Directory: Shops

Here is a listing of the player-run shops in Somarium. If you wish to have your shop or business added, just make to fill out the information on the registration page.

[The Box of Doom]
[Run By] The Mods
[Items Sold] Basic/Random

[Suzumiya Haruhi's Shop of Paranormal and Occult Treasures!]
[Run By] Suzumiya Haruhi
[Items Sold] Items from people's homeworld.

[Café des Rêves]
[Run by] Suoh Tamaki
[Services] Just serving tea, snacks, and to bring a smile to everyone~

[Washu's Lab]
[Run by] Washu Hakubi
[Services] Formerly the Madaraki Clinic, Washu is continuing her research in this laboratory in Somni. She's looking for lab rats.

[Altosk Tavern]
[Run by] Raven
[Services] Need a place to unwind for the evening? Need a more mature setting? Need somethin' to drink and drown yer sorrows? It's a tavern. Ya get the idea.

[Something Sweet Bakery]
[Run By] Anise Tatlin
[Items Sold] Baked goods and certain accompanying items, like sandwiches.

[Run By] Minatsuki Takami
[Items Sold] Flowers (any, as well as custom arrangements) and gardening supplies.

[Run By] Edward Cullen and Roderich Edelstein (Austria)
[Items Sold] Music – songs from one’s home world as well as original compositions upon request.

[Peergynt Dojo]
[Run By] Guy Cecil
[Info] Want to work out or practice, or get some training in? Stop by Peergynt Dojo. The doors are usually open for you to come in and work. Alternatively, you can also schedule training sessions, classes, or sparring matches, by using the [sign-up sheet] on Guy's office door

[Fire in the Hole]
[Run By] The Dylandy Brothers (Lockon Stratos (Neil) and Lockon Stratos (Lyle))
[Info] It's a dance club/party center, run by both Lockons. Neil and Lyle Dylandy are drunken freaks always up for a good party, so they've decided to spread the fun to all of Somarium. Come and dance all night, celebrate your birthday, or flirt with the staff. Y'know, all that fun stuff.

Number of shops: 4
Number of business: 4


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