Type: Scarecrow
Location: Espoir Village
Notes: Just your friendly neighborhood scarecrows. They might move around a little, but they're harmless. Mostly. You might watch out for that one in the corner.


Type: Sheep
Location: Somni City (outskirts)
Notes: Totally and completely harmless. Some of the monsters in the desert think they're pretty tasty, though.


Type: Golem
Location: Somni City
Notes: Large golems that were created with the city, and abandoned along with the rest. They're inactive at the moment, but if someone could figure out how to reactivate them, they're excellent at moving large objects and smashing things. They won't harm anything alive, however.


Type: Rat
Location: Somni City
Notes: The city sewers are infested with rats, like anywhere else. These rats like to dig tunnels to the surface, tunnels a lot bigger than they are, making a fairly vast network of underground passages. They have nothing against people, but you don't want to irritate them, and never block their tunnels.


Type: Rabbit
Location: Somni City (outskirts)
Notes: Not quite your normal rabbits. They're carnivorous, first of all, and a tad hostile. On the other hand, they're small and not very intelligent, so only the most pathetic of travellers should have any problems getting around them.


Type: Sandshark
Location: Saburra Desert
Notes: The first danger of the desert. They travel under the sand, only the top of their fin visible, and prey on unsuspecting travellers and animals. Use caution.


Type: Bat
Location: ?
Notes: If you wander too far into the unknown, you might encounter a swarm of these bats. They're extremely vicious and particularly like the taste of human flesh. However, they stay out of the city for the most part, and the desert is too hot for them. Their home must be somewhere else…


Type: Pegasus
Location: Reverein Castle
Notes: These winged horses are the guardians of the floating castle. They intercept and defeat anyone who tries to get too close to the castle walls, and occasionally venture down to Somarium's surface to deliver important messages. Attacking them is ill-advised, for it would bring the wrath of the castle ghosts upon you.


The noctaere are creatures that appeared in the Overlord's nightmare back in late November. What they are and where they come from exactly is still unknown. They had yet to make an actual appearance…until after a freak storm and earthquake hit Somarium in late January.

THEY ARE NOT PERMANENT CREATURES OF SOMARIUM. They appear at random and except during events where they are involved, they are mod-controlled only playable by the players as well as the mods when allowed. Except during these times, there is no trace of any noctaere within the world.

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