The Dreamberry is basically a cell phone — a glorified and slightly magic Blackberry ripoff. (The Overlord named them, take it up with her if you have a problem.)

When not in use, your character's Dreamberry will take the form…well, anything. It can be a charm, a compact, an accessory, a bracelet, whatever, as long as it fits the character. It can even just stay as a phone if that's what you want. Whenever the character wants to use the Dreamberry, it will automatically transform to its normal state, where it looks like a regular old phone. Even the normal phone shape can be a bit customized, though, so have fun with it.


The main use of the Dreamberry is the standard phone call, with a bit of a futuristic slant — by default, the Dreamberry is set to make all calls in video, so the characters can see each other's lovely faces. The video can, however, be turned off without too much difficulty, but be sure to specify in a call thread if the call is voice-only.

Phone calls will mostly be made on dream or voice/video posts in a character's journal, but they can also be used in face-to-face logs if so desired.


Somarium doesn't have the internet, but it does have its own little network that allows residents to view all of the recent dreams, voice, or video posts that other residents have made. The main network page, which basically looks like a LiveJournal friends page, is the first thing that will appear whenever the Dreamberry is turned on.

Characters can also browse old posts made on the network, even those from before their arrival; however, they cannot comment on a post that is over a week old.


It should be noted that when new Dream, Voice, and Text posts are made, they are not played automatically. Instead, the Dreamberry has an inbox, much like an e-mail or text message inbox in which the messages will be displayed in. When a new post is made, if enabled, a sound notification will sound to alert the owner that a new post had been made. This is again similar to when you receive a new text message on a real phone.

It is possible to have the Dreamberry set up so that it automatically plays/displays the posts in real time. However, they are now defaulted to be sent to the inbox so that the user can browse at their own leisure. They will be stored for open access for up to a week. HOWEVER, after a week, posts are Read Only, meaning a character can view/hear/read the posts, but would not be allowed to comment on them.


The Dreamberries have a mysterious slot on their sides, which various cards found lying around Somarium can be slid into. For more information about cards, see the cards page.


[VOICEMAIL] Each character can set up a standard voice mail message for others to hear when they don't pick up the phone immediately.
[CONTACT LIST] This is a list of all the current residents in Somarium. It updates itself automatically when new residents arrive.
[TEXT MESSAGING] For all the mutes or just plain shy people, text messaging is indeed available from the main menu. can be used to broadcast across the whole network.
[TRANSLATOR] Obviously everyone coming in is going to be speaking a different language; the Dreamberry automatically translates anything said in its vicinity to the owner's main language, so don't worry about that. The translator also works pretty well with writing…except, it doesn't translate the native Somarium language very well, ironically enough.
[RECORDER] This can be used to record voice messages or notes for later.
[CAMERA] This can take both regular pictures and video.
[GPS SYSTEM] The Dreamberry has a basic map of Somarium, which also shows its owner's current location. Areas that no one has visited will be blurred out; areas that have been visited by someone, but not the device's owner, will be gray and a bit hard to make out.
[MISC] It also contains a planner and a notepad function, if any characters are interested in that. If there's a similar minor function you'd like the Dreamberry to have, just go ahead and say it's there. (You can't use it to play music, though, sorry.)

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