Euphemia Li Britannia
Name Euphemia Li Britannia
Canon Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Age 16
Residence Enveria Apartments- Penthouse
Journal Rose of Purity
Played By Meygan


The year is 2010 and every continent on earth has been divided to be controlled under one of three superpowers: the Chinese Federation, the Euro Universe, and the Holy Britannian Empire.

Born as the Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire, Euphie is also the half-sister of Lelouch and Nunnally by their common father, Charles zi Britannia- the Emperor of Britannia. Despite the fact that war and destruction have been taking place throughout her family's empire for most of her life, the princess grew up very peacefully. She was attending high school in Britannia when news of her brother's murder reached her ears. Forced to pull out of her education, Euphie was then elected as the new Sub-Viceroy, governing Area 11 (Japan) under her older sister, Cornelia.

During her visit to the land that she now governed over, Euphie decided to play hooky and ended up leaping out of a window onto the unsuspecting Suzaku Kururugi. Beaming up at the boy, the princess then decided to drag him around Japan with her for a bit of sight-seeing. After spending time together, she realized happily that they both share the same views regarding war. The two of them didn't want to see their precious loved ones hurt by conflict any longer. It was here that a great friendship began to bloom between Euphie and Suzaku.

On another day out in disguise, Euphemia was caught in a hotel hostage situation by the Japan Liberation Front. It was during this event that the princess figured out that not only was her older brother Lelouch alive, but he had also taken on the identity of Zero, the masked revolutionary.

Eventually taking Suzaku as her private knight, Euphie decided that she could no longer sit back and watch the Japanese people be mistreated so greatly within their own homeland, especially Lelouch and Nunnally. Declaring that she would create the "Specially Administrated Zone of Japan", a place where all 'Elevens' would be able to call themselves Japanese and live relatively peacefully within their own country, the young woman stirred up quite a conflict of emotions from the crowd. Though some had doubt in their hearts that things would work out the way she planned, they cheered loudly for her anyway.

It is around this time that the princess came to the conclusion that she wanted nothing to do with the Britannian Throne and made her plans to give it up.


Euphie is very much like a stereotypical princess-Beautiful, sweet, charming, slightly naive, polite, and brave.

Almost always with a sweet smile on her face, Euphemia is a young woman known for both her kind heart and her open mind. The picture of royal perfection, she was raised with the grace and elegance of a princess, her manners are very refined and rarely, if ever, forgotten.

She cares deeply for all people that she meets (and even those she doesn't know) and will go out of her way to make people feel liked and welcomed. She is, however, very naive, having been sheltered most of her life to what had been going on in Japan. As such, there are occasions where she may seem to be a bit dense or silly.

Though some may attribute it to her being a naive, the young woman is exceptionally brave. Whether it is running out onto a battlefield or speaking her mind to the men who have taken her hostage, she will always stick up for both her ideals and people who need her.


Despite being a sweet and beautiful young woman, Euphie doesn't possess many abilities. Her position of Sub-Viceroy is merely as a figurehead, a fancy puppet for the crowd to cheer for. She knows this and is more than fine. She has no desire to actually take command of people.

She can, however, pilot a Knightmare Frame and could possibly have experience with guns. However, outside of being geassed, that would never be something she would do.

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