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Somarium Mechanics »

It's an alternate world.

  • As stated above, Somarium is in essence an alternate world that is usually entered via sleeping, though there are other certain circumstances, such as a state of unconsciousness, dying or death, or canonly travel between worlds. There is no known way out. Your character cannot just wake up out of the world.

A dream self is formed.

  • However, this does not mean that your character has suddenly gone into a coma in their own real world. A dream self is created once the character has appeared within Somarium, and any events that occur in their home world during their stay in Somarium will continue on as if nothing happened. They will not obtain any new memories of their world nor can they dream about them. The only exception to this is the CANON UPDATE. Otherwise, the only source of information they can have about their world after their arrival into Somarium will be from anyone who comes in from a later point in their time.

The Dreamberry, A.K.A. Journal use.

  1. Dream Posts
  2. Video/Voice Posts
  3. Voicemail
  • The Dreamberry page gives the full technicalities for this device, but in essence the Dreamberry is a communication device that is pretty much like a phone. The following posts can be made with the Dreamberry:
  • Dream Posts are entries of a dream made by the character. It can be anything you want, literally. Either a memory or something crack is allowed. Only thing they cannot dream about is future events that they would know about.
  • Video/Voice Posts are more like announcements that characters can broadcast over the network. They can have it voice only or video only.
  • Voicemail is one of the few required entries that each character journal should have. This allows to keep with the phone concept and allow for more communication interaction between characters. As its name implies, it's really just a message box that characters can use. However, muns are also allowed to leave messages to each other if they need to communicate. It is suggested to use IC/OOC tags when commenting.
  • At no given time are characters allowed to physically interact with one another through the journals. If they are within the same room, however, there can be a small exception so long as the thread stays short. So for example, if your characters are in the same room, and one of them is being a douche to someone while talking to someone else on the Dreamberry, it is perfectlly allowed to have the character punch the talker in the face.
  • If your character knows any magic spells, it is possible to send them through the Dreamberry. However, the effect is drastically lowered. So for example, if someone shot a fire spell through the Dreamberry, the receiver would only feel a slight burn.


  • The main community, somarium, is the logs community and that is where all the real face-to-face interaction occurs. These can be done in either third or first person. More information on posting requirements can be found in the Posting guide.


  • It is possible for characters to die in Somarium. However, as Somarium is a dream world, they do not stay dead forever. Instead they will respawn in some location either in Espoir of Somni, wherever the player chooses. If their body is being taken care of someone they will come back to life there. If the body has been destroyed in any way, it will reappear in some random location.
  • There are "punishments" for deaths. They vary, but one of the consistent ones will be that while in death, the character's soul becomes the Relle-ghost's puppet. While their body will be stationery wherever it is (or just nowhere if it was destroyed), the soul is forced to do whatever Relle-ghost tells it. Playing wise, they can still use the journal and would just have to consult with Relle about what they should do. [Example: TEA PARTIES.] This should last no longer than a week.
  • After death, the character will lose something for a short period of time, no more than two weeks. This is usually either a loss of a sense (like taste, speech, sight, hearing, etc.), a handicap (broken limb, loss of skill such as physical or magical abilities), or even an item. People are not included.
  • When in death, no posts can be made. However, in puppet mode they can respond.

The World »

There's a plot?

  • Yes, there is a plot, but it's not the main part of Somarium. In fact it's relatively minor to the main premise of the game, which is character interaction and development. No one knows what the real plot of Somarium is and is only learned through whatever the character finds during certain events. However, the basic mystery is this: There is no one living in Somarium when the characters arrive, though it is obvious that people did used to live here. How they disappeared is unknown. There are ghosts who seem to know what happened but don't say anything or claim to not remember or is classified. See the Synopsis for an ongoing outline of what's happened so far.


  • The only current "inhabitants" of Somarium are the ghosts. They are led by the Overlord, who is seen as the overseer of Somarium. She will appear usually before important events, though she will sometimes wander around. Other ghosts, known as her Court, can also be found, and one will always be attending the Mod Shop. For more information, look at Ghosts and Ghostly Appearances.


  • Yes, Somarium has its own set of creatures. The scarecrows in particular are the ones that people encounter the most. For more information, look at the Creatures list.


  • Most of the events are more for amusement purposes, but there are plot-driven events that occur every once in a while. Everyone blames the Overlord for these. (See the Events list for more detail).

Unique world setup.

  • Somarium's world is unique in that it's basically a concentric circle. You have the village of Espoir in the center, then the city of Somni surrounding it. Outside of that is the desert and beyond that is the unknown. (See the World Map for more visual details).
  • There is a floating castle where it is presumed where the Overlord and her court lives, but no one is able to go up there willingly.
  • All characters "spawn" either in the village or the city.


  • There is a barrier that surrounds the outskirts of the city. There is only one known way to get through: a City Pass from the Mod Shop. Otherwise, there is no way through it.
  • It should be noted that the barrier is actually invisible but if touched it will appear as a wall of glyphs and be hard as concrete. Only during certain times does the barrier ever go down.


  • There are special cards that can be found and used in Somarium. Usually the cards just appear next to the Dreamberries. However, once touched, the user will be propelled to use it, as if possessed. The effects of the cards vary and usually depicted by the design. (See the Cards list for more details).
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