Naomi Hunter
Name Naomi Hunter
Canon Metal Gear Solid
Age 35
Hair/Eye Color Dark Brown/Brown
Residence Espoir Cottages - Naomi's lab
Journal Naomi
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Played By Meygan


As a very young child during the Rhodesian Civil War, Naomi's parents were killed by a FOXHOUND operative named Frank Jaeger (codenamed Gray Fox). Not able to bring himself to kill the small girl, Frank decided to instead take her in and adopt her as a younger sister.

As a result of growing up with a complete stranger, Naomi began to ask a lot of questions that Frank was not able to answer. When she was old enough, he revealed to her that truth behind how he had came to adopt her. He told her of her parent's death in the war and that he had been a soldier during the same war, but he never admitted outright to her that he was the one to kill them. Naomi began to become more and more interested in her background. What was her real name? What were her parents like? What was her own ethnicity? With these questions in mind, she turned to what would become the center point in her life- her study of genetics and nanotechnology.

With the help of her and Frank's adoptive father/benefactor, Big Boss, Naomi succeeded in getting a doctorate in genetics, her specialty being gene therapy. Diving into her research, her ultimate goal was to find out about her background and, essentially, find out who she was by studying her own genes.

During the Zanzibar Land Uprising, the 'Legendary' soldier Solid Snake killed Big Boss and left her brother a cripple. Naomi promised revenge against him for the only family she had ever known. Frank was taken in by the medical chief of FOXHOUND, Dr. Clark, and was mercilessly experimented on with her new gene therapy treatments. The doctor grafted a strong exoskeleton onto his body to return and greatly improve on his mobility and strength, making his powers surpass most humans. Joining FOXHOUND and becoming Dr. Clark's assistant to save her foster brother, Naomi aided in Frank's escape from the facility and also covered up for him after he murdered the doctor who had kept him captive for so long.

With her brother free and Dr. Clark gone, Naomi took up the now open position, becoming FOXHOUND's medical chief and chief geneticist. This allowed her nearly unlimited access to the Pentagon's biological weapons program. It was there that she was able to develop the virus she would one day come to call FOXDIE. A virus she would use to get the revenge she so wanted on Solid Snake.

So she waited until she had an opportunity to get close to the solider, until finally, she was assigned to join Solid Snake's support staff during the Shadow Moses Incident. She wasted no time in injecting him with FOXDIE, along with a few other things she was ordered to use to keep him alive during the mission: nanomachines, nootropics, and an anti-freezing peptide that would keep his body from freezing. By the time that Snake even suspected her for anything it was far too late, the virus was already coursing through him waiting to kill him at any moment.

However, by the end of the Shadow Moses Incident, Naomi realized that the Snake that left her without a family was not as cruel as she had previously thought. She had even come to respect him slightly for how kind he could be to people he didn't even know (such as Otacon). Before the mission was over, she confessed to what she had done, forgave Snake for crippling her brother, and accepted her arrest quietly.

After spending some time in a maximum security facility, Naomi was saved, presumably by Liquid Ocelot, and was set free. It was here that she disappeared for a few years.

Not having been able to locate her, it must have come as a surprise to Solid Snake when a video transmission was sent to him from Naomi. In the video, she pleaded for his help as she was being held captive by Liquid Ocelot and forced help him hijack a very extensive military based computer program called the SOP (Sons of the Patriots) System.


Naomi is first and foremost an intelligent woman. Being an advanced geneticist and a woman well researched in nanomachine-based gene therapy, it is more than obvious that she knows what she is doing when it comes to science. As such, she is more than a little smug about her own abilities sometimes.

She loves science. There is no way I could express just how deep her love for science is. She has learned to use it to her advantage in any situation, whether it be by developing a drug that can save someone she cares about or creating a virus to kill off the people she despises.

She is definitely not above using her good looks to get what she wants from men and actually uses her womanly wiles a bit more frequently than she really needs to. As such, she prefers to keep her shirt unbuttoned, <a href="">exposing her cleavage</a>, while she looks at her 'patients'. Sex isn't just all for work though. She is definitely a woman driven by lust and a need to have power over men.

As it may be obvious by all she has done for them, she is very devoted to her small adopted family. But as much as she loves them, she still feels that she is not a true person until she knows her real background.


Naomi's only real ability is her science. She excels at helping (or hurting) people.

Also, she will sleep with anyone if it will help her or the people she loves out. Pity sex is an option too(OTACON)!

Other Facts

Though not necessarily an aspect of her personality, many of Naomi's choices and reactions stem from her hidden secret: she's been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Not wanting to die, she suppressed the cancer cells with nanomachines that she injects with a syringe through her neck. This, however, only stills the cells briefly, it cannot cure her. As such, Naomi is much more free with herself. While she isn't scared of dying per se, she tries to live life to the fullest.

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