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Places in Somarium

As characters explore the world, they will find a variety of places, some that are more important than others.

It is also possible for them to create their own place!

So to help keep track, here all all of the currently known businesses/shops/important places that have been discovered. The list goes from general places that you can find, followed by more specific places.

The Village of Espoir »

[Center Plaza]
Rather self explanatory. A rather large area in the center of the village with a large fountain at the heart of it. A few shop stalls ring around the large dirt path, though they're all rather empty. It seems they used to sell an assortment of goods such as foods, some random trinkets, and other novelties, but there's not much left now…

Rather obvious. There are several fields that makes up the village, and all of them have the scarecrows. They are also actually still viable for planting, and it's really not surprising to see once completely barren fields suddenly sprout fully grown crops overnight.

There are several cottages that characters can live in, in all sorts of of shapes and sizes, though none going over two stories. Each one comes with its own little garden patch and if there is a cluster of cottages, there will be a small well in the center of them that is shared amongst the inhabitants.

There four mansions that are scattered around the village. Though they're more of the old Victorian kind and not that large. They are around three stories with twenty rooms in each. Each one will have a circular "driveway" with a fountain in the center out in front, with a long winding road that leads to the entrance. These mansions are actually connected to a lot of the larger fields, and have their own barn/stables. That are empty of course. And a ballroom? But of course. Just have fun trying to take care of them as there aren't any servants around.

[Church] - Peorth's Church
Why yes, there is a church! A rather quaint one at that. Nothing too special about it. Just you're average run of the mill church. No hidden doors or underground passageways or something hidden in the bell tower that will sometimes go off every once in a while. Nooope. This is also where the main clock tower is, but the time has stopped at 4:44. It's also covered in ivy, so it's not that hard to mistake it as just a random tower attachment to the church. Currently has been taken over by Peorth

Over time, it seems that two chapels have suddenly appeared. Perhaps due to the growing population? They're not fancy or huge, but they serve their purpose.

[Mod Shop] - Store of Spirits
As dubbed by Tamaki, this is the main store that the mods ghosts run. Either the Overlord herself or someone of her court will grace the unfortunate customer and give them what they need.

[Derek Stile's Clinic]
The first clinic to be established within the world! If you have any problems, just contact Dr. Derek Stiles, he seems to have some assistants now to help him.

[Altosk Tavern]
Run by our very own Raven, he opened it for reasons only known to himself. Though it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. At any rate, if some of the older residents need a place to wind down and have a drink, Altosk Tavern is their best bet. All sorts of drinks are available, though only those 18 and up will be able to actually drink. Even then, it's up to ol' Raven to determine if his customer is up to drinking. It's not too far from the central plaza and is open from 7:00PM - 3:00AM every day. Though it wouldn't be surprising if he just decides to close it early.

[Seventh Heaven]
A restaurant opened by Reimi Saionji, her food will more than fill up any diners. They might even feel a bit of a boost.

[Peergynt Dojo]
Want to work out or practice, or get some training in? Stop by Peergynt Dojo. The doors are usually open for you to come in and work. Alternatively, you can also schedule training sessions, classes, or sparring matches, by using the [sign-up sheet] on Guy's office door.

The City of Somni »

There are hotel and apartment complexes in every district, though the nicer ones will be in the Residential and Shopping districts. They'll vary in floor height, and the farther out you get into the city, the more run down and not as accessible they will be. The ones that are closer to the village will be in better shape, and everything will be functional and be provided. Yes, running water, electricity, air conditioning…of course. If a resident accidentally breaks one…well lets hope you can find someone to fix it. As for laundry, for the hotels there is a huge room with around twenty washers and dryers available on the second floor of every building. There are also laundromats outside if one prefers that. For the apartments, each room has their own special washer and dryer. It should be noted that there is no logical room numbering system on some floors.

Here are some of the apartments that have been found and have residents!

Enveria Apartments - Located just a few blocks away from the main park and Café des Rêves, this apartment could be considered one of the finer apartments. It has ten floors, with a penthouse at the top. Floors 8 and 9 have 4 special suites in them, and the other floors are well accommodated as well. All of the normal rooms have a small kitchen, one bathroom, and a small living room, all furnished, but on each floor there are 6 one bedroom and 6 two bedroom rooms, meaning each normal floor has 12 rooms. [RESIDENTIAL]

Rivera Apartments - A smaller apartment of only 5 floors. The top floor has 4 suites (508-511), and the rest alternate between one and two bedroom (5 each on each floor). Except for the suites, all of the rooms have one bathroom, and have a kitchen and small living room. There are ten rooms on each floor. It has a bit of a Renaissance feel to it and is furnished as such. Most likely because it is located right next to a small park that is more like a large garden. [RESIDENTIAL]

Infinite Complex - One of the few apartments in the Industrial district that's actually decent. It has a bit of a dark undertone to it, and the rooms are more like bachelor pads. They are all one bedroom, one bathroom and have a small kitchen and living area. Each floor has 6 rooms. [INDUSTRIAL]

Zephry Pointe Complex - A five story apartment tucked away a little from the main streets of the shopping district. It's still in a good location as it is near all the necessary stores and it's not as nosey as some of the bigger apartments available. All rooms have living area, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and is well furnished. [SHOPPING]

There are quite a few scattered around the districts, though the Main library can be found in the Residential district. You can look up anything you want, learn about the culture of the world, rent some documentary films…BUT. If you're trying to see anything that could help unravel the mystery of the world…I'm afraid they won't be there. Or at least. Not readily. Surely there must be something there? Maybe. But most likely not.

Of course there are schools! Most are in rather good condition, and the classes and offices are well equipped. If you didn't know better, you'd think classes were still being held…At any rate, anyone is free to take over a school or even live in it.

Namimori Junior High School - [RESIDENTIAL]
A school that Hibari Kyouya found and has taken residence in. …I would heed the "NO TRESPASSING" sign. Unless you want to be, er, bitten to death. However, it is currently vacant so anyone can take over if they so desired.

There are a variety of stores in every district, though the majority of them will be found in the Shopping district. They can vary from clothing, food, tools, books, novelties, anything. And the clothing in the clothing stores will mysteriously change with the seasons. Everything is free to take.

[On the Road Again] - [RESIDENTIAL]
A clothing store that used to be owned by Asch the Bloody, it is now abandoned though one could still find something they might like or take it over. Can be found between Café de Rêves and the Enveria Apartments.

Suzumiya Haruhi's Shop of Paranormal and Occult Treasures! (aka, The SPOT) - [INDUSTRIAL]
Run by Suzumiiya Haruhi, it's pretty much a "find anything you want" sort of place. Except, all the items are from your home world and were found by Haruhi though some method or another. It's request only, though!

Nectar - [SHOPPING]
Set up right next to the Zephry Pointe Complex apartments, Minatsuki Takami has opened a flower shop and she also specializes in arrangements, so if you're looking for something to bring along to a date, she's the one to go to. She's definitely not the most personable or friendly shop owner, but as flowers are her passion in life, her work is quite beautiful. Whether you want to brighten up someone's day or brighten up your home, Minatsuki's flowers will do the trick. (It should be noted that flowers aren't the only kind of plants she grows.)

[Restaurants/Food Places/Grocery Stores]
Available in every district, though the finer restaurants will be found in the Residential, Shopping, and Business districts. However you may want to check the food. This may be a dream world and it's not necessary for someone to eat here but…well never know. Things could go stale. Anything is free to take, however, and it's quite possible for a character to take over an already established eatery for their own.

Café de Rêves - [RESIDENTIAL]
Run by our very own Host King, Suoh Tamaki, this quaint little café can be found in the first district of Somni, also known as the Residential district. He has signs that will help any potential customer find their way, but it should be noted that it's situated only a few blocks away from the Enveria Apartments and in a rather large park. It had originally been a boat house, but after much hard work and perseverance, Tamaki converted it into the spiffy little café it is today :O He has several helpers, all willing to help "host" any customers who come by. And for payment? Just a happy smile of satisfaction~ ♥ Anyone is welcome to just stop by and also help themselves. There are tables both outside and inside.

Pizza Paradise - [RESIDENTIAL]
Discovered by C.C. and Rolo Lamperouge, it's basically a pizza place. Who makes them is beyond me. Seems like there were some ready made ones still available. There is also a grocery next door to it. No one is operating this place at this time.

Well there had to be some place for the youth of Somarium to hang out at. Some are a bit dusty and might need a bit of a fixer upper, but things like dance clubs and karaoke bars can be found scattered around Somni, particularly in the Shopping District. Try your luck, you might find something new, fun, and hip to do.

Fire in the Hole - [SHOPPING]
It's a dance club/party center, run by both Lockons. Neil and Lyle Dylandy are drunken freaks always up for a good party, so they've decided to spread the fun to all of Somarium. Come and dance all night, celebrate your birthday, or flirt with the staff. Y'know, all that fun stuff.

[TV/Radio Towers]
Yes there are TVs. Didn't you know that? Well most buildings will have them but there's nothing airing. There's no one to run them after all. But they are there in the Business district. However, while you have access to the control rooms and the filming/recording areas…the places where they keep recordings and the data seem to be sealed. There may be a hidden tape or video somewhere though. (If you wish to try for this, ask a mod first)

Black Death Records - Memories - [BUSINESS]
Originally discoveredy by Mutsumi Saburo, it's a record store/radio tower in the business district that is now being run by <b>Edward Cullen</b> and <b>Austria</b>. They will compose play music from one's own world upon request using the person's memory.

There are three main hospitals in the city: One in the Business District, one in the Industrial district, and one in the Residential District. Out of all them, the Residential one is probably the one that is best equipped and more or less function. The one in the Industrial District has definitely seen better days and will need a bit of a fixing up. It's also the smallest. There are also various pharmacies and clinics of varying functional states scattered around all of the districts. All are free to claim.

Madaraki Clinic Washu's Lab [INDUSTRIAL]
Originally a small clinic ran by Fran Madaraki, it has been taken over by Washu Hakubi for her own laboratory research purposes. She has since connected another nearby building to the clinic for housing and space purposes and has also managed to connect part of her interdimensional lab to it. While she is not a real doctor, she can provide some advanced technological treatment. She is also capable of creating things for others, but at a cost.

[Office Buildings]
Oh there are a ton of these around the city, and are the tallest buildings. The tallest office building was found by Yoko and Kamina and it was in the Business District, where a majority of these skyscrapers are anyway. There are various financial and office records, but anything pertaining to what happened to the world are nowhere to be found. There are parking garages, so gank a car since the ones on the streets might not be as in great condition.

[Capital Building]
The largest building in the Government district and also near the center. can't get in. No buts. You just can't. All you can do is just stare at its hugeness and wonder what sort of secrets it could hold about the world…

There is a courthouse! A rather large one. And just a few blocks away from the Capitol building. It's open and ready for use but…all past court records? Offices? Empty. Completely devoid of any information.

[Scientific Research Labs]
There are two major Research facilities. One is in the Government district and is actually rather small. Any records or documents about what all went there is gone, however. The tools and machinery seem to be the standard. Nothing unusual here. The other…well, it seems to be missing. There is a record of one being within the Industrial district, but where? Wherever it is, it's hidden and sealed until further notice.

Of course there are factories of a kind. But they're not running and since they are all in the Industrial district and were closest to the desert, almost all of them are completely destroyed and the ones that are standing are barely there. Might find some raw material there or tools, though. Just be careful. Some look like they could collapse…
Candy Factory - Though abandoned, it's relatively intact. It even still has some operating machinery and candy! It was originally found by Harlequinn, and can serve as a bit of a home for anyone who wants to now take claim to it. Currently, Shiro has decided to move in.

[Giant Crater] - Residential District
Only a few blocks away from the Enveria Apartments, and right in the middle of the street is a giant hole that spans most of the street. You can thank Asch the Bloody and Zelos Wilder for that. And Raven can testify that being down there sucks. It still has yet to be patched up, incidentally though the road around it seems to have widened and there are barriers around it.

..Man that's long. Anyway, this will be updated every so often, and if I miss anything, please comment this entry with the name of the place, the location, and a description of it.

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