Noctaere are basically creatures that were first introduced through the Overlord's nightmare. They existed before the current inhabitants had arrived, but they got their fair share of encounters through that event.

They are shadow-based creatures, and where they come from is unknown. Something is attracting them to Somarium, and they tend to appear when some great devastation is occurring.

It should be noted that these are usually mod-controlled but players are usually given god-mode rights and are allowed to have noctaere included in the tags so that a mod does not have to physically participate in the thread. When the noctaere are used, players are given rights to use the NPC journal so long as they follow the following rules:

  • DO NOT ABUSE THE JOURNAL. We are putting trust into the players that they will use the NPCs responsibly.
  • No godmodding.
  • Cannot kill. It is of the noctaere's nature that they CANNOT KILL. Severely injure, yes. But they cannot inflict a fatal blow. Characters dying from the amount of injuries is a different matter.
  • Only used when allowed The password will change each time, but it should be known that the noctaere are only available for play for certain times.

The journal used is noctaere.


Actually, that's a bit of a mystery. They are in essence solid, but if a character manages to penetrate it's very, very thick skin, it will not bleed. Instead, an ashy substance is released, as if it's disintegrating. It will then quickly regenerate, however, so it might be down for a few moments, but not out.

Depending on the type of noctaere, the texture of the flesh may vary. Some are more solid, some more like shadows. Some scaly, some leathery. But all have very tough skin. Normal blades and claws will not be able to cut through them with the first slice.


For the most part…yes. However, they don't exactly aim to kill. It seems they are more to terrorize and inflict as much agony and torture as possible. They also don't provoke at random. They have a reason why they choose to attack their target, but what it is is unknown at the moment.

Some are less violent than others, but others can be more aggressive. They will also chase you for a certain period of time, but will eventually let off. Perhaps they found a new prey…


You…can't. Isn't that lovely? Okay, that's a bit of a lie. They are not invincible, but what their weakness is no one knows. It's possible to beat them back or make them retreat.

Magic has the same effect on them as physical weapons, though they seem to not like it as much.


Just as their sudden is mysterious, so is their sudden retreat. For no reason at all, the Noctaere can all suddenly disperse and disappear. Some just vanish, others slink into the darkness. Try and follow them, but they are fast creatures.

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