IRC: Commands

Here are some IRC commands that you may find useful while chatting. Again, compiled by our lovely Skyla <3


While having a registered nick is not required for entering the channel, it is a good idea to register the name(s) you'll use so you don't have to worry about someone else trying to masquerade as you!

First of all, choose a nickname that you want to be known as. This nick will be your main nick. Keep in mind that if you change your nick to the one that you want, and this message appears in the server status screen:

-NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise, please choose a different nickname.

Then that nickname is already registered to someone else and cannot be used by you, so you'll need to choose something else. Please note: we like it on the channel if you go by one of your character names, but if they're registered, alternates (like Asch-chan, Asch-mun, ect) are cool too.

Once you settle on a nickname you want, type the following into the server command window (without brackets):

/ns register [password of your choice] [your email]

This will reserve your current nickname in your name, and an authorization code will be sent to the e-mail address provided. Follow the instructions in the e-mail, and your nick is yours to use.

PLEASE NOTE: Some e-mail services, like Hotmail and Yahoo, mistake the authorization e-mail as spam. Be sure to check your spam folders.

Linking More Nicknames to your Primary Nick »

If you want to have more than one nick, you don't need to constantly register nicks (hi Lae). You can LINK a nick to your primary nickname.

To do so, make sure you're currently signed on to your primary nick, then type in the following in the server command window:

/ns link [nickname you want to link]

This will link the nickname to your primary nick, keeping other people from using it. You can identify with this nick as well, so you don't need to keep switching back to your primary nick.

Identifying Yourself »

Every time you sign on (or the server randomly decides to take a shit), you need to identify who you are. To do this, type in the following:

/ns identify [your password]

"Ghosting" a Nick »

Sometimes when you sign on, you may get a message letting you know that your nick is already in use, and you'll be defaulted to your alternate nickname. There could be several reasons for this: someone somewhere is using your nick, or you may have pinged out and the ghost of your previous connection is still connected to the server. This is easily fixed by ghosting; ghosting allows you to FORCE the person or ghost connection off of the network, so you can get your nick name back.

To ghost a person, type in the following:

/ns ghost [the nickname you want to ghost] [your password]

Note that this ONLY works if you registered your nickname!

Changing Nicknames »

If you want to change names, type in the following:

/nick [name you want to change to]

Showing Action »

Sometimes you'll see some seemingly random purple text, signifying action. In order to do this, type in the following:

/me [text]

Some clients also use:

/action [text]

Sending a Private Message »

If you wish to talk to a member privately, you can send them a PM. In order to do so, type:

/msg [person's nick] [your message]

A window will pop up for you when they reply. Alternatively, some clients allow you to double click on another person's nick to open up a PM window with them.

Sending a Notice »

If you just have a short message, you can send a private notice to an individual in the channel itself. To do so, type:

/notice [person's nick] [your message]

Changing your Font Color Set »

This is handled differently in different clients. In regular IRC, if you go to View -> Colors (or press alt+k), you can set what colors your text can appear on your screen.

Changing your Font »

You can also change what font you use. This will be useful if you go to channels that use special characters (like channels where people are speaking in Japanese or something). To change your font, go to View -> Font and change it there.

Temporarily Changing your Font Color »

To temporarily change your font color, press ctrl+k. A symbol will appear where you're typing, as well as a small window with various colors with numbers assigned to them. You can either click on the color, or type in the corresponding number. To revert back to the default font color, just press ctrl+k, but don't put a number after it. Just continue typing as normal.


Press ctrl+b to bold your text. Press it again to turn the bold off.

Hopping out of the Channel »

"Hopping" allows you to quickly jump in and out of the channel. To do so, type:

/hop [optional message]

Parting a Channel »

To leave JUST THE CHANNEL, type in the following:

/part [channel name] [optional message]

Leaving the Network »

To QUIT FROM THE SERVER ENTIRELY, type in the following:

/quit [optional message]

Joining a Channel »

Covered this already, but to join a channel type:

/j [channel name]

Joining a Different Network »

To use the current server window to quit the currently active server and join another one, type in:

/server [IRC server you want to join]

To join a new server while still staying connected to the server you're currently connected to, type in the following:

/server -m [IRC server you want to join]

Special ! Commands »

Because I'm a silly person, I have some random scripts that will activate when a person types in "exclamation point commands". Currently, only one of these is active at the moment, and can be accessed by typing !reach at any time I'm in the channel. More may become available at a later time.

I think that's everything that you guys would use on IRC. If there's anything else you need to know how to do, just ask. <3

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