Every so often, something…strange occurs within Somarium. Some are created by the characters, others by the world itself. This page will detail all of the past events that have occurred. For a list of future events, look here

Past Events

Halloween »

The Overlord thought it fit that the people of Somarium celebrate this spooky holiday. It's unknown if Somarium itself actually celebrated, but the Overlord had managed to find bits and pieces about the special day and had come up with a three-day fun-filled event.

For the first day, everyone found themselves in an isolated carnival all dressed in various costumes not of their choosing. Most of the people just enjoyed themselves and went on the rides. It seemed that the event would go without much of a problem.

For the second day, everyone was trapped in a haunted mansion, filled with ghosts, zombies, and illusions. They were grouped off into different teams and had to make their way through, but even then there was no escape. This was a day full of terror, and some groups had worse experiences than others.

The third day, however, allowed everyone to relax a bit more. There was a bonfire and food laid out in a field and everyone could just let out a sigh of relief.

Winter »

This wasn't so much of an event than a time of when winter arrived into Somarium. With a blizzard. One morning everyone awoke to find the ground covered with snow and the lakes and ponds frozen over. Everyone quickly had to find some winter clothing, which were thankfully readily available by the various empty stories.

Body and Gender Switch Cards »

Again, not so much of an event than an introduction to the various cards that were available within Somarium. The two that the characters suddenly found themselves with were the Body and Gender Switch ones. A lot of confusion was stirred up as people suddenly found themselves as the opposite gender or in another body.

The trick with the cards was that it was like they become possessed and are practically forced to swipe the card into the Dreamberry. More cards would be later introduced.

Nightmare »

Things turned dark as everyone suddenly saw a nightmare appear on their Dreamberries, and it was from the Overlord herself. No one had ever seen a dream of hers before, so this was a bit of a surprise, particularly the gruesomeness of it.

The next night, however, the characters found themselves inside the dream itself. It was a warped, twisted world and everyone found themselves fighting against strange monsters, both from their own worlds as well as everyone else's.

And then there were the noctaere. Strange creatures that had no real shape or form and would attack anyone. Worst of all, they could not be killed. They were not invincible, but how to destroy them was beyond them.

Everyone basically tried to defend themselves and hoped that the nightmare would soon end and release them. Death was not option. They could not die. Literally.

Christmas »

A bit of cheer was in order, and the Overlord, still feeling a bit guilty for having to put everyone through that horror, decided to try to liven things up by dressing Somarium in festive cheer. She even had a Secret Santa project and the introduction to some other ghosts were made as they left messages on everyone's Dreamberries.

Tamaki threw a festive party where everyone could get together and mingle, and he and Euphemia directed a play: A Christmas Carol. However, the play turned out to be disastrous as everyone who participated got different scripts. There was a bit of a hullabaloo when Duster's Rope Snake went down Raven's pants as well.

But otherwise, it was a good time for everyone to get together, meet new people, and relax until…


A fight occurred between Vamp and Raiden during the festivities, which ended up with Raiden's death. The Overlord did not hear about it until later, however, so the punishment for ruining the holiday cheer would come later. And it did.

New Year's Bash »

Flying horses attached to carriages could be found around Somarium, and when people got on them, they found themselves being whisked away to the floating castle itself, a place that many have wondered how to reach but never could. There a giant party was being held, and the characters could explore certain parts of the castle.

Many relationships were formed, and it ended with a giant show of fireworks. LOTS of fireworks.

Due Punishment »

Sometime after the New Year's party, the Overlord did release her wrath upon Vamp. She turned him into a mouse.

However her magic went a little awry and Raiden was caught in it. He got turned into a bunny. A cyborg bunny, but he was still rather cute.

They eventually turned back to normal.

Natural Disasters »

For a while, everything had been relatively calm…until during the middle of one night, a large earthquake went through Somarium, causing great distraction around the outer parts of the city. Immediately after, a relentless storm of warm, black rain thundered through the city and for a week it stayed like that. Some areas were starting to flood, and those who managed to survive the earthquake sought shelter in three places: Tamaki's café, Raven's Tavern, and the Courthouse.

It was a dark time of chaos, but it should have served as a warning for a new threat…

Noctaere »

With no warning, the rain suddenly stopped. An eerie silence fell upon the city and village, until a ghastly wail broke it.

The invasion of the noctaere had begun.

The creatures had been introduced before in the Nightmare event, but now this was for real. All aspects of the noctaere carried over, and everyone, having only just been through an earthquake and freak storm, now had to battle these creatures who seemed to be invincible.

What would happen next?

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