Name Kamina
Canon Tengn Toppa Gurren Lagann
Age 18
Residence tallest room in the tallest skyscraper
(will figure out where exactly later)
Journal hellyouthinkiam
Played By Laenavesse



Kamina comes from a small village called Jiha that lives underground, but he dreams of escaping his mundane life and break through to the surface, an idea that is completely forbidden by the elders and other inhabitants. He believes he had seen the surface once before with his father, who had left the underground to journey the surface.

He later persuades Simon to join him in his endeavors, having already called his little group Gurren-dan. He sees the younger boy’s drill as “the drill that will pierce the heavens”, a saying that he will say a lot and becomes one of his many catch phrases.

After the failed attempt with the use of a shitload of pig-moles to make a living tower to break the surface, Kamina is locked up in their little prison system while Simon is sent back to drilling. However, Simon later finds this strange thing with a HUGE face and tunnels up to Kamina’s cell and they “break out”. However they get caught, but as the chief of the village is about to bring it down on Kamina, this giant monster FACE thing comes crashing through the earthen ceiling, making all of the villagers go “OMGWTFBBQ” because they had never seen anything like it before. Kamina, however, takes the chief’s sword and after a ridiculous outrageous over the top speech and challenging it head on.

Not too long after, a girl, Yoko Ritona, falls down soon after, firing multiple shots at it before landing all stylishly and badass looking. While running around, she explains to them what Ganmen are, which are the mechs that are piloted by beastmen. They eventually reach the Ganmen Simon had unknowingly found earlier and after some encouragement from Kamina, Simon uses the little drill he had found earlier and seeing that both the little drill and the eyes of the Gunman were glowing in sync, he pushes it in and turns it, bringing the Gunman to life.

Long story short, they fly out of the ground into the open, Kamina dubs it “Lagann”, and after a bit of a tussle, and much spirit power backed by Kamina, they literally drill through the monster dude and soar out over the planet.

Thus begins the epic saga of Kamina’s and Simon’s journey through the surface world. They later learn about the Beastmen, who were the original pilots for the Ganman and were the ones who basically oppress the humans to live underground. Of course, Kamina is not one to just let this stand, so he sets out to fight against the Beastmen and, though difficult, proves successful, and his little troop grows as the series progresses.

He later obtains his own Ganman, and names it Gurren. It’s of course large. And a bit over the top. And when he and Simon combine via slamming Simon’s Lagann into the Gurren’s head in which the pointy drill is like only a foot or so above Kamina’s head, they form a super, epic, outrageous, ridiculously powerful Ganman called…Gurren-Lagann.

Also, the main reason they combined was because they come up against a strong beastman named Viral. And his Gunman has a helmet thingie, but it makes it look like it has two faces. So Kamina always calls it two-faced. And to make things even, and to show Viral that his “two faces” aren’t really all that, he and Simon “combine” as stated above. Needless to say, everyone went “WTF” at that. But it worked. Despite what everyone expected.





Kamina is overconfident, arrogant, loud, and stupid. HOWEVER, he is very passionate about his goals and beliefs, and he believes in people, people that he trusts at least. He will more than once let his life literally be at the hands of those who are close to (Simon in particular). He is also a good leader. It's not unusual for him to take charge or debate with other team members about how to handle a situation. While his own actions may seem rash, there is usually (though not always) reason to them. He will put himself on the frontlines and make sure everyone else is safe. In essence, he's acting as the "tank" or "bait" so that the monsters can focus on him and everyone else does their part. And he trusts that they will. If not, he will pick up the slack.

One of his most often quoted catchphrases is "Believe in me who believes in you", which reflects this train of thought. In essence, it's a cycle of trust. So long as someone believes in him, then that person can also believes in him/herself as Kamina is believing in them. Past that, my brain starts to explode.

He is pretty much 99.9% positive energy. And he has plenty of it to spare. He's a fun-loving, party type guy, willing to give his support, and though he doesn't show it, he can be serious when he's out alone and thinking about what needs to be done. Still, he's definitely one for the overdramatic speeches, never hesitates, and just pushes on forward (like literally. He would never back down when a sane person would and just plows through danger like it's a field of wheat or something). Another one of his catchphrases: "Who the hell you think I am?!"

He also doesn't like authority much, especially when there is any sort of unreasonable restriction. He prefers his freedom and independence. But basically, he has a sort of loud older brother lookin' over you leader personality.

Kamina will still charge in by himself at times and can be pretty reckless. As he prefers ACTION over THINKING, it takes a bit for someone to reason with him, particularly if he's stubborn and adamant about doing something a certain way (read: HIS way). However, he isn't narrow-minded, either. He'll listen to others and if he finds their opinions useful will implement the ideas.

So long as it keeps them moving forward and has a bang to it, Kamina will be all over it.

Some may see this as a weakness, but this is also his strength. He believes that he can push that limit, to go beyond what people think, and that in turn makes him work harder.

Kamina does have a bit of a mature side. A bit. A tiny, tiny fraction but it's there. It tends to get glossed over by his otherwise loud persona. Though it may not always look like it, it's not always about him. He's willing to give credit to where credit is due. He takes the leader position because no one else will, but he's in essence actually trying to help push people forward. If he knows that someone can handle it, he'll let them take the reins. Also, whether or not he's actually calculating/thinking about battle tactics, he seems to have this natural instinct to know what to do (even if it's not always polished or planned). He knows that everything has a weakness, even himself. And he will try to find it and exploit it if possible. …Otherwise he'll just barge right on through, which tends to happen first. If there's no time to think, no problem. Kamina will just keep moving and can be pretty quick to think on his feet.

Another thing of note is that while Kamina can be a bully himself at times, he doesn't like it when others are being pushed around, especially those who could stand up for themselves. So he will be more than willing to boost up someone's confidence and help them around. This in turn means he hates those who try to push their power on someone else or take advantage of them.

One final thing: HE IS LOUD. AND HAS A FIERY SPIRIT OF AWESOME. Or at least that's what he likes to say/portray himself to have.


Other than being a good leader and charismatic, motivational speaker (though maybe not always intelligent sounding), Kamina’s main abilities come from himself and physical prowess. He is a great fighter, though not necessarily the best. He’s more tenacious than extremely skilled when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and the sword, but he can use it to a degree. And he’s used a pistol before. His first attempt was…amusing. He learned very quickly not to have the barrel pointed at himself and that it’s not like a rock and you don’t pound with it. By this time, he knows how to use it, but it’s not his weapon of choice. Now, this doesn’t mean he knows how to use it well. Just that you point and pull the trigger.

He’s also a pretty good Ganmen pilot, even if he just tends to do whatever comes to mind and everything he does can be believed to be pure dumb luck.

Other Stuff

He has his sunglasses.

And his cape.

But he doesn't wear it as often around Somarium. The only change of wardrobe he probably has had is just an additional sleeveless denim jacket and an extra pair of pants.

And that is including the winter. He does not have any actual real weather clothing.

Also, he still carries his sword around since it is pretty cool.

He also knows what happened to him in the future, but he's not really too perplexed about it. He'll kind of laugh it off. It does bother him a little bit but at the same time he knows that everyone is doing well and carrying on without him. Besides, that's there, and this is some place different. Why worry about that when he can still move on and move forward here?

Since I've canon updated it via reapping, Kamina has experienced everything that he technically already knew. He knows everything that had happened before he popped back into his world, though he had no recollection of Somarium while there. The only real change is that he's slightly more developed/mature, and he is just more knowledgeable about what will happen to him.

Still doesn't really change him much. He will also be trying to remake some reorganization of the Gurren-dan, though how it would work, still not sure xD

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