Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright is an awesome defense attorney. He is very passionate about the law, and defending people. He'll do anything to prove his client innocent (if that is the case, anyway).


INFORMATION (according to Somarium)

Age: 27
Height: 5' 9"
Eye Color: Black/Gray
Hair Color: Black

Phoenix Wright is a defense attorney, and rising to the top as one of the best. Growing up, he had always wanted to become a defense lawyer, due to the influence of his two best friends Larry Butz and Miles Edgeworth. Back in the fourth grade, Miles defended Phoenix in a class trial, claiming that nobody had evidence that Phoenix took his lunch money. Despite it being his own money, Miles defended Phoenix (and Larry then joined in as well) when nobody else believed in him, and that was when Phoenix decided on his future career.

When college came around, he ended up going to Ivy University… as an Art major. His passion for justice never left, and was studying law on the side. But when he was accused of murder, his future mentor Mia Fey defended him in court and thus reignited the desire to become the lawyer he once aspired to be, rather than continuing with his art major. Mia taught him everything that was needed to become a good lawyer. Besides, she was one of the best there were, and always told him to “think outside of the box”, which is where he comes up with his trademark ridiculous ideas and notions.

He had an assistant named Maya Fey (Mia’s younger sister) until recently, where she had most likely returned to her village to attend to more pressing matters.

Phoenix isn’t the cool and calculated attorney with the charisma of a natural-born leader, but does have a quick-thinking mind and is a master of persuasion. Some would also like to describe him as a bit of a spazz. Even if he is a bit high-strung, he has the ability to remain calm in even the most chaotic of situations. Then again, there are times that he just can’t seem to control himself and launches himself off a cliff. He is a man of such extremities.

He is very passionate about justice and truth, and will do anything to exact justice on those who deserve it in the court of law. Once he sets his mind to something, he’ll see it out and will probably (one day) die trying.

He despises people who poison people, and those who lie. (If I remember correctly… but then again, I'm sure everyone hates those who lie).

Good defense lawyer :|a

Phoenix isn't very good with affection, although verbally he's all right. But he's not the type to just go around distributing hugs to close friends. But I mean, of course, if there's a reason, he'll definitely give hugs. Kisses, not so much. You'll have to be dating the guy.

Fighting Phoenix can throw a punch and take a couple, but that's it, really… he's one to talk with words rather than fists

Other Facts
He has a Magatama with him. If you lie to him, he'll be able to tell. Like this. (image/avatar credit to chewy_kinzoku) Those "locks" are called Psyche-locks, and the more there are of them, the more the person is unwilling to tell the truth. So, Meekins in that avatar there, is hiding one hell of a secret. Usually 5 locks are the max. The person who is lying cannot see these locks, and usually cannot tell that Phoenix can see them, unless they know about the Magatama's abilities. blahblahbla

JOURNAL: Phoenix's Journal
PLAYER: hanshi

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