What is Somarium?

Somarium is a dream world, that characters access while they are asleep in the real world. It contains several different landscapes and strange features, and things can happen there that would never happen in real life. Someone created it a long time ago, but no one remembers who…

So the characters are really asleep?

Yes. The characters come to Somarium in their dreams, while they sleep in the real world.

Do the characters remember things that happen in the real world while they're awake?

The first time a character enters Somarium, a "dream self" is created, which has all the memories and characteristics of their real self. However, after the dream self is created, it is disconnected from the real self — it will not gain any new memories, no matter what happens in the real world.

In other words, you will bring in a character from a point in their canon, and they will have no knowledge of anything that happens in canon after that point.

What happens when the character wakes up?

The dream self disappears temporarily from Somarium. It will return the next time the character falls asleep, in exactly the same place it was when the character fell asleep.

These disappearances when the dream self is inactive are referred to as the dream self being "asleep". From the dream self's perspective, they simply fall asleep for a while, and then wake up later, just like any normal person.

So who are we playing?

The players control dream selves that exist in Somarium. The characters can come from all over the place, from many different worlds, from any sort of canon — anime/manga, TV shows, books, movies, anything.

What do the characters do?

Anything they want. There's nothing in particular that the characters <em>need</em> to do — they are dreams, so there's no need for them to eat or drink, or have money or a job. Mostly characters should explore Somarium, and interact with the other people they meet there.

If they so desire, characters could also try to discover the origin of Somarium, and begin a search for its unknown creator…

What is there to explore?

At the center of Somarium is a large abandoned city, with many old skyscrapers and alleyways and places to explore. Outside the city is a desert, and buildings along the edge of the city have begun to sink into the sand. In the desert, who knows — there could be ruins of more cities, with all kinds of hidden treasure inside, or there could be fierce monsters waiting to prey on unprepared travellers.

There are rumors of a great ocean beyond the desert, but few have seen it, and no one knows what lies beyond the water — all those who have tried to sail too far out have mysteriously vanished, only to reappear back within city several days later with no memory of what happened to them…

Who's in charge around here?

Nobody in particular. There are no real laws or rules in Somarium. However, there <em>is</em> a giant castle that can be seen floating in the sky in various locations around Somarium, and sometimes it will hover above a particular area. If the characters make their way to that area, they should discover a special event of some sort occuring.

How do the characters communicate?

They'll run into each other just walking around the city, and they can talk and do things together like anywhere else.

Additionally, each character receives a device called a Dreamberry upon their entrance into Somarium. Think of it as a glorified cell phone (totally not a Blackberrry rip off >_>). It allows the characters to contact each other in a few different ways, and also allows them access to a special network that exists inside Somarium, which allows them to view each other's dreams.

The characters have dreams?

Yes. When the characters fall asleep and disappear from Somarium, they have dreams, as those in the real world would. Dreams in Somarium are a bit different, however; the characters have more control over the contents of their dreams, and their dreams are visible to everyone within Somarium. Please read this page for more information about dreams and how they work.

What else do these phones do?

Consider your character's Dreamberry as an indicator of their identity in Somarium. A Dreamberry can change its shape when not in use, according to the owner's desires. When in use, the Dreamberry looks like a cell phone, if perhaps a bit larger; when not in use, it could appear as a necklace or some other kind of accessory.

Additionally, the Dreamberries can be upgraded using cards. Cards can be found in various places through Somarium, and they can have many different effects when used. Some cards, for example, will allow the character to access new areas; others could grant them some kind of special power. It is the player's responsibility to keep track of what cards their character has acquired; there are not very many of them, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Can the characters have jobs?

They don't need to. However, certain characters will be inclined to do certain things, such as explore unknown places, hunt for treasure, help other characters, or sell items. Characters are free to do anything they desire, within the limits of Somarium and the roleplaying rules.

They can sell items?

One big thing the characters can do is open shops. Items are not strictly necessary in Somarium, but there are plenty of interesting things characters can discover or make, and they can sell them to other characters through the shops.

There is no currency in Somarium; instead, the characters pay for items using their dreams. Each shopkeeper is allowed to set their own prices, within reason, for the items they have to sell. For more information about shops and purchasing items from shops, please read the Shops page.

What's this barrier thing?

The barrier is a sort of invisible, magical forcefield that the Overlord had supposedly put up around the city. Unless one has a City Pass, one cannot go past the barrier. When a character approaches the barrier and tries to go through it, they will see a series of lines and glyphs and it will feel as solid as a concrete wall.

There is no real record that indicates the exact reason why the barrier was created, nor when it was put up, but it could be assumed that the barrier was created to protect the city from the outside creatures that inhabit the desert and that it had been there long before anyone had arrived into Somarium.

Can't my character just blast through it?

No, it is impenetrable.

…Unless something mod/event-related happens.

Can my characters have canon updates?

Yes, they can. If your character is from a canon that is still ongoing, and something in that canon changes after you've been in the RP for a while, you can let them have a "canon update" in the form of a dream post. This will allow the characters to find out what has been happening in their canon. Canon updates may occur once a month, with occasionally exceptions if something extremely significant happens in their canon.

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