Name Laenavesse
Age 22
Position Overlord; Head Mod
Journal laenavesse
AIM laenavesse
MSN moc.liamtoh|essevaneal#moc.liamtoh|essevaneal
E-mail moc.liamtoh|essevaneal#moc.liamtoh|essevaneal
Country United States
GMT -6
Characters: Main Raven
Suoh Tamaki
Legretta the Quick
Characters: Add-On Repede


There's really not much for me to put here.

I'm the crazy head mod of Somarium, sometimes referred to as the Overlord since I do NPC the Overlord ghost. I wouldn't say that I was the one who came up with the idea, either. It was really more of a joint effort in which all the mods were in a chatroom and we just threw ideas at one another. I did come up with the name, as well did the layout stuff, and supplied some other information that I am not sure anymore which was actually my idea :|a;;

At any rate, I'm also the one who comes up with most of the events, but Relle and Peophin also supply suggestions and help me out refine them.


I kind of act like the "Mommy" of the RP :|b Which is kind of fitting since I play Suoh Tamaki and he's like the "Daddy" of the Host Club. I am often told that I act like Tamaki and Raven. It's kind of weird.

Currently I am obsessed with Tales of Vesperia, particularly Raven. Seriously. If you look at his Wiki, you can tell that I spent way too much time on it :|

…That's all I can say for now I guess o_o

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