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  • See Posting: Journals.
  • These posts can be filtered to be completely private. No other character would be able to view the post. However, these sorts of posts should be made very sparingly.
  • Posts consisting of AIM logs or anything similar are not permitted as IC posts.


  • See Posting: Community.
  • These posts cannot be completely private. At least two characters are expected to participate in any log post.
  • Posts consisting of AIM logs or anything similar are not permitted as IC posts.


  • Posts in the main community are tagged. The main types of tags are !location (to show where the characters are), !event (used during specific events), and character name tags.
  • Players cannot create tags. The mods create a tag for each new character when applications are accepted, and for new locations and events as necessary.
  • If your character runs a shop or business, and you'd like a tag created for it, just contact the mods somehow and let us know what you'd like the tag to be.
  • Any community member can update tags on any post to reflect new comments, and everyone is wholeheartedly encouraged to do so if they can.
  • Name order in tags is based on how name order is given in the character's canon. If names are given last-first in the canon, the tags reflect that; if names are given first-last, the tags reflect that too.
  • If a character canonly goes by more than one name, both will be included in the tag if possible.
    • Axis Powers Hetalia characters are listed as Country (Name).
  • If you ever have a question about how your character's tag is listed, feel free to contact the mods.


  • Checks are performed about once a month. The exact date will vary depending on the mods' schedules.
  • Characters found to be inactive will be removed from the RP.

Definition of "Active"

  • A character is considered "active" if they have, within the last month, made at least one dream post to their own journal, and participated in at least three other threads elsewhere (in the main community or in journals).

The Check

  • The mods will make an Activity Check post on the OOC Community with directions. In order to pass the check, every player must post, for all of their characters, links to at least one dream post and three threads made that month. This post will be active for exactly one week to allow everyone time to do this.
  • Characters who are on hiatus are exempt from the activity check, whether they would have passed or not. The list of characters currently on hiatus will be provided on the activity check post.
  • If a character does not meet the activity requirements already, they must make new posts or participate in new threads until the requirements are met. They must do this within the week that the activity check post is active.
  • If your characters do not meet the requirements, and you know you will be unable to remedy this within the week, you also have the option to go on hiatus. If you choose to do this, simply comment on the Hiatus Post like you would normally. Your characters will then be exempt from the check.
  • Any non-exempt character who has not posted their activity links after one week will be removed from the RP.

All of this information is also included in the activity check posts themselves.



  • Going on hiatus means that you will, for whatever reason, be unable to be very active in the game for a while, and you will likely to be unable to pass any activity checks that may happen.
  • You are still allowed to participate in the game while on hiatus. Tagging does not nullify your hiatus in any way.
  • You are allowed to be on hiatus for a maximum of one month at a time. After one month your hiatus will be automatically nulled and you will be expected to pass any activity checks. [Note: Sometimes, in exam/holiday season or other special circumstances, this will be extended.]
  • If necessary, you can ask to extend your hiatus for about one more week past the one-month mark. You may only extend it for a week, give or a take a few days, and you must specifically ask for an extension.
  • Comment on the Hiatus Post. This is required or you will not be officially considered on hiatus.
  • Post in the OOC Community. This is not required, but can be helpful to let the other players know that you'll be unavailable. Be sure to use the hiatus tag when you post.


  • Your character will be mysteriously absent for the length of your hiatus. They may have an IC justification for this (e.g. exploring), or they may simply vanish. There is also an option to have your character fall into a coma-like state rather than disappearing, if you so desire.
  • The character's name will remain on the Dreamberry Contact List.
  • It's often helpful to state what your characters will be doing when you make a hiatus post. "Character A will be in a coma, Character B will be out exploring", etc.
  • You can leave permission with other players for their characters to say where your character is if you'd like, or any other form of minor godmodding.
  • If someone has been on hiatus for a while, it's perfectly okay for another character to make a post asking about the absent character's whereabouts.


  • A slowatus is a smaller version of a hiatus. Going on slowatus means that you will be slower at tagging than usual, but will still be active and able to pass activity checks.
  • Slowatuses are not official. They are not announced on the Hiatus Post, and they do not exempt you from activity checks. They're simply a heads-up for other players.
  • Slowatuses are announced by posting in the OOC Community with the slowatus tag.



  • Comment on the Drop Post. Please do this so that we know to remove you from the lists.
  • Defriend everyone in the community. There is a Master Drop List provided on the drop post to make this easier for you. Please remember to do this to avoid confusion later.
  • Post in the OOC Community. This is not required if you don't want to make a big fuss over it, but it can be helpful to let everyone else know that you're dropping.


  • Your character will completely vanish from Somarium, and their name will be removed from the Dreamberry Contact List. Everyone else will be able to check the list and see that the character has left.
  • As with hiatuses, other characters are welcome to make posts asking about the character's whereabouts.
  • Characters do retain their memories of a dropped character, even if another player picks up the character again later.


  • You may at any point update your character to a later point in canon.
  • Canon updates may occur once per month, with occasional exceptions if something extremely significant happens in an ongoing canon.
  • Canon updates take place in the form of a dream post. This post will give the character new canon knowledge. They will not have actual memories of the new canon events, just the knowledge of them.


  • If you change your mind later about what point in canon you want to pull your character from, and canon updates aren't sufficient, you may drop and re-apply for the character from the new point.
  • You have to go through the entire process again, including commenting on the drop post and posting a new application.
  • Your character may retain memories of their previous stay at Somarium, or they may not, whichever you desire. Please remember to make it clear in the application whether or not they have retained their memories.


  • If you are applying for a character that has been previously played at the RP, by someone else, you are not responsible for knowing about what the previous incarnation of the character did.
  • The other characters in the RP will retain their memories of the previous version of the character, and they will most likely comment on the change.
  • The same thing applies if you were the one who played the character previously, but you chose not to have them retain their Somarium memories.



  • See World Map. That page will be updated as necessary.


  • Somni was big and well-populated city back in its prime, and there are tons of stores and buildings everywhere. Most of the buildings are unlocked, and characters are more than welcome to go in and take any items they'd like.
  • Oddly enough, the stores seem to magically restock themselves every once in a while, so there's no chance of actually running out of any of the items inside.
  • There are also plenty of abandoned cars in the streets, and lots of them actually have the keys still inside. Characters may use these as they desire.
  • Basically, if there's some kind of standard item your character wants, they can probably find it somewhere in the city. Specific items from the characters' worlds will cannot be found this way.
  • Please don't go overboard and start finding things like helicoptors and giant machine guns. If you're ever in doubt about whether something could be found in the city, just ask the mods about it.


  • See Creatures.
  • In addition to those creatures listed, there's also some normal Earthly animals running around. The forests around Espoir have a fair amount of deer, squirrels, and other standard foresty creatures, and there are different kinds of birds flying around all over the place.
  • If you ever have a question about what kinds of animals are in Somarium, or want a certain kind of animal to be present in Somarium, talk to the mods and we'll work something out.


  • The weather in Somarium is pretty much the same as it is on Earth. It varies and sun, clouds, wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc. etc. are all possible. Feel free to make the weather whatever you want in a log as long as it doesn't contradict something already stated in that log.
  • Somarium has the same four seasons as Earth, and there will usually be some sort of Overlord post to indicate a new season.
  • Certain events may cause a certain type of weather for the duration of the event.



  • As Somarium is a dream world, the characters do not have to eat food in order to survive. They may occasionally become hungry, but this is caused by psychological reasons rather than physical ones. There is no chance of a character ever starving to death.
  • This doesn't mean they can't eat food. Your character can still choose to eat if they desire, because they enjoy it or out of habit or for any other reason.
  • Food may restore some of a character's energy after they've been injured or been through a strenuous event. Again, this is psychological rather than physical, but it does happen.
  • Food can be found at any of the abandoned stores or restaurants throughout the city.


  • In the same vein, vampires do not have to drink blood to survive in Somarium. However, the urge to do so will remain if it existed in their canon. The desire for blood may be somewhat diminished, but it will still exist.
  • Vampires may obtain blood from the animals living in Somarium, from humans, or from any other method they can make for themselves. Note that drinking human blood will be the most difficult method, and remember that you must have the permission of the other player for your vampire to drink their character's blood.

Cannibals (Digital Devil Saga)

  • Because of how important this issue is in DDS canon, these characters will retain their need to devour others.
  • Like vampires, they have the option to feed on animals or use scientific/magical supplements created for them by other characters.
  • They may devour other characters only if they have player permission to do so.
  • They also have the option to devour dropped characters before they leave Somarium, again with player permission.
  • The players of these characters are expected to understand that cannibalism is a major squick for some people, and they are to be courteous about this.

We will add additional notes for any other feeding habits as they come up. If your character feeds on something other than what is listed here, talk to the mods so we can figure out how to make it work.



  • Characters from non-magical canons may learn magic from other characters, with some limitations. See Learning Magic for details on this.


  • For the most part, characters are able to retain their magical/supernatural abilities when they come to Somarium. However, characters with extremely powerful abilities will have to have their abilities be somewhat dampened or limited.
  • This is tied into the "no godmodding" rule. Basically, we don't want characters godmodding the world. Thus, characters cannot have powers that allow them to leave Somarium, disrupt the magic that allows Somarium to operate, access alternate dimensions, harm any of the ghost NPCs, etc.
  • As a general rule of thumb, characters with destructive abilities cannot destroy anything larger than a very big rock. Skyscrapers or other large buildings cannot be destroyed. You can make huge craters in the ground, just don't go overboard.
  • We expect players to take these rules into account when writing their applications. Each character's abilities are different, and you are responsible for limiting your characters' powers as necessary. If you have any questions or need help doing this, talk to the mods and they'll be more than happy to help you figure something out.


  • Summoning creatures or spirits is, in general, not allowed in Somarium. Usually summons work by calling a creature/spirit that would only exist in the character's homeworld, and therefore they wouldn't be able to access them in Somarium.
  • If the summoned creature/spirit has its own background and personality, it might be able to be applied for as an Add-on Character. If the summon exists as an add-on character, the summoner character will be able to use them in Somarium.
  • Summons that come from within the character themselves (e.g. Persona from the Persona series) are allowed.
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