Editing Guide


All of the player and character names are already listed on the Taken Characters page. Please create your pages based on the links on that page. The easiest way is just to click on the link provided there, and then when it says the page does not exist, click Create Page. This is to help maintain the mods' sanity in organizing.

Basically, each character page should be named to match the character's tag in the main Somarium community on LJ: their full name. (Slight variations may exist if your character has an odd or long name.)

As for player pages, these should just be the name you gave when you applied, but with the prefix "players:" in front of them. So the mods' pages are players:laenavesse, players:relle, and players:peophin. Please remember to include the prefix, or the mods will have to delete and remake your page.

Basic Syntax Guide

**TEXT** makes things bold: TEXT
//TEXT// makes things italicized: TEXT
__TEXT__ makes things underlined: TEXT
--TEXT-- makes things strike-throughed: TEXT

To make the text bigger or smaller, you use [[size]][[/size]]. Large text, for example, would be [[size large]]TEXT[[/size]]: TEXT. xx-small, x-small, small, x-large, and xx-large can also be used. You can also simply put a pixel size if you want to be specific; [[size 20px]], for example, produces TEXT.

For including links, images, tables, lists, and so forth, we recommend using the buttons on the editing page, particularly the "wizard" buttons for links and images. These are very helpful in making things the correct format. The full guide to Wikidot syntax can be found here; it's extremely useful and easy to understand.

Character Page Table

This is the code to make the little table on your character pages. You don't have to use it if you don't want to, but we thought it would be a simple way to display the most basic information.

[[div style="float: right"]]
|| **Name** || CHARACTER NAME ||
|| **Canon** || CANON NAME ||
|| **Age** || AGE ||
|| **Journal** || [*http://JOURNALNAME.livejournal.com JOURNALNAME] ||
|| **Played By** || [[[Players:NAME]]] ||

Player Page Table

Similarly, this is the code to put on player pages. You can use it or not, and you can add in or take out some rows if you want.

[[div style="float: right"]]
|| **Name** || NAME ||
|| **Age** || AGE ||
|| **Journal** || [*http://JOURNALNAME.livejournal.com JOURNALNAME] ||
|| **AIM** || AIMNAME ||
|| **E-mail** || EMAILADDRESS ||
|| **Country** || COUNTRY ||
|| **GMT** || TIMEZONE ||
|| **Characters: Main** || [[[CHARACTER 1]]] _ (the _ makes a new line inside the cell)
[[[CHARACTER 2]]] || (make sure to include the || after the last character link)
|| **Characters: Add-On** || [[[CHARACTER]]] ||

Uploading and Using Images

It's possible to upload images to the wiki and use them in your pages. To upload an image, go to the page you'd like the image to appear on, and scroll down to the bottom of the page (the same place you would go to edit the page). In the same area as the Edit button, you should see another button called Files. Click that, and follow the instructions to upload your image. (We would recommend keeping the destination filename the same as the original filename, unless the original file name has spaces in it. You won't be able to link to the image properly if the filename has spaces in it, so take those out first.)

To use the image after you've uploaded, go and edit the page normally. Use the Insert Image Wizard button, and choose "attached file" to display a list of images associated with that page. Then simply pick the image you want to use, choose its alignment, and there you go~

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