various bow techniques, he can also cast a few spells. Most of them are wind based, but he does have one ice spell and can stop time for a few seconds. One other unique skill he has can heal people. As it is a skill rather than a spell, he can use this frequently without worrying about cast delay and it does not take as much energy.

In terms of cooking, Raven is actually rather good. Chock it up to having to be a bachelor or the incentive of impressing the ladies, but Raven is probably the third best cook judging from the skits. He just doesn’t want to have to do it a lot. And his main specialty is something that he himself would not eat: the crêpe. He might not be able to make awesome, creative dishes like Yuri and Judith, but when it comes to simple, good cooking, Raven is probably the guy to go to.

Because of his personality, Raven is also able to get along with people very well. He can adapt and understand them fairly quickly, as he does have personal experience. Since he also had to pretty much watch people and be able to read them so he can extract information for his past line of work, Raven is adept at reading expressions. This makes it fairly easy for him to learn something or let the person slip on certain things. It’s not always easy or simple. He’s not a mind reader and can easily judge incorrectly or just fail. But he is certainly good at it.

This is also true for Raven himself. As stated before, he is naturally very secretive, and for good reason. So if there is something he does not want to talk about, he will say partial truths or flat out lie, whichever is easier. Or if there is something more pressing at hand, he will deter the attention away from him and to that instead. He’ll slip up every once in a while though, or talk of the truth in such a way that it just sounds like he’s making a story or just rambling. Making things vague also works very well.

Raven's Artes

This section basically lists all of Raven's artes with bit of descriptive detail so you can get an idea of what's going on when he uses them in RP. I might not always use the quotes or make him say the arte as other Tales RPers do because I find the quotes to be more of a game mechanic. Except for spell casting, but I usually think that one could just mentally say them and not really have to say it out loud in realistic terms. But that's just me.

Other Facts

The following information is highly, I repeat HIGHLY spoiler filled and head/fan-canon. I distinguish between what is known (which isn't a lot, really) and what is mostly theory (which is most of it).




The Great War obviously held a lot of impact on Raven. Though it does not affect him personality wise, knowing its history in terms of how it is part of Raven’s history is beneficial. There are still a few fuzzy areas in regards to the Great War, so as I did before, I’ll divide it up into what is known and what is not known and throw in my head canon theories in there.

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