Learning Magic

It is not impossible for a character to learn magic. However, there are a few rules and guidelines that must be followed. This is to help make sure things don't get out of control or out of hand and keep things on a relatively even playing field.

  1. Magic has to be taught by someone; there aren't any reference books in Somarium for teaching magic.
  2. Someone can only teach magic if, by the rules of their canon, magic could conceivably be taught to the person who wants to learn it. Basically, magic cannot be taught if it's something a person has to be born with, if it requires the user to be of a certain race, if it requires a special item from canon to use, etc.
  3. The characters must put in proper effort ICly. A character cannot be taught a spell one day and be instantly perfect at it the next day.
  4. After someone learns magic, they must obey the rules of the canon the magic came from. For example, in some canons, a chant has to be performed before a spell can be cast; in others, a spell can be cast instantly. In some canons, magic is more draining than in others. Whatever the case may be, the character has to obey those rules, and the player should do proper research to make sure they don't try to do something that would be impossible in the magic's canon.
  5. Any character who learns magic will still be limited by Somarium's power restrictions, same as any character who came in with magic.
  6. No godmodding and no going overboard. We're trusting everyone to be reasonable about this and not let it get out of hand. If we notice things starting to get ridiculous, we will reconsider the policy.

In addition to those stipulations, the mods must also be informed about any magic-learning before it happens. Sending us an email/PM or just grabbing one of us on AIM/IRC would be fine. When contacting us about this, you should tell us who the teacher would be, who the learner would be, and what kind of magic would be taught.

Assuming that you follow all the rules listed, we'll very likely approve it; however, this is a new thing that can very easily get out of hand, so at least for now we want to be able to monitor what's going on with it.

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