Name Oceot
Canon Metal Gear Solid
Age 20
Residence Outer Heaven
Journal Fancy Shooting
Played By Emily


Adamska was born early on June 6th, 1944, during the invasion of Normandy. His mother was shot during battle and had to endure a gruesome cesarean. She was known as The Boss (AKA Voyevoda or The Joy) and his father was The Sorrow, both of whom were members of the Cobra Unit. Adamska was immediately taken by The Philosophers. When he was young he then infiltrated and was raised by the GRU and Volgin. Since he was the son of the legendary hero Voyevoda, he was given special treatment and allowed to join the Spetsnaz and become the major of the elite ocelot unit at age 20, and became known as Major Ocelot. At the same time, he was a sleeper agent for both the CIA and the KGB (he had been a NSA codebreaker code-named ADAM that had "defected" four years prior to the Soviet Union's KGB). He secretly gathered and passed information around as needed, but ultimately his prime employer at the time was the CIA (the Philosopher branch in America).

During Operation Snake Eater in which Naked Snake infiltrated Russia, Ocelot was in the middle of his triple agent work. The CIA wanted him to use GRU to find and steal The Philosopher's Legacy for them. While he was working on that, the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence for the CIA) set forth another plot to get the Legacy using The Boss. The Boss was to defect to the Soviet Union's GRU in order to obtain it, and in order to win Volgin's trust she was to deliver a couple nuclear warheads, and capture Sokolov for him. Ocelot was supposed to meet with The Boss and work with her, and he expected to find her where the KGB were hiding Sokolov, but came across Naked Snake in the process of rescuing Sokolov instead. He showed off his shooting skills using an automatic handgun by killing all the KGB soldiers guarding Sokolov. Once he realized Naked Snake wasn't The Boss, he meowed, summoning his unit, and attempted to kill him. However, his gun jammed, thanks to a failed attempt at a new trick he tried to use in which he'd manually insert a bullet instead of relying on the clip. Naked Snake quickly seized the opportunity to CQC/beat him and his whole unit unconscious. But before Ocelot passed out, Naked Snake told him why his gun jammed and that with his style of shooting he'd be much more suited to using a revolver. He also complimented his shooting, telling him he was "pretty good". Ocelot echoed his words before he lost consciousness.

A week passed and the DCI ordered Naked Snake reinfiltrated Russia to destroy the Shagohod and kill The Boss (since she was taking the blame for a nuclear blast, which Ocelot saw Volgin commit and vocally attempted to oppose). The KGB would benefit from Naked Snake's success, so they arranged for Ocelot (as ADAM) to meet up with Naked Snake and aid him. However, a female Chinese spy also after the Legacy killed the other defected NSA codebreaker named EVA and took his name, then pretended to be him and met with Naked Snake.

Ocelot showed up the morning after, along with his unit. Around his neck he wore the bullet that had jammed a week before, modified to fit in a revolver. While Naked Snake was busy getting rid of the unit, Ocelot captured EVA. He realized EVA was a woman by grabbing her breast and smelling her perfume. While he had her at knifepoint, he took the chance to show off to Naked Snake. He waved around a fancy engraved single action army revolver he had picked up, hoping to get praised by Naked Snake. Instead, Naked Snake made fun of him for getting a gun that served more purpose as a collector's item than as a weapon. Ocelot grew angry and tried to shoot him, but failed again, as he had used up his six bullets but was more accustomed to the eight that the automatic would carry. EVA slapped him in the face with her motorcycle, and Ocelot ran off. Though frustrated by his second failure to best Naked Snake and his spectacular loss of dignity, the situation made him like Naked Snake even more. As for his orders from the KGB, Ocelot decided he'd help Naked Snake secretly instead of directly.

Later, Ocelot heard from The Boss's info where Naked Snake would be going (as she had stuck a transmitter on him when she CQCed him earlier). He decided to beat The Cobras to him so he could challenge him to a gun fight. Once he found him, he showed him a pair of more ordinary-looking revolvers, and then spent some time exhibiting his amazing twirling skills. Then, they had a gun battle, where his love of reloading came out into the open. All in all, the fight was a massive opportunity for Ocelot to show off. Before anyone could win, a swarm of hornets courtesy of The Pain from The Cobra Unit interrupted them, and Ocelot was forced to retreat while part of his unit was stung to death.

Ocelot made a few more appearances around GRU before he saw Naked Snake again. He stated defiance towards Volgin's methods, and obtained a third revolver. Then, Naked Snake was captured by Volgin. Ocelot witnessed Volgin beating the man, but could do nothing but watch. At the time, and later while Ocelot witnessed Volgin brutally torture Naked Snake, Ocelot clearly did not like what he was seeing. But by the end of the torture, his feelings changed. He accidentally blinded Naked Snake's right eye with a revolver while confronting EVA who was posing as Volgin and Sokolov's lover (he recognized her by smelling her perfume and feeling her breast) when Naked Snake slammed into him to save her. The Boss took one of his revolvers, and later gave it to Naked Snake to help him escape. Once Volgin left the room, Ocelot approached Naked Snake. He stuck a transmitter back into his shoulder, and applauded him for surviving. He told him the torture didn't seem all that bad after all, and that it was "the ultimate form of expression".

Ocelot helped himself to all the food Naked Snake had been stashing in his backpack (mostly raw animal meat), minus the instant noodles EVA took. He said it was because he wanted to eat the same things Naked Snake did. After Naked Snake escaped his prison cell, Ocelot and several soldiers found and confronted him in the sewers where the water fell into a river far below. Ocelot told them to stand down, then put the bullet he had been saving since their first encounter into a revolver and twice attempted to shoot Naked Snake, but each time the gun fired on an empty chamber. Naked Snake jumped into the river and escaped. The third would have been the chamber with the bullet; Naked Snake barely won the roulette. Ocelot watched him float away and whispered "Don't die on me yet…"

While Naked Snake was attempting to blow up the hanger with the Shagohod (nuclear-equipped tank) in it, Ocelot, Volgin, and The Boss stopped him, with an unconscious EVA. Ocelot had confirmed that she was a spy after realizing she smelled of motorcycle gasoline. He then attempted to engage Naked Snake in a gun fight. Volgin decided he'd rather fight Naked Snake instead, and told Ocelot to stand down and watch. Ocelot argued, then pointed a gun at Naked Snake anyways… and his second gun at Volgin. Volgin forced him to back off for good by using his electricity to fire a bullet as a warning shot at the ground at Ocelot's feet. As Naked Snake and Volgin engaged in a duel, Ocelot shouted encouragements at Naked Snake and tossed him extra ammo as he needed it, prompting comments like "whose side are you on?!" from Volgin. As Volgin began to lose ground, he ordered Ocelot to shoot Naked Snake. Ocelot refused, claiming that he "made a promise to The Boss". Volgin attempted to hit Ocelot with a lightning bolt, but Ocelot deflected the attack with a few quick bullets. Ocelot insulted Volgin by speaking to him informally and telling him to "fight like a man". Finally, Volgin managed to order Ocelot away by telling him to look for the bombs.

As Naked Snake and EVA attempted to escape the Shagohod on a motorcycle, Ocelot gave chase on another motorcycle, firing at them with a revolver. At one point the burning roof of the hanger was about to crush Ocelot, but Naked Snake saved him by destroying the rubble with an RPG missile. Still, he continued the chase, but he got too close to Volgin and the Shagohod and his face was nearly burned by the thrusters. Stubbornly, he didn't give up, but was finally forced to stop when the bridge was destroyed before he could get across it. He nearly fell over, and lost another one of his revolvers.

After Naked Snake killed The Boss, Ocelot finally caught up to him as he was flying off with EVA in a WIG plane by chasing it with a hovering platform vehicle. He blew open the plane hatch and jumped inside, and threw Naked Snake's gear out into the lake. Then, they started fighting and wrestling. Unlike the first time they met, this time Ocelot was able to hold his own, claiming he picked up a few new moves (he learned CQC just by observing Naked Snake). He raised his last revolver, ready to fire. Naked Snake had given the revolver he had gotten after torture to EVA, and now she tossed it to him. Ocelot and Naked Snake fired at each other, but both revolvers turned out to be empty. Ocelot offered a showdown, and Naked Snake accepted, handing him the revolver. Ocelot took off the bullet he had been saving around his neck from their first meeting and put it into one of the guns. He juggled and switched them around a few times before letting Naked Snake pick one. Ocelot told him his real name, "Adamska", then asked him for his. He answered honestly, "John". They went back-to-back and paced off duel-style before turning and firing off the six chambers. Ocelot fired… a blank. He laughed and put his gun away, satisfied that he got to have his fun. He let Naked Snake keep the other revolver, told him he'd see him around, and jumped out of the plane into the lake.

Ocelot handed half of the Legacy to the CIA. He appeared once more during Naked Snake's coronation into Big Boss, saluting him with his signature hand gesture. He remained an agent of several factions, but secretly his allegiance had changed. He developed loyalty… not for them, but for Big Boss, which would remain strong until the day he died. He would come to Big Boss's side later, but for the time he continued to pretend to be an ally of the CIA and the Soviet Union.


-Often cocky and easily excited, Ocelot shows a lot of confidence. He is rarely afraid of anything, and will even back-talk a superior officer like Colonel Volgin. He knows people's limits, how far he can test them, and then back down at just the right time to avoid backlash.

-Ocelot is seldom genuine. He is a professional liar with no loyalty or respect for anyone but Big Boss, though he'll easily convince others they have it, only to stab them in the back the minute he's ready to take what he wants from them.

-Often his betrayals involve murder. He has nothing against killing people, even if they're "comrades" he's worked with for years, since he only cares about himself and Big Boss. He won't hesitate to kill if it helps him attain his goals or assist his cover. People have died just for getting in his way.

-He thinks of and treats Big Boss differently than he does anyone else, because he is totally gay for him.

-He's an attention-whore. He'll use just about any opportunity to show off.

-He is very theatrical in the way he moves. Half his communication involves flamboyant waves of his arms and flipping his wrists and finger-banging people.


-He is extraordinarily talented with guns. He can twirl one gun or two at high speed, toss them up and down and catch them, or even juggle three while periodically firing them at a target without fumbling. He can do innovative things like fend off a swarm of bees just by rapidly twirling a pair of guns, swatting them before they can reach him. He's even fast enough to deflect electric attacks with his bullets. He's very quick and calculating, easily able to fire a bullet so that it can ricochet off of something and hit his target, so hiding behind things won't save anyone from being shot by Ocelot. He is especially suited to using revolvers (he tends to twist his elbow to absorb the recoil, which Big Boss says is a revolver technique). He likes reloading them slowly so he can savor the thrill of doing it in the middle of battle, but he's done it so often that he can reload two revolvers in only a few seconds if he needs to.

-He meows. As a GRU major he had command of a unit of highly trained Spetsnaz soldiers, and he summoned them by going "MRROWR!".

-He can identify women by feeling their breasts. Or sniffing them.

-In merely a day or two he learned enough CQC ("close quarters combat" style fighting) to be almost a match for Big Boss. He learns fast and can imitate a pose upon sight. ..Basically just grabbing and wrestling and hitting, and a judo-like ability to use an opponent's momentum against them. He still prefers the revolver, but he (eventually) has come to recognize that he needs more than just a gun to confront someone like Big Boss. Plus he wants to be as awesome as Big Boss, and matching him in CQC is part of that effort.

-Ocelot is constantly a few steps ahead of the game, he's cunning and can subtly manipulate others into moving an objective towards his goal. He's a successful spy, going in as deep as to be a spy for three opposing organizations without compromising his alignments. His ability to read and predict people, and to remain calm and prepared for almost anything, makes him an incredibly efficient agent. He'll even put himself in the line of fire knowing that the person aiming a gun at him won't shoot him because he can predict their intentions and know, for example, they want to get information from him beforehand. He's fully capable of modifying his plans on the fly to accommodate new developments as well.

-Ocelot's father, The Sorrow, was a powerful spirit medium. And Ocelot inherited some of his ability. When he's older he gets taken over by the ghost of Liquid Snake occasionally after replacing his own arm with Liquid's. I figure Ocelot's spirit medium powers are amateur and accidental, and he is prone to being possessed by ghosts, especially if he is in contact with something that belongs to the ghost.

-He can ride a motorcycle.

-He's an experienced stalker.

-He can torture people. He's pretty new at it, but he's passionate about it and has been studying.

-Sometimes he can break the fourth wall (he can tell if you haven't saved your game in awhile).

-Killing him will create a time paradox. Game over. Continue?

Other Facts

-Ocelot is obsessed with Big Boss. It started when Big Boss beat him up during Virtuous Mission and gave him advice on what kind of gun he should use. Since then he struggled to impress the man (and would just try harder whenever Big Boss ignored him or made fun of his attempt). He'd copy him, follow his advice, show off his gun tricks, and try to best him in a duel. Each time he failed made him like Big Boss more. He fell into a sort of dream state regarding him. He grew to love him so much that he'd sacrifice everything and give up his life for him. Because Big Boss is really really amazing and is the only man who deserves Ocelot's true loyalty.

-Ocelot looooves westerns. Sometimes he likes to pretend he's in one… he tries to make everything he does as epic and exaggerated as if he were starring in a movie. He's especially into quick-draw duels, and will stop everything in a battle and put himself out into the open if he thinks it means getting a western-style showdown out of it. …Also, he added spurs to his GRU uniform, just for the hell of it. When Ocelot is not doing agent work or playing with his revolvers or fantasizing about Big Boss dressed like Clint Eastwood, he's probably watching westerns.

-As cool and clever as he thinks he is, he does fail and lose his composure quite a bit, especially around Big Boss.

-Ocelot loves goats.

-Ocelot hates getting his hat dirty.

-He keeps mousetraps in his clothes.

-He speaks both Russian and English fluently.

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