Lelouch vi Britannia
Name Lelouch vi Britannia
Canon Code Geass R2
Age 18
Residence Mansion #1
Journal I'm like the Ring Leader
Played By Kelly

[Warning: Massive amount of spoilers for both seasons of Code Geass]


Ashford Academy is home to brilliant student, phenomenal chess player, loving brother, and vice-president of the student council Lelouch Lamperouge. Together with his beloved sister Nunnally, he lives in a house within the grounds of this prestigious academy under the watchful eye of the Ashford family. This young student, out with a friend one afternoon, suddenly becomes tossed into a situation that would forever change his life. A large truck veered off the road after nearly colliding with the two boys and, being the honorable young Brittanian that he is, Lelouch decides to go make sure everything is okay. While attempting to investigate the situation, he falls into the trailer of the truck as it speeds away to battle Britannian forces. To his surprise, the truck holds a tank of poisonous gas that resistance forces, as well as Britannian soldiers, are after. However, this is not your average tank of poisonous gas, for it contains something much more powerful and something that will cause both Britannia and Japan much more turmoil than poison gas ever could. The container opens and a girl with striking green hair emerges who will forever change the course of Lelouch’s life. The young Britannian has never laid eyes on this girl, yet she takes a bullet for him and falls lifelessly to the ground for a few moments before her hand grabs Lelouch and forms a contract with him. This contract guarantees the power of the kings, the power known as Geass, in exchange for granting the woman’s wish. Using his new power, he commanded the Britannian soldiers to kill themselves and it was done.

In retrospect, Lelouch recalls that from that day on, he had been telling lies - lies about his name, his background, his entire life was a lie and he was sick of it. He was sick of the world he lived in that wasn’t changing, but he can’t give up the lies because of despair… but now he has obtained power that can change this world and do away with these lies. Using his new power, he starts a rebellion against the Britannian Empire. Desperate to find out information about the death of his mother, he questions one of his siblings. Clovis la Britannia was the third prince of the Holy Empire of Britannia. Come to find out, this narcissistic young prince was in charge of the research behind the green-haired girl. After finding out about her disappearance, he ordered the destruction of the entire area where she was last seen. Lelouch, now with the power of the kings behind him, takes control of the resistance and wipes out Clovis’ forces, eventually confronting and subsequently killing his older brother.

During Clovis’ funeral, the Emperor makes a speech discussing how people are not equal. He believes everybody is different depending on their birth, their upbringing, and their abilities and it is through fighting and competition that progress is born. In his eyes, inequality is not evil and equality is. Charles zi Britannia calls for fighting and competition so that Britannia can continue to evolve. Hearing these words come from his father, a man he despises more than anything, Lelouch is more determined than ever to create a proper world for Nunnally and not this world that the Emperor has described. This murder marks the first casualty fueled by Lelouch’s revenge. He uses this to his advantage, moving to take further control of the resistance and establishing The Order of the Black Knights, eventually taking on the persona of the masked-man known as Zero. Having taken on the role as the cherished revolutionary fighting against the Holy Empire of Britannia, Lelouch has now donned another mask. He’s a brother, a student, a forgotten prince, and the leader of a rebellion.

He has now found something more challenging to devote his time to. His powerful mind, along with the help of his Geass, are able to achieve victory in nearly every battle the Order of the Black Knights is involved. This is just one facet of Lelouch Lamperouge’s life, however. He also has the life of a typical high school student, having to deal with the student council, friends, girls, classes, and family… This life he settled into was abruptly disrupted when an old friend, Kururugi Suzaku, became a student at Ashford Academy. It had been seven years since they were last together, so Lelouch informed his friend that he needed to be referred to as Lelouch Lamperouge. Why? This young man, come to find out, is the former eleventh prince of the Holy Empire of Britannia and seventeenth in line for the throne until the assassination of his mother Marianne and renouncement of his title at the tender age of ten years old. In response to this sudden abandonment of his title, Emperor Charles zi Britannia banished Lelouch and Nunnally, where they were used as political hostages in a Britannian conflict. Here, Lelouch and the son of Japan’s Prime Minister Kururugi first met. The conflict escalated and, due to the need to protect himself and his sister, he changed their names from vi Britannia to Lamperouge and left the Kururugi temple to be taken in by the Ashford family where they now reside.

The Order of the Black Knights and their leader, Zero, have become an increasingly powerful force in the Britannian Empire. Zero proclaims that they are “allies of justice” and not the resistance. This leads Lelouch to come in contact with yet another sibling. Along with three of his friends from Ashford Academy, Princess Euphemia li Britannia is being held hostage by a liberation front. Zero tells the Princess that the reason he shot Clovis was not because he killed Elevens, but because he was a child of the Emperor. He had the opportunity to kill another one of his children, yet he let the princess go with the other hostages. Zero goes on to face another sister, Cornelia li Britannia, in many other battles. At this point, C.C. has become more than just the woman who gave Lelouch his Geass, she has become his accomplice. Another woman close to Lelouch is Shirley Fenette, the first person to know Zero’s true identity other than C.C. She found Zero’s crashed Knightmare and saw his injured body as his mask fell off, revealing the face of the classmate she thought she knew well. His gun was in her hands; however, she did not shoot him. Lelouch and Shirley both end up in a situation with a man who had formerly contracted with C.C. Shirley experienced many things that she shouldn’t have – her father’s death at the hands of the Black Knights, her seeing Zero’s true identity, her involvement with Mao. Lelouch ends up using his Geass on Shirley, having her forget everything that had happened to her, including her friendship with Lelouch.

Mao, however, does not leave Lelouch’s life after this incident, actually following him to Ashford in an attempt to win back C.C. Mao, able to read Lelouch’s mind, knows his weaknesses. He uses this mind and C.C. to lure Mao to Clovisland (a theme park) in an attempt to get rid of the man. The crazed Mao has C.C. when Lelouch appears on a huge screen, seemingly talking to Mao. Moments later, the Britannian police show up, guns drawn at Mao. Among them is Lelouch, who rescues C.C. and orders the command for the crazed man with the chainsaw to be taken down. Shots are fired by the Geassed force and Mao falls to the ground. After leaving the scene, Lelouch tells C.C. that he doesn’t want the Geass to take over his life like it took over Mao’s. He vows to control and eventually master his power and declares that he will use it to change the world. Hearing all this, C.C. wonders if Lelouch is comforting her, pitying her, or feeling an attachment to her. In response, Lelouch suggests that the two form another contract, one from him to her. They shake hands as C.C. agrees to this new contract. Much to the dismay of Lelouch, Mao has returned to Ashford and has taken Nunnally hostage. Through a series of events involving a chess match with Mao, working together with Suzaku, and Geassing himself, Lelouch is able to rescue Nunnally and C.C. is able to finally rid their lives of this psychotic threat.

With Mao out of his life, Lelouch is able to focus on his endeavors with the Black Knights once again. Using himself as an example of someone who’s not Japanese, Zero claims that what is needed is the ability to bring about results, and a person’s race, past, and ways have nothing to do with that. While this is being said, his sister, Euphemia, is naming his best friend, Suzaku, as her knight. After this event, Zero and Suzaku enter a battle together on the island of Shikinejima. Zero explains to Suzaku that he wants him to be an ally, and Suzaku refuses, reiterating what he’s said before: results obtained by the wrong means have no meaning. The battle between the Britannians and the Black Knights continues, with Suzaku eventually forcing Zero into the cockpit of the Lancelot. The two struggle as Suzaku gets an order to stay there as a means of keeping Zero there. Alarmed by this, Zero tries to convince him otherwise but his friend is rather adamant about following orders. In order to save himself and Suzaku, Zero reveals his eye and gives Suzaku the command to “Live on!”

As a result of this battle, Zero wakes up on a beach that isn’t Shikinejima with a very soaked Euphemia by his side. He draws his gun as a precaution, but she is not fazed because she knows that the man behind the mask is actually her older brother Lelouch. Her reaction causes the young man to take off his mask, actually revealing his identity to the young princess. As they are together on the island, Lelouch asks Euphemia when she realized who he was. She answers that she’s known since the hotel hijacking incident, but she hadn’t told Cornelia because she didn’t want her sister to be sad any more. They discuss Nunnally and the death of Marianne. Noticing that she’s a little confused and somewhat frightened, Lelouch tells her that right now he is the Lelouch that she knows and refers to her not as Euphemia, but as Euphie. The two walk about on the island as they look for a search party, eventually coming into contact with Suzaku and Kallen. Lelouch quickly puts on his Zero mask and claims Euphie as his prisoner. As Suzaku rushes toward Lelouch and Euphie, a large Geass symbol appears on the stone and the ground gives way underneath them. The platform they were standing on lands in a cave where Schneizel, Lelouch’s older brother, and scientist Lloyd are meeting together in discussing a knightmare frame known as the Gawain. Zero manages to take hold of the Gawain and escape with Kallen.

The young rebel’s plans come crashing to a halt when Princess Euphemia announces the establishment of a Japanese Special Administrative Region around Mt. Fuji, explaining that this Special Administrative Region will re-establish the Japanese name and put them on equal ground with the Britannians. She addresses Zero, requesting his assistance and participation in this venture. Lelouch is frustrated by this because no matter what he chooses, it will lead to the collapse of the Order of the Black Knights. As the ceremony begins, Zero appears standing on the Gawain. He requests to meet with Euphemia in private and, since she knows his true identity, she agrees. He asks Euphemia to shoot him, making note that he would become a martyr and her own popularity would suffer. When Lelouch is explaining to her that he would miraculously revive himself and restore his name, he begins to feel a severe pain in the eye that contains his Geass. As Lelouch begins to suffer, C.C. is also suffering in the midst of Euphemia’s guards and Suzaku, causing them to see horrifying visions. Euphemia tries to help Lelouch, but he swats her away and tells her that he doesn’t want her pity. He opens his eye and calls out her entire name, but she stops him and tells him that she relinquished her rights to the throne and gave up that name. Lelouch believes that she did this for his sake, but she admits that she did it for Nunnally. They agree to work together when Lelouch reveals that nobody can deny any order he gives. Unfortunately, Euphie thinks he’s joking, even when he insists that what he says is the truth. He looks at his sister and explains that she would not be able to resist him even if he told her to kill all of the Japanese. Only when Euphie tried to resist and eventually succumbed to his command did he realize that he was unable to turn his Geass off. The young princess ran back on stage, armed with a gun, and asks all of the Japanese people if they would like to die. With this, she cheerfully orders her men to begin the massacre.

As Lelouch calls for Euphemia to stop, a wounded woman grabs him and tells him that Zero is their only hope. He finally reaches the Gawain and explains to C.C. that he didn’t do this. It is then that she realizes that he can no longer control his Geass. He explains to the Black Knights that Euphemia has become their enemy and that the Special Administrative Japan was nothing but a trap. He orders his men to find and kill Euphemia, shedding a tear as he gives the order. As the massacre continues, Zero finally comes face-to-face once more with the princess. He shoots her, says good-bye, and admits that she was his first love. Lelouch later gets a phone call from Nunnally, who doesn’t know what had happened, asking to see Euphemia again. Lelouch doesn’t tell her about the events that took place. Despite all of this, C.C. tells Lelouch that they are under contract and she will continue to stand by him.

Using Euphemia’s actions as a way to bring more life and drive to the Order of the Black Knights, Zero faces off against the Britannians in battle. He orders his men to take control of Ashford Academy and use it as a control center, a way of taking care of his friends and beloved sister who reside there. Zero, however, is entering battle with Cornelia. Cornelia is able to outperform Lelouch in her Gloucester, but is brought down when one of her own men attacks her under control of the Geass. After freeing herself from the wreckage, Cornelia learns Zero’s true identity is that of her younger brother and that everything he had been doing was for the sake of their sister Nunnally. He uses his power on his sister and questions her about his mother’s death and, to his dismay, she knows nothing. She only tells him that their father ordered Schneizel to take her body away. Shortly after this, C.C. alerts Lelouch to the fact that somebody has kidnapped Nunnally and taken her to Kaminejima. As they go toward the island, they are being attacked by a crazed Jeremiah. Lelouch and C.C. part ways as he goes to find Nunnally and she continues to battle Jeremiah. He eventually enters a cave and approaches a wall with writing on it and, as he is looking at the wall, gets shot at by none other than Suzaku. Suzaku shoots Zero’s helmet revealing to himself and Kallen the true identity of Lelouch. The young Britannian asks for a temporary truce in order to save his sister, but he is denied this request. The friends end up firing shots at each other.

Suzaku’s bullet hits Lelouch’s gun, while Lelouch’s bullet hits Suzaku’s communicator. The two struggle and, due to Lelouch’s lack of stamina, he is easily overpowered and taken into custody to be brought before the Emperor. In front of Lelouch, his father appointed Suzaku to the Knight of the Rounds and then had the boy hold Lelouch’s eyes open so he could not look away. Once restrained, the Emperor activated his own Geass and rewrote Lelouch’s memories of his mother, his beloved sister, and of being Zero. A year later, he now lives a life as an average student at Ashford Academy with a younger brother named Rolo. This life doesn’t last long, though, as Lelouch regains his memory after sharing a kiss with C.C. She tells him that he already has power and awakens the memories of what she calls the “Power of the Kings” by releasing the seal that was placed on it by the Emperor. Lelouch acknowledges himself as Zero and declares that he will be the one to destroy and recreate the world.

Zero is soon back to business, broadcasting from the Chinese Federation’s Consulate-General. Back at school, however, Lelouch resumes life as it was before he regained his memory, noticing that nobody remembers Nunnally and that everybody believes that Rolo is his true brother. He soon realizes that he is being watched by Rolo, Villetta Nu, and a secret team of intelligence. After a series of events to lure Villetta away from the school, Lelouch confronts Rolo in the secret control room and finds out that Rolo, too, possesses a Geass. His ability, however, is the ability to alter the victim’s sensation of time. From this point on, Lelouch starts devising a plan to save the Black Knights who are being held captive by Britannia and to do away with Rolo. His plan to rescue his Black Knights and get Rolo on his side was successful and he relishes in the thought of using Rolo’s powers and then throwing him away when he’s finished. Lelouch eventually returns to Ashford and resumes his role as a student and is surprised to find that Suzaku has re-enrolled as a student there as well. The two act like they are old friends. Suzaku, at this point, doesn’t know that Lelouch has regained his memories.

Suzaku, suspicious of Lelouch, sets up a call between Lelouch and the soon-to-be Governor of Area 11. Lelouch takes the phone, not realizing what Suzaku is up to, until he hears Nunnally’s voice on the other end asking if that was her brother. He feels like he can’t lie to her and, luckily for him, Rolo appears and casts his Geass to suspend Suzaku’s time. This sudden appearance of Rolo allows Lelouch to quickly tell Nunnally that he’s okay and they’ll have to pretend they’re strangers for now. He’s barely able to tell her he loves her before Rolo’s Geass wears off and Suzaku sees that Lelouch is just a student and has not regained his memories. After finding out that his sister is the Governor of Area 11, C.C. asks Lelouch if he intends to fight her or if he’ll leave her alone. Lelouch would never fight Nunnally, but he can’t just leave her alone either because he knows that she’ll be used as a political tool. Refusing to let that happen, he declares that he’ll create a world where Nunnally can live happily - that’s why he wants to destroy Britannia. Zero announces a new objective to the Black Knights – capture the new Governor of Area 11. The Black Knights battle the Britannian forces while Zero goes straight for the location of the Governor, finally locating her and immediately becoming conflicted as to what he should do. The Lancelot interrupts his attempt to make contact with her and Nunnally calls out for Suzaku as Lelouch is kept away. He is thrown into the air due to an explosion and screams for his sister, landing in the hands of the Guren.

The following day, Lelouch thinks about how Zero is in the way of the world that is best for Nunnally, and he knows that Suzaku and the Britannian forces will take care of her. Instead of going on the class trip the young Britannian goes off by himself. Lelouch boards a train and, while he is on the train, a video of Nunnally’s speech begins to play. He’s so shocked and upset by the video that he gets off at the next stop, yet he still cannot escape Nunnally. Lelouch falls to a new low, struggling whether or not to inject himself with the drug Refrain. Kallen ends up finding Lelouch and realizes what he is about to do to himself. She takes the drug from him and tries to talk sense into him, however he is interested in the “comfort” she can offer him. With a slap, Kallen reminds him of his role as Zero and runs off in tears. Before Lelouch can run after her, Rolo appears and suggests to him that he do away with Zero since the thoughts of Nunnally are so painful for him. Upon his return to school, Lelouch has a touching moment remembering the simple times that once existed for him and his friends at Ashford Academy.

Nunnally, like her sister Euphemia, asks Zero to take part in the development of the Special Administration Zone. Much to the surprise of Suzaku and the Black Knights, Zero accepts this offer to cooperate on the development of this zone. A crowd of Elevens, one million strong, gathers as Nunnally speaks to them concerning the development of this zone. They are told that Zero will be exiled. As Zero appears on the screen, the Black Knights cover the area in smoke and the crowd is revealed to all be “Zero.” The entire crowd accepts the exile order given by Nunnally and boards a ship that belongs to the Chinese Federation. On board the ship, Lelouch acknowledges to himself that he knows his worst enemy very well, but he nevertheless thanks Suzaku for this. Once on the island, Zero receives news that the Chinese Empress is going to enter into a political marriage with Odysseus, a Britannian prince. However, during the ceremony, Zero appears and holds a gun to the head of the Empress, taking her hostage. The Black Knights immediately go into battle with the Chinese forces. During this battle, Kallen is captured and taken into custody by the Chinese forces. Meanwhile, Lelouch is back at Ashford watching news coverage of the Chinese Federation with Rolo, Shirley, and Rivalz.

Upon his return to Japan, Lelouch is met by Rolo and Sayoko. The entire time Lelouch was with the Black Knights taking care of matters with the Chinese Federation, Sayoko had been impersonating him at Ashford. When he arrives back at the school, one of the first people Lelouch runs into is Shirley who requests to talk about what went on between them. In his absence and in a panic not to reveal the secret entrance, Lelouch (Sayoko) kissed Shirley. This conversation, however, is interrupted by the appearance of Anya and Gino, two members of the Knights of the Round, who are also new students at Ashford Academy.

While out making preparations for future plans, Lelouch runs into Shirley and Suzaku. Shirley is struggling on how to behave around the two of them, not knowing if they are against each other or accomplices. Due to Jeremiah’s Geass Canceller, Shirley remembers that Lelouch is Zero. In an attempt to get away from the two, Shirley climbs to the edge of the roof they were on and ends up losing her footing. Lelouch grabs her hand and Suzaku grabs his leg. The incident reminds them of a similar incident at Ashford and they laugh about it, however they are interrupted by a phone call from Rolo informing him that Jeremiah is on his way to kill him. Lelouch uses himself to lure Jeremiah to the train platform, leaving Shirley in Suzaku’s care. Shirley, however, ends up running away to find Lelouch. Lelouch is with Jeremiah at the trains and, before the man can harm him, he activates the Gefjun Disturbers. Since Jeremiah’s body uses Sakuradite, he stops dead in his tracks. Lelouch surprises Jeremiah by revealing that he’s Lelouch vi Britannia and Jeremiah suggests that Lelouch had become Zero for Marianne’s sake, and this leads Lelouch to realize that Jeremiah isn’t here to kill him. Lelouch turns off the Gefjun Disturbers and got Jeremiah to confirm his loyalty. While Lelouch is with Jeremiah, Rolo runs into Shirley as she searches for Lelouch. Shirley mentions Nunnally, which causes Rolo to activate his Geass and shoot the girl. Later, Lelouch finds Shirley lying in a pool of blood. She’s still conscious and is glad to see Lelouch at the end, and she stops him from calling for help. Shirley couldn’t hate Lelouch despite what happened with her father, and even after he made her forget everything, she fell in love with him again. Seeing Shirley’s eyes start to close as she nears death, Lelouch activates his Geass to try to stop it, but he can’t stop her from succumbing to death. Lelouch cries out, overcome with emotion due to this loss.

Rolo finds Lelouch still kneeling over Shirley’s body at the train station and mentions how dangerous it was that Shirley’s memories returned. Lelouch realizes that Rolo was the one who killed Shirley, and Rolo confirms it, telling his beloved brother that he had to eliminate Lelouch’s enemy. Lelouch compliments Rolo on a job well done, though he does not feel this way, and proposes that they go destroy the source of Geass. He finds the Geass cult and sends the Black Knights in to destroy everything. Lelouch eventually finds V.V. in this room; however the moment the Shinkirou gets close, something similar to what happened on Kaminejima happens again. Lelouch is taken to the Sword of Akasha where his father is waiting for him. Lelouch questions Charles about his mother, eventually using mirrors to unsuccessfully Geass the man. Lelouch argues with his father about immortality, lies, his own family, Geass, as well as other things. C.C. finally arrives and reveals her wish to Lelouch: to die. She tells Lelouch that if he has a reason to live, then he should kill her and gain the power of immortality. Knowing that he can’t kill her, she bids Lelouch farewell and plunges him into another world. He is sent to a place where he is able to see C.C.’s past. With C.C. ready to let the Emperor take her life, Lelouch opens the Thought Elevator and returns to the cockpit of the Shinkirou, open firing at the Sword of Akasha. The ground crumbles and he saves C.C., only to learn that she no longer knows who he is.

Lelouch is now left to deal with C.C., who thinks she is a slave-girl, and his sister Cornelia, who questions his motives for using the Geass. He is still playing both his role as the student and the revolutionary. Zero declares that the uniting of nations will provide a force large enough to rival that of Britannia, convincing several nations to join him. With this Zero has separated the world into Britannia and “not-Britannia.” After he retires to his private quarters, he speaks with C.C., asking her what to do when one is hurting on the inside. She tells him that he needs a friend and this prompts him to call Suzaku. His friend quickly cuts to the chase by asking if he is Zero, and Lelouch admits that he is and asks Suzaku to save Nunnally since he has nobody else to turn to. Suzaku eventually agrees on the terms that they meet alone at the Kururugi Shrine. They have a heated discussion at the shrine as Lelouch takes complete responsibility for what Euphemia did and for Shirley’s death, yet Lelouch still begs Suzaku to save Nunnally. Suzaku refuses to forgive Lelouch and pushes his face into the ground with his foot. He demands to know why he was given the command to live. Due to his answers, Suzaku knows that Lelouch is accepting punishment to hide a secret. He finally tells Lelouch that there’s only one way to atone for the lies: to make those lies into truth. He wants Lelouch to keep with his lie until the very end, cooperating with each other to save Nunnally and achieve peace. Lelouch agrees to this, but before he shakes Suzaku’s hand, Britannian soldiers appear and surround them. Lelouch immediately assumes that he has been betrayed. He was taken away by Guilford, who had been put under Geass control at an earlier time, allowing Lelouch to touch his collar and command Guilford to free him. After returning to the Tokyo settlement, Lelouch, with tears in his eyes, tells himself that he was wrong for trying to rely on sympathy and pity and that he can’t get Nunnally back unless he is cold and ruthless.

Zero goes into battle against Schneizel in an attempt to take down the Britannian forces and rescue Nunnally. He sends Sayoko and Rolo to rescue her while he remains in battle. Kallen, who had been a hostage of Britannia’s since the incident with the Chinese Federation, finally gets free and comes to Lelouch’s rescue. He orders her to take out Suzaku and, as a result of his Geass to “live on,” he fires the FLEIJA, killing everybody inside the main government building. Lelouch’s own life is saved when Guilford pushes Shinkirou out of the way, his own life claimed by the FLEIJA. Lelouch radios Rolo and asks to speak with Nunnally, but Rolo tells him that she’s dead. He insists that Rolo is lying and begs to speak with Nunnally for just a little while.

Lelouch desperately tries to find Nunnally, however Toudou knows that he is in denial and orders the Black Knights to stop the search. Rolo tries to comfort Lelouch, but upon seeing the heart-shaped locket on the boy’s phone, Lelouch goes into a fit of rage and tells Rolo that the locket was meant for Nunnally, that he was only a replacement, that he despised him and has tried to kill him on several occasions. He orders Rolo to leave and never show himself again. At a later time, Kallen visits Lelouch with a message from Ougi for him to come to the warehouse. Their brief discussion on the way there is interrupted by armed Black Knights, who have learned of his Geass and, as a result, have turned against him. Lelouch notices Schneizel is also present in the warehouse and gives up, taking his mask off and revealing his true identity. He laughs about how it took so long for them to realize they were being used. He tells Kallen that she was his most excellent pawn and claims that everything was a game, but as she leaves, he whispers that she must live on. Before the Black Knights are able to kill Lelouch, Rolo arrives in the Shinkirou and uses his Geass to rescue his brother. When Lelouch asks why Rolo saved him, Rolo declares that Lelouch was lying earlier when he said he hated him and wanted him dead. Lelouch claims that Rolo saw through his lies and calls him his little brother as he passes away. He places the locket in Rolo’s hand and agrees that he truly is a liar. He reflects on how he’s lost everything, but he thanks Rolo for keeping him alive, declaring that he’ll take his father with him down the road to Hell.

Lelouch arrives at the ruins of the Sword of Akasha and finds his father, telling the man that he won’t be settling things with the gods but with him. Lelouch’s plan is to seal off the exits and trap them there, cutting off all means to reach the real world. He demands to know who killed his mother and why they weren’t protected and his father laughs, thinking it’s funny that he demands to know the truth when he’s so full of lies. Marianne eventually appears, as well, claiming that she is not an illusion (as Lelouch believes), but that she had been there since her death and has communicated with C.C. the entire time. His parents blame everything that happened to Lelouch, Nunnally and their mother on V.V., maintaining that their plan could not be completed without those events and without C.C. Lelouch realizes that the war had been to get C.C. to come forward and, as if on cue, she shows up, followed by Suzaku. Lelouch declares that he is disgusted with his father’s ways and removes his contact, announcing that he is Zero: Man of Miracles. He asks the gods not to stop the progression of time and desires for another tomorrow as a Geass symbol appears in the other eye. This causes Charles and Marianne to disappear. A month after this incident, the 99th Emperor of the Holy Empire of Britannia is revealed to be Lelouch vi Britannia. He introduces his Knight of Zero as Suzaku and uses his Geass to force the rest of the royal family to accept him as the new emperor.

Lelouch begins his reign as Emperor by liberating the Elevens. He tells Suzaku that, to conquer the world, they must go through with a plan he calls Zero Requiem. Lelouch goes on to announce that Britannia will participate in the United Federation of Nations. At the conference days later, Kallen leads him to the conference room. She thanks him for Zero needing her, kissing Lelouch and giving him a final goodbye. At the negotiations, Lelouch is sealed off from the others to protect against his Geass, however Suzaku disrupts the proceedings with the Lancelot and the Britannia forces begin advancing toward Japan. The Black Knights conclude that Lelouch is in pursuit of a dictatorship as he instructs Kaguya to resume the vote. As he tells Kaguya what to do, Suzaku tells him that the Imperial City of Pendragon has been demolished by a FLEIJA warhead, meaning his brother has taken the first move.


The mask that most are allowed to see is that of Lelouch Lamperouge, your average apathetic teenager who concerns himself with the student council and other things any typical male youth would be interested in. He takes the (sometimes outlandish) behavior of the student council in stride, smiling and offering sarcasm, instead of refusing to play along. Underneath this exterior, however, lies a tactical genius. His mind is far beyond what one would guess from the surface, as he is able to formulate countless calculations and possibilities no matter the situation he faces. His mind makes him the ultimate strategist and a feared adversary. This genius, coupled with charisma, allows Lelouch to put on his mask as Zero and maintain the lies, false hopes, and alternate life he creates outside of Ashford Academy.

Lelouch has charm, sophistication, and an amazing ability to persuade. These qualities define him as a natural born leader, as is shown through his management of The Order of the Black Knights. He is stubborn and, oftentimes, arrogant, giving orders as they suit him and having no qualms with doing so, making whatever sacrifice is necessary to achieve his goal. He is firm in his beliefs and will go to any means necessary to follow what he believes. He feels that the end is much more important than the means used to get there. Many find his methods ruthless, questioning his morality, however he is just a young man who does what he does for himself and for those he holds dearest.

What is most hidden beneath his countless masks he wears every day is his loyalty to those he holds in high regard, to those he truly loves. His reason for launching such a rebellion was to create a world where his beloved little sister, Nunnally, could live without worry and to avenge the untimely death of his precious mother, Marianne. He even holds the members of the student council close, despite his attitude toward them while he is at school; using whatever means is necessary to protect them during his battle with Britannia. Lelouch, however, suppresses these emotions as best as he can, using logic and only relying on his emotions when absolutely necessary.


Geass is Lelouch’s most notable ability. It was given to him by C.C. and grants him "the power of absolute obedience," which allows him to give a command to anybody that they will obey without question. When he first received this power, he could activate it at will. However, he eventually loses control of his power and is unable to turn it off. He is given a contact by C.C. that blocks the Geass; however it eventually grows strong enough to overtake both eyes causing Lelouch to need a second contact to cover this eye as well.

The Geass Lelouch possesses has limitations: All commands must be issued verbally and eye contact must be established for commands to be issued, however the eye contact can be made directly (eye-to-eye) or indirectly (via reflection). The maximum distance Lelouch can be from his target is 270 meters. The Geass may be used only once per person, but there is no limit on the number of commands that can be given as long as eye contact is not broken. However, Jeremiah Gottwald posses a Geass Canceller that negates this rule and would allow the person to be Geassed again. A person’s physical or mental ability can limit the Geass. Any command given has the ability to override a person’s normal convictions – an example of this is seen when Lelouch orders Princess Euphemia to kill the Japanese and she does so, despite it being against her will. Any command given can be conditional and will remain until said conditions are met, upon which the Geass will become active and the victim must obey. The command can be residual and will be obeyed for the amount specified. The victim's memory is locked, resulting in the inability to recall the events that just took place while they were under control of the Geass. As long as these conditions are met, any command may be issued to anybody (including the Lelouch himself). The Geass is not effective, however, on those that have gained immortality.

Other Facts

He is a proficient Knightmare pilot, having learned by piloting Ganymede during school events. He rarely, however, competes in one-on-one battles, preferring to use his skill and rely on others in battle to gain significant advantage over his opponents. Lelouch co-pilots the Gawain with C.C., controlling the weapons and commands while she maneuvers the machine. He later goes on to pilot the Shinkirou, which is known to have the most powerful defense out of any Knightmare, requiring a superior intellect to perform the calculations necessary to activate its defense.

Lelouch has no physical ability. He has the prowess of a teenager who does absolutely nothing. He cannot run long distances, engage in any sort of sporting activity, etc. He skips most of his physical education classes. He is, however, very skilled at many domestic activities such as sewing and cooking. He is also very skilled when it comes to intellectual games like Chess.

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