Name Haro
Canon Gundam 00 (S2)
Age N/A
Residence with Lockon
Journal quiero_neil
Played By Laenavesse
Extra Add-On Character


Haro doesn’t really have much in terms of background. He stuck by Lockon (Neil Dylandy) throughout the whole first season and helped him pilot the Dynames. He had grown rather close to the pilot and always worried about him.

Then Neil died.

Haro went through such an emotional depression and refused to boot up for weeks on end—

When Neil’s brother, Lyle, took his place, Haro was a bit confused…BUT KNEW THAT HE WAS NOT HIS TRUE LOCKON but followed the twin and grew to like him. Not as much as Neil. He continued to help Lyle pilot Cherudim, the Gundam that replaced Neil’s Dynames.


He’s a rather simple robot. Being a round orange ball and all. But he also has a little bit of a personality. He will get worried and will voice it in a hurried frantic robotic voice, and will show signs of concern, even asking if something was wrong.

Otherwise, he’s rather nice. He likes being tossed up and down and played with in general.


Haro can hook himself up to the Gundams that he’s responsible for and help calculate the distance of the targets. He can also assist in repairing the Gundams. He does have some moveable parts. There are two flaps on the upper part of his “body” that flap up and down like ears, and he can form little arms/legs that are used to attach to things. Not that he used them much.

As stated before, he can talk. Just limited vocabulary.

Other Stuff

He usually speaks his phrases twice. Such as “Lockon! Lockon!” and such.

He is not supposed to mistaken for an orange or basketball :|

Even though Haro loves Neil, if Lyle ever came around, Haro would show as much love to him since he does like the guy.

Haro's gender is assumed male, by the way.

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