Ryuko Akari
Name Ryuko Akari
Journal Anime_Rachiru
AIM RachiruRyu
E-mail moc.liamtoh|urihcaR_eminA#moc.liamtoh|urihcaR_eminA
Country United States
GMT - 7
Characters: Main Frederic Francois Chopin
Luke fon Fabre

Ryuko is a student currently working towards her BA in Childhood Development, along with a minor in History. In her free time, she loves to read various stories, whether they're in novel form or comic form. Even though she loves to draw and likes making comics, she still is not the best artist yet, and she knows it. The reason she learned how to draw was because she wanted to see the ideas she had for her stories put down in a visual form. Her nick name, Ryuko Akari, was inspired by a character she role played long ago. Somarium is the first Livejournal Roleplay she has ever been a part of.

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