Name Polka
Canon Eternal Sonata
Age 14
Residence Cottage 3 in Espoir
Journal orangeglow_heal
Played By Donna


Polka is a 14-year-old girl who lives in the small village of Tenuto with her Mother, Solfege. She has lived there for all of her life and everyone knows her really well.

Polka sells floral powder to the people of Ritardando, but recently the floral powder hasn’t been selling as well, since mineral powder is a lot cheaper and is easier to get hold of. This makes Polka want to find out why floral powder is so expensive and this causes her to make a trip to Forte to try and ask Count Waltz to drop the price.

Polka is seriously ill, with an incurable disease, which means that she is close to dying and has the gift of magic due to that. People are afraid to even go near her incase they catch this disease, even though it doesn’t spread.

Along the way, Polka meets up with a variety of different people of all different ages and sexes, most of whom have the same reason to be on this journey as her, or so they thought.

The first person she met was Frederic in her little hometown of Tenuto while glancing across at the scenery of Ritardando at night. During this time, Polka was thinking about leaving Tenuto, although she didn’t let Frederic in on this fact until she took him to a special part of Heaven’s Mirror Forest and showed him the flowers called Heaven’s Mirror by some and Death Lights by others.

She discussed with him about how he was wrong at guessing what she wanted to do, and that she wanted to actually do something with her life, before she died, something that would help and change people’s lives.

After this, Polka truly knew that this is what she wanted to do, and she also knew that the reason for this change of heart was because she met Frederic, the first person who she could talk to, without him running away in fear of catching her disease.

As her journey to Forte continues, Polka meets up with Allegretto, Beat and March in the small village called Agogo Village, which is quite close to Agogo Forest.

This was after a brief encounter with Fugue whom attacked her and Frederic as they were looking for shelter to escape from the rain. The agogos came and told March where she would find Polka, which was unusually since agogos never really go near a human and this was the first time they had came to March about rescuing a human at all.

While trying to introduce herself to March, she got interrupted by Allegretto who said that her name was Polka and that she was a flower seller in Ritardando. Beat then commented that the magic she had used was really cool.

This made Polka feel quite upset, and afraid that they would run away from her, so she ran off in the opposite direction, leaving them all stunned at why she had done so.

Once they ran after her, they found that an Ogre Beast had cornered her. Due to the fact that Polka was still weak, Beat, Allegretto and Frederic decided to fight the enemy so that they could protect Polka.

This was the first time that Polka had ended up this type of situation, and thanked the three of them a lot for helping her. But before they went back to rest at March’s house, they got to see the first glimpse of a glowing agogo.

Polka thanks the agogo for saving her, and then the agogo disappears, much to the dismay of Beat who wanted to take a picture of it.

She learns the names of the two boys whom had helped her earlier, and explained to Beat that agogos may be shy creatures. This is the first time that a crush was hinted at between Allegretto and Polka, but she doesn’t seem to notice this yet.

While in March’s house, they discuss about going to Forte, and Polka thinks about how she explained to her mother that she was going, and how she talked to herself in her room about her true reason about living life to the full and helping as many people’s lives as she possibly can.

This is where Polka is unsure about the others coming along with her, however, she agrees to this, and says that she would like if they did that. This shows a change in her personality, meaning that she has realised that the people around her like her as she is, and are not afraid of her due to the magic that she holds within her.

As they cross the Chorus Plains, towards Hanon Hills, they meet up with Viola, whom decides that she will go with them on their journey to meet with Count Waltz to repay him for the Goats that were killed.

This is the first time that Polka learns about the dangers of Mineral Powder, and about how it is poisoning the people, leading them closer to death than recovery each time they use it due to the serious side effects that it gives.

This makes their journey even more important to her, and it also boosts her knowledge about the other characters and how they feel towards this.

After crossing Cabasa Bridge and getting lost in Fort Fermata, the group cross Hanon Hills and arrive at Forte City.

This is a very important event for everyone, especially Polka, knowing that they are close to reaching their goal of meeting and talking with Count Waltz, however, they decide to take a rest for the day in the city.

The boy in the inn they want to stay at is missing, so they end up going on a journey down Glissando Cliffs to find him, before returning him to Forte City and finally resting for tonight.

The next morning, the group rise and head towards Forte Castle Gate and talk to the guards to try and gain entry. However, they are mistaken for an underground group known as Andantino and get attacked by the guard called Tuba.

After this fight, they end up being thrown into Jail and meeting up with March’s twin sister Salsa whom you had to deliver a hat to by request of her sister. This is where the relationships between Allegretto and Polka grow as well as relationships between Beat and Salsa plus Salsa and Viola, although these relationships are unstable and is due to Salsa teasing both Beat and Viola.

Once the group escape from Forte Castle Dungeon, while unknowingly using Andantino’s Secret Passage, they end up back towards Hanon Hills. This is the first time that the group get to meet the people behind Andantino: Jazz, Falsetto and Claves.

A lot more is explained to Polka and the group, as to why Salsa was trapped in prison in the first place and why Andantino were trying to rescue her.

Once the group pass back through Fort Fermata to Cabasa Bridge, they end up having to fight with Tuba again, which causes the Bridge to be torn apart. This is where the relationship between Allegretto and Polka is the most obvious, since they miss and worry about each other during their separation.

Polka ends up in Baroque, after being saved by a ship used by Crescendo. During this time, it is explained that Polka has a special rock that she has kept with her ever since she was four years old and that this rock was given to someone that was very important to her.

Once they retrieved Salsa's hat from Dolce's ship that you see from Polka’s reminiscing, you end up meeting a new character, Serenade, whom ends up very important in the storyline, and who Polka gets to know just briefly. She is Crescendo's fiancee which is all Polka knows about her, apart from the fact that she is a princess.

Polka and her group head towards Sharp Mountains, and then through the dangerous Wah Lava Cave which ends up taking them all the way back to Agogo Forest. During this time, Polka decides to head back towards her home in Tenuto to see how her mother is doing, and the rest of the group also go their separate ways.

After quite some time, Polka meets up again with Allegretto and they talk about her special rock, which she ends up throwing into the Sea. Afterwards, Allegretto gives her back the exact same rock and tells her not to lose this one, because it is the first gift he had ever given to a girl.

Polka's relationship with Allegretto grows more now, because she realises that the rock she just threw away was the exact same rock that he just gave her and that he was her special someone that she had talked about to the others during their time on Dolce's Pirate Ship.

This event is very important to Polka, as she takes time to think about how he could have brought her back the same rock and about her feelings towards him. A lot of character progression is in this small event, even though it doesn't last that long.

Once the group reunite in Baroque, you learn even more about Polka affections towards Allegretto, as Viola teases her about how she likes him and teaches her a special charm that she made up that she could use when with him to make him fall in love with her.

Polka ends up visiting a few other places on her journey as she goes, such as Celesta Forest, Aria Temple, and a Warp Room that leads To Coda Ruins before reaching Cowbell Heights.

This is where Polka first learns that this isn't the first time that she has done this, as the old woman explains that she has seen Polka before and already knows the fortune that she was about to pick. She is confused at this time and doesn't really understand how the person could already know her, but just accepts it as the truth before moving on.

Finally arriving at Mt Rock, this is where Polka finally meets face to face with Count Waltz, however, he doesn't seem interested in talking about dropping the price or raising the price of anything, he is more interested in getting hold of Polka so that he could get Glowing Agogos to make the strength of the already dangerous Mineral Powder a lot more affective.

After Polka walks over to him, the suspicious about agogos glowing only when they were near Polka were proven, and she was knocked back by Count Waltz. This was a bad decision on Polka's side to trust him that he would not harm her, and to just let him do that, however, Allegretto and the others come to her rescue and get rid of Count Waltz.

After this, Legato takes the extra strong potion and turns into a enemy, before ripping a hole in time and space which leads to Elegy of The Moon.

Once the group decide to move on into this portal, they visit several other places which test them to their utmost, and which forces them to fight against more enemies, such as Xylophone Tower, Noise Dunes and Double Reed Tower, before finally facing against Monster Legato at Hourglass Road.

Once this battle is over, Polka and the others realise that Frederic is acting kind of weird and get worried about him. This leads up to a fight between the group and him to prove that this is just a dream, as he had told Polka from the start.

Polka's emotions must have changed a lot during this time, since she had grown to like Frederic dearly as a friend and depend upon him a lot, and now that she is forced to fight him, who knows what emotions she would be going through other than confusion and trying to resist hurting her friend.

After defeating Frederic, Polka feels it is up to her to make a difference, to make things back to the way they were. So, with all the courage that she could possibly gain, she spoke to the group about why she had came her, and a image of her mother also spoke to her about her destiny.

She explained how that she had to jump into the sea to calm these waves of human hatred and that the glowing astra that lay sleeping inside of her needed to light the way through this dark time. Edging towards the cliff, she explained how she was doing this, and that she was doing it for the one that meant the most to her.

Then, falling backwards towards the sea, she bid her final farewell to the group, hoping that they realised she had the best time with them, and pondering if she blew a kiss into the air, if it would reach the one she cared for the most.

As they move onwards, it gets clearer that Allegretto likes Polka, and Polka is very fond of him, so he is a very important person to her in her life right now. Even if she doesn’t realise this to begin with, she begins to slowly fall in love with him as the journey progresses.

Frederic is also important to her for helping her realise what she wanted to do and that people are not always afraid to go near her. She also learns from him that others can have magic, though it is unclear whether she had met another person with magic before she met Frederic or not.

Viola gains importance to Polka after trying to help her with her feelings towards Allegretto, since she is trying her best to get both of them together due to how much seeing them together is hurting herself inside.


Polka is a very happy girl even though she is close to death almost every day of her life. This makes her quite brave, though afraid of what will happen when the time comes.

She deals with a lot of this, by sealing her emotions away, and pretending that she doesn’t know what her purpose is.

She can easily get to know people and will be friendly with them all, however, she may react badly if someone makes fun of her or runs away from her because they know that she can use magic.

Her beliefs are that she will undeniably die someday, but until then she is living everyday to its utmost, doing the best she can for people around her and giving as much to the world as possible.

She is unlikely to jump directly into a fight, unless by complete accident, as she is more of a calm gentle girl who doesn’t really want to hurt anyone, including her friends.

Her thoughts about other people is that she generally likes most other types of people, apart from the ones that try to harm others or gain power by using others for their own will rather than letting them live their life as they should do.

She is a rather brave girl, whom knows when it is best to do something that could completely change someone's life, instead of sitting and doing nothing as if it was pointless to even bother trying.


Polka has magic due to being close to death. Some of her magic only works when it is light, while some of her magic only works when it is dark.

For example, Orange Glow heals a single person when it is light with the use of Polka’s umbrella, however, in the dark, Nether Wave attacks enemies with her magic and her umbrella and sends a wave of dark magic at them after the last few hits.

She also has magic that cures others but not her, such as Earth Heal. A lot of her light magic is strong healing magic while a lot of her dark magic is for attacking people with. She uses her umbrella with the magic throughout.

Some of her fighting magic would have to be restricted, so that it would damage less or attack less often so that it would fit within the game.

Astras are a very important part of this world, each and every person in the world has a jewel inside of their hearts called an Astra and depending on the person depends on how much it glows.

The Astras glow depending on how many good things that a person does, and dims when they don't do as many good deeds as they should do. However, it is explained that Polka's Astra is glowing far too brightly and that because of this it will unknowingly lead her into a dark place which needs to be illuminated. Eventually one day the abyss of the sea would open up before her and she would need to jump to the cold ocean floor and to her death so that she could bring light to that world of darkness.

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