IRC: Setup

The original guide was compiled by Skyla and was posted in the OOC Community.

First, you need to download an mIRC client. The two linked are ones I recommended for PC user. For MAC users, Colloquy is highly recommended.

Once everything is installed, you'll be presented with a screen that looks like this:


Mind you, I'm going on an IRC that already has all this information filled out, so it'll look a little different. Fill out Full Name, Email, Nickname, and Alternate. There should also be a spot for you to put the connect information (It can be found under the Servers option). The URL is:

It should also ask you what server you want to connect to; make sure it says "any" before clicking okay. You should end up with a server window that will eventually look like this:


Congrats, you're connected!

First thing you're gonna wanna do is to register your nickname that you filled out before. It'll be helpful if you go by one of your characters' names, so everyone knows who the hell you are. To register your name, type in the little command box at the bottom of this window (no brackets):

/ns register [a password you'll remember] [your email]

When successful, you'll receive a notice letting you know that an e-mail was sent to the provided e-mail address (so make sure you typed it right!). Copy and paste the authorization code from that e-mail into the command box.

If you want to have additional names, you can link up to ten nicknames to the one you just registered. While on the registered name, type:

/ns link [name you want to link]

That name will now be linked to your registered nick, and you can use it just as you would your normal nick.

Now all that's left is to join the channel. In the command box on the server, type:

/j #somarium

And a window like this should pop up:


Congratulations! You've joined us all on IRC.

For a list of some useful IRC commands, visit the Commands page

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