Quick Guide


  1. Your character is basically in an alternate world that can only be entered by one of the following: sleeping, unconscious, dying/death. If your character can canonly travel to different worlds, that's also a possibility.
  2. No, there is no known way out.
  3. There is a communication device called a Dreamberry. Yes, it is a ripoff of the Motorola Blackberry. You may sue the Overlord who came up with the term.
  4. Dreams can be broadcasted over the network and other characters can see and comment on them.
  5. Other types of posts can be made: Voice/Video posts.
  6. There is a log community where most of the actual action takes place.
  7. Yes, this community allows both first and third person when logging. Most people allow either of them in their posts.
  8. While there is a plot, the premise of the RP is mostly for character interaction and relationship development. The characters can also do pretty much anything they want.
  9. Yes, there is a floating castle. No, you can't go up there.
  10. Somarium has its own unique "world setup" and the village and the city are readily accessible. There is a desert, but characters have to work to get there.
  11. Your character can die, but they will "respawn" later.
  12. Events do happen.
  13. There are special cards that do special things.
  14. There are ghosts.

For more TL;DR detailed information, go to the Full Guide.

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