Mod Contact


These are the people who created and run the place. Ivan was also part of the team but now it's basically the following. Feel free to contact any one of them if you have any questions!

The Overlord »

» Suoh Tamaki | Ouran Host Club | [baka_tonou]
» Kamina | Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann | [hellyouthinkiam]
» Raven | Tales of Vesperia | [notjustanoldman]
» Tsume | Wolf's Rain | [distantwolf]
» Washu Hakubi | Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (OVA) | [xxxscience]
» Zidane Triable | Final Fantasy IX | [hanginbyatail]
» * Repede | Tales of Vesperia | [caninewarrior]
» * Haro | Gundam 00 (S2) | [quiero-neil]
[E-Mail] moc.liamtoh|essevaneal#moc.liamtoh|essevaneal
[AIM/MSN] AIM: laenavesse / MSN: moc.liamtoh|essevaneal#moc.liamtoh|essevaneal (usually set offline, but I'm on)
[Timezone] GMT -6 (CST)
[About] General head mod; comes up with random ideas both plot and evently; generic spokesperson for both the mods and the players; answer mod questions
[In Charge Of] Applications, Reservations, Friends Add/Remove, Questions/Suggestions, random other pages


» Heat | Digital Devil Saga | [fevoreish]
» Raiden | Metal Gear Solid | [vr_training_rox]
» Javert | Les Miserablés | [chose_death]
» * Laughing Octopus | Metal Gear Solid | [show_me_ur_luls]
[E-Mail] moc.liamg|kypohcvl#moc.liamg|kypohcvl
[AIM] M L Inspecteur
[Timezone] GMT -5 (EST)
[About] Co-Mod; comes up with random plot ideas, help write info pages; answer mod questions; STUFF IDEK
[In Charge Of] Applications, Questions/Suggestions, random other pages, many shop ghosts, STUFF IDEK DON'T ASK ME YET

Overlord's Gender-Confused Offspring »

» Cho Hakkai | Saiyuki | [eyeforaneyeball]
» Kayashima Taiki | Hana-Kimi | [aura_report]
» Fujimura (Sato) Shigeki | Whistle! | [rockstar_fw]
[AIM] Shizukadono
[Timezone] GMT -7 (MST)
[About] Co-Mod; comes up with random plot ideas, help write info pages; answer mod questions; help oversee decisions
[In Charge Of] Applications, Player Contact, random other pages


Now before anyone gets confused, the mini-mods are players of the community who have volunteered to help out with some of the smaller tasks to help the main mods out. For more information, refer to the Mini Mods page.


The following people run the [somghostnpc] journal and help NPC the ghosts of Somarium. If you have any questions regarding a ghost's action or wish for a random ghost to be part of a thread or post, contact one of them and they will most likely be more than happy to join in :3 Their main "haunt" will be the [Mod Shop]

» Frank Jaeger (Null) | Metal Gear Solid | [so_damn_stoic]
» Serph | Digital Devil Saga | [cannibalcrown]
» Akihiko Sanada | Persona 3 | [rise_to_caesar]
» * The Sorrow | Metal Gear Solid | [cry_moar]
[E-Mail] elebitsmile[@]
[AIM] ParadiseLine
[Timezone] GMT -5 (EST)
[Note] The Add-On character, The Sorrow, is also one of the ghost NPCs.

» Solid Snake | Metal Gear Solid | [snake_in_a_box]
» Miles Edgeworth | Ace Attorney | [edgey_boy]
» Volgin | Metal Gear Solid | [snake_beater]
» Monkey D. Luffy | One Piece | [noodlearrms]
» * Psycho Mantis | Metal Gear Solid | [you_like_men]
» * Victor Niguel | Trauma Center | [snarkyscientist]
[E-Mail] moc.liamg|hefoolf#moc.liamg|hefoolf
[AIM/MSN] AIM: floofehone / MSN: moc.liamtoh|say1emos#moc.liamtoh|say1emos
[Timezone] GMT -8 (PST)
[Note] The Add-On character, Psycho Mantis, is also one of the ghost NPCs.


The following people help take care of many of the lists found here on the Wiki (Taken Characters, Residence, etc.) so if anyone has a question about something on the list, you can either ask them or the main mods and they will be attended to.

» Fujioka Haruhi | Ouran High School Host Club | [trappedhost]
» Zero Kiryuu | Vampire Knight | [bloodedknight]
[E-Mail] moc.evil|doolbdenmednoc#moc.evil|doolbdenmednoc
[AIM/MSN] AIM: itzminatobetch / MSN: moc.evil|doolbdenmednoc#moc.evil|doolbdenmednoc
[Timezone] GMT -6 (CST)

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