Name Honlon
Canon Petshop of Horrors
Age 3
Residence Count D's shop
Journal 3_for_One
Played By Meygan


Honlon’s life started before her egg had even hatched.

Due to the type of dragon she was, whoever touched her egg became an influence on her character. She would take on a bit of that personality, a fact that caused D to lock her egg up tightly in the back of his shop so no petty human should come in contact with it. It wasn’t until D brought her out on the eve of her hatching (also Christmas Eve) that things went wrong.

With Leon as a distraction, D accidentally sold the dragon egg to a customer planning on giving his gift to his children the next morning. Not wanting a dragon loose on his city, Leon agreed to help D recover the egg before Honlon hatched. Though the two succeeded in their mission, a problem occurred. Both Leon and the customer’s small son touched the egg.

Upon hatching, Honlon was given three different personalities- that of Count D, Leon, and the small boy. These three personalities were each given a different name- Shuko, Kanan, and Junrei – and the same body to inhabit.

The three-headed dragon returned to D’s pet shop to remain with him for what seemed to be forever, until something no one expected happened.

Chris, Leon’s mute child brother, befriended the dragon and after an incident where Kanan and Shuko nearly leveled the city, they formed a pact with Chris, making him their official owner, even if they remain in the pet shop.

Though Chris is gone, the three of them will never forget the friendship they formed with him.


Because Honlon has three different people inside of her, she has three distinctive personalities. Kinda like this.

Junrei- aka the Childish One- Junrei is the baby of the ‘family’. Extremely emotional, it takes only one sharp comment to bring her to tears. She is also very shy compared to the other two, but when she decides that you are her friend, she will do everything in her power to make you feel welcome and wanted. Most things go over her head, but out of the three, Junrei definitely cares the most. She’d much prefer if everyone would stop their fighting and get along.

Shuko- aka the Responsible One- Shuko was born after Count D touched the dragon egg, giving her a personality almost exactly like D’s. She shares his all-knowing smile and wisdom, making her the most intelligent of the three girls. Shuko is the one who is closed off, she doesn’t mind being alone. The only person to really inspire any real emotion from her is Kanan. Many times her calm demeanor quickly turns into rage when Kanan is involved.

Kanan- aka the Violent One- Kanan is the bitch of the ‘family’. She hates to be told what to do and will gladly come out to yell at anyone for absolutely no reason at all. She is the most outspoken of the triplets, the one who will always say what is on her mind. As Leon as her ‘father’, she took on his stubborn and rude personality. Kanan always speaks before thinking, a trait that causes more fights than anything.


Honlon is immortal which makes it a problem if she begins to fight amongst herself. As both Shuko and Kanan can be stubborn, the fight could last for years, even decades when the two of them get into it. Not like she has anything better to do anyway.

Other Facts

Honlon appears to people in one of two ways. If the person is innocent of heart and pure, they will see an adorable little girl. However, everyone else will see a giant, three-headed dragon.

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