Mini Mods


The mini mods are really more like "assistant mods". They only serve to help the main mods with some of the smaller tasks such as organization and running the mod shop. There are two different teams: the ghost npc team and the list monkeys.

These are people who volunteered to help, and are players we know everyone can trust to do their job. It is a given that they should not abuse any of their powers and if there is a question, it should be taken up with the main mods.


Members: Lari, Lucky, and Yuli
Journal: somghostnpc

The ghost NPCs are to do what the main mods have admittedly failed to do: bring the ghosts of Somarium out and interact with the populace. While they are allowed to randomly poke characters, their main function is to run the mod shop and when the Credits system is enabled, are in charge of the missions.

The only IC journal entries they will make are the future mission posts and anything that is mod-approved and plot related. They are first and foremost NPCs. So no one should be thinking them as actual characters. They function just as the original ghosts always have been.

NOTE: The only exceptions to this are the characters Sorrow and Mantis. They are canon Add-On canons and since they're ghosts, they were granted permission by the Overlord. They will use both their character journals and the NPC journal.

The guidelines for these mini-mods to follow can be found on the somghostnpc journal, as a private entry.


Members: Meygan and Bryan

The List Monkeys basically take care of all the informational list entries on the Wiki. These include the following:

  • Taken
  • Residence
  • Shops
  • Plot/Events "Calendar"
  • And any future list entries that could be made


  • The Taken and Residence lists should be first priority, particularly during application cycles. This means that you will have to either track the player contact page so you can update the Taken list. You will also need to track the Residence sign-up page so you are aware of anyone who comments on it to update the list.
  • The mods need those two entries to be done within two days after the last player "checks in" (does the whole acceptance process). One of the main mods will provide the team with the total number through e-mail. When finished updating, just either PM or one of us.
  • All other entries can be updated as necessary and when you have free time.
  • If you have any ideas on how a list should be reformatted or another page that could be useful, let us know!
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