The Ghosts

There are several ghosts that reside in Somarium, though they mostly dwell within the floating castle. What is known about them is very limited, save for the few interactions that they make with trapped denizens of the world. It could be said that most, if not all, are rather open and friendly to everyone, however, so there is no real fear for them. Read Ghostly Appearances for more detail on how they randomly appear.

It should be noted that all the Somarium NPC ghosts are played by the mods and are essentially original characters

The Overlord »

Of all the ghosts, she is the most important yet also the most mysterious of them all. She appears from time to time, and attended the store for a while so other people have met her there. However, she now mostly resides up at the Castle. What she does, no one knows.

It is unknown of how long she's been there or why she is even in Somarium. Some believe she is the reason why people arrive here, that perhaps she summoned them. Whether or not that is true is a different story. The general consensus that she is the rule and/or overseer of Somarium, and with good reason.

The Overlord hold a lot of power. She is the one who created the barrier around the city and is able to change the scenery of the world. Several times during holidays has she altered the look of Somarium to fit the season. She also will give warnings or use her powers for other things, mostly for the good of everyone. Though sometimes her magic can go awry.

Her personality is a bit…odd to say the least. She will always carry herself as if she were of nobility, but as her memories have been altered and lost (how and why is another mystery), she can come off as a bit of an airhead and tends to not complete her thoughts aloud. She becomes unintentionally cryptic. It is hard to get any real information from her as she also cannot reveal the truth about the world. The Overlord can be very sympathetic to the people, however, and will try to help in any way she can. She can also be a bit of a prankster, too, though. She finds mild amusement when people start to freak out upon first meeting her, and going through people or suddenly appearing before them is something she enjoys doing.

She can also pass through the Dreamberries, another trick she enjoys.

Her Children »

Yes, amazingly enough, the Overlord had children. There are two known ghosts, though their names are a bit unknown. And if anything ever happened to them, the Overlord will be quite displeased.

[The Overlord's Precious Precious Princess] One is a mischievous girl who has introduced herself as Relle to a few. She loves to giggle, invade personal space, and likes puppets and dolls. She's more open and talkative, but cannot reveal much either. She refers to the Overlord as "Mommy". As suggested by her "title", she is held very dear to the Overlord and will worry about her constantly.

[Peo] Not much is known about the Overlord's elder daughter. She is a mysterious figure, who tends to be secretive as well as be a bit sarcastic.

The Court »

There are other ghosts that float around and they are basically considered as part of her court. They will sometimes appear to help or bother other people, as well as follow the Overlord's order. They made their first appearance during the Christmas holidays to help aid with the Secret Santa event.

[Clara] The sweetest and most innocent of them all, Clara is more than willing to help anyone who needs it. However, she can become easily flustered and nervous, so sometimes she can be a bit clumsy in that regard.

[Sam] A hard worker and a generally nice guy. He's pretty friendly and enjoys having fun with other people. If there's something that needs to be done, Sam will readily volunteer.

[Evine]* A flirt and can be seductive with her beautiful looks. Evine definitely keeps an eye out for the guys and enjoys teasing them. She can be a bit mysterious and secretive. She also doesn't like to do a lot of work and prefers to just lounge around and relax.

[Vince] Definitely a charmer and ladies'…ghost? Vince prefers hanging around the girls and tends to just ignore guys completely, if not just make fun of them. He's definitely a talker as well as a bit of a prankster. Having a good time usually just refers to him enjoying himself at the expense of another's misery.

Other Servants »

There are other ghosts who appear from time to time, and the two Metal Gear Solid Add-On characters The Sorrow and Psycho Mantis have also been enlisted as part of the ghostly crew. These appear using the somghostnpc journal. They only recently joined the ranks and will be mostly seen for the Mod Shop and in the future Credit system to give out missions.

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