There are two types of entries that can go in your character journals: dream posts, and voice posts.


These are basically a record of the characters' dreams. The contents of the dream will appear on the screen, generally as a video or series of images. Everyone else in Somarium can then few the dream through the Dreamberry network.

[ABOUT] They can be about anything you want. Seriously, anything. Characters can dream about things from their past (canon or RP), things they want to happen, hidden feelings they have, &tc. They can be incredibly serious or complete crack. This is more of an art than a science, so just go crazy and have fun with it.
[FORMAT] Dreams can be formatted in whatever way works best for you; there is no set way. First person, third person, whatever, so long as we can understand what's going on.
[FREQUENCY] Each character can have no more than one dream per day.

If you're still confused, check out dreams that have already been posted for examples and ideas.


These are pretty much what they sound like: your character makes either a voice or video recording on their Dreamberry and posts it on the network for everyone else to hear/view.

[ABOUT: VOICE] These can also be about anything you want. Unlike dreams, however, the characters post these willingly, so make sure it's something your character would actually say ICly. Generally they're things like announcements, general questions/polls, cries for help, &tc. Voice and video posts are also popular among newly arrived characters who want to ask what the hell is going on.
[FORMAT: VOICE] Voice posts should be in first person, as they are just the character talking. You can include minor actions, like the character coughing or making noises in the background, but they should mostly just be the character's voice.
[ABOUT: VIDEO] Video posts are basically voice posts with the Dreamberry's video function turned on. They'll probably still mostly be the character talking, but you'll have a few more options about what you can do. Characters can use the video function to show others their surroundings (good for newbies!), or perhaps make some sort of impromptu home movie. Or maybe they just want to show everyone their pretty face.
[FORMAT: VIDEO] Video posts are also generally in first person, just with more actions included; however, if you want to make them in third person, you can.
[FREQUENCY] Each character can have no more than one voice or video post per day. (This is in addition to the one dream post they get per day.)

Again, if you still don't quite get it, check out posts that some of the established characters have already made.


Similar to the Voice Posts, only these can be made with just text. In this case, only text and the user's pic will be displayed and one can only respond with text. Though one is free to call them if they wish to establish voice contact instead. Those who hate talking but love to text might find this feature handy.

Bonus points to anyone who actually formats the texts like texts and uses chat speak.

[ABOUT: TEXT] As with anything else, this can be anything you want. However, since these are text messages, these will probably be short and straight to the point.
[FORMAT: TEXT] Go crazy. Just don't annoy people too much with horrid chat speak. Also? SPARKLE AND BLINK TEXT ENABLED However, the max size of the font is 5.
[FREQUENCY: TEXT] Each character can have no more than one text post per day. (This is in addition to the one dream post and one voice/video post they get per day.)

Like with the other posts, if you are confused, look to previously made ones. However, this type of post isn't used as often.


Similar to LiveJournal itself, the Dreamberry network has "filters" that can lock posts to certain characters or groups of characters. These can be applied to both dream and voice/video posts. So, if there's a particular post that your character only wants their close friends to be able to see, they can filter it to just those people.

For voice/video posts, the characters will be presented with the filtering options before they actually post to the network. These filters should always work as intended, unless your character is technological fail. For dreams, however, because they are posted involuntarily, the filters are…fuzzier. There is a default filtering option buried somewhere in the Dreamberry menus, but only the more persistent characters will even be able to find it, and…they don't always work quite right. Even if the option is set to filter every dream from everyone, occasionally a dream of your character dancing in the shower will be publicly broadcast to everyone in Somarium.

Basically, it's up to the player what filters to apply to the dreams. Do whatever makes you happy. Just be sure to indicate somewhere any filters that are on the post.


So, after your character posts their entry to the network, what happens? Other characters see the posts on their Dreamberry, on a screen that looks kind of like your LJ friends page, and they have a chance to comment on posts they find interesting.

By comment, we mean your character will call up the original poster on their phone and say hi. These calls will work pretty much the same way as any other Dreamberry call, as outlined on the Dreamberry page. They can be voice or video calls (remember, video is the default; if you want to make a call voice-only, make sure you specify this somehow so the other player knows). There's also generally no thread-hopping in Dreamberry calls; the phone lines aren't going to get mixed up so you overhear someone else's conversation, sorry, so please don't interfere in other people's calls. The exception to this is if two characters are in the same physical area and one of them grabs the phone from the other; in this case, just make sure you get the other players' permission first.


The main community Somarium is where all of the face-to-face action in the RP takes place. Whenever your characters meet up to talk, explore the city, or whatever else, make a log post for it in this community.

[ABOUT] Log posts can be prearranged between characters/players, or a character can just go out and do something, and other characters can pass by and join it. Whatever you feel like doing, whatever works.
[FORMAT] You may post in either first or third person. You don't even have to maintain the same style throughout the various threads on your post. (However, please at least try to maintain the same style within each thread, to limit confusion.) You'll specify what style you prefer to write in when you make the post. You can also leave it open and say that either is fine; however, if a person marks their post as first person, please respect that and don't reply in third person, even if that is what you prefer. It's their post, not yours.
[PRIVACY] You may have closed logs, meaning only certain characters can participate in them. But try not to make every log you post closed; the point of the RP is to interact with different characters. However, if someone chooses to make a closed log, please respect that and don't post in that log without permission from the player.
[TAGS] The main community has tags. Each character in the RP has their own tag, and there are also tags to indicate where your character is in the world. Please make use of these tags when you post; the mods use them when they perform activity checks, and we wouldn't want to flag your character as inactive because something was incorrectly tagged. The mods will go through new posts about once a week and update the tags, but it's a big help to us if players do as much as they can themselves.

When you make a post in the community, please put the following at the top:

<b>Who:</b> The primary character(s) involved in the post
<b>Where:</b> The location in the world where the post takes place
<b>Style:</b> First, third, or either
<b>Status:</b> Open or Closed

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