Ghostly Appearances

The Ghosts of Somarium

You may sometimes encounter a strange apparition during your stay at Somarium. Sometimes the person will just pass harmlessly through, leaving a distinct chill run through your spine, or he or she may be so inclined to have a little "fun" with your character. Or perhaps he or she may ask a question about a certain matter.

Whatever the case may be, fret not. They are but the ghostly images of those who used to rule over Somarium. Where their real persons are, no one knows, and perhaps they are reaching out for your character's aid to help them.

Or perhaps they are just bored out of their wits and want to screw with your character's minds.

It is advisable, however, to pay particular attention to a certain "ghost". She is the "Overlord" of this world, the what other role she plays, no one knows, only that at least her spirit is tied here and continues to wander aimlessly around. If you ever have the unlucky chance encounter, it may be wise to spread the word of her appearance, for usually something unusual will be sure to follow. One of her "attendants" may also appear and ask if you had seen her, and perhaps you will be rewarded.

Also, the Overlord may make public announcements, signifying a major event. More information can be found here.

However, these events are rare and random, and are more or less to "liven" things up in the world. They will not impact your character that heavily (unless they fall in love with the Overlord, which is perfectly understandable |D).

In other words, expect the mods, particularly the admin, to randomly drop in (literally) on your characters for a "wtf" factor and a change of pace.

The journals used are: somarium_lords and somghostnpc

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