Name Argilla
Canon Digital Devil Saga
Age 20's
Journal Breast Feeder
Played By Meygan


As with all of the people in Sera’s Mary Sue fantasy land inside of her head, there was another Argilla before the strong, serious woman within the Junkyard. Working as a nurse under Dr. Douche Serph Sheffield, she was manipulated until she believed he loved her and was more than happy to do anything for him. Shooting Heat O'Brian in the back of the head, Argilla was thanked for her services by being the first victim to be eaten by Dr. Serph when he transformed into True Varna.

So then Sera's magical Volleyball tournament turned into the Junkyard and the bitch Nurse Argilla was turned into an awesome AI sniper for the Embyron. These AI were programmed to act only as emotionless soldiers.

However, once Sera 'landed' in her own creation, everything changed. Slowly, as everyone gained their Atma and emotions, the fighting in the Junkyard took a more frantic and desperate turn. As the Embyron had rescued Sera from the battlefield and took her in as their own, soon the Karma Temple sent out a message to all Tribes, proclaiming that only with Sera in their possession would that Tribe ascend to Nirvana. With Sera tagging along with them, The Embyron continued on in their quest to take out the other leaders.

At first, Argilla refused to devour others despite the hunger she felt. It was an act too vile for the woman to even comprehend acting upon. However, after defeating Harley of the Vanguards, she realized that to continue onward she had no choice but to eat.

It was during one of Gale's ingenious plots that Argilla met the strong female leader of the Maribels, Jinana. The two women became very close in a short time, recognizing their similar emotional state and hate of devouring. However, as she refused to eat anything, Jinana was eventually consumed by her hunger and her demon form attacked the Embryon Tribe.

After the fatal blow has been dealt, Argilla knelt before her fallen friend, shedding tears that she's never seen before. Jinana gently cupped the younger woman's face and told her to not be sad because finally they are comrades. As the Maribel leader passed on, Argilla sobbed silently to herself, trying to take control over her overpowering emotions. Heat, being the big douche he is, stepped forward saying "DEVOUR HER". Slapping the redhead, a bitterness took over the woman as she claimed she was tired of the Junkyard. She would continue on forward, devouring those she needed to, but only so that she can protect her comrades.

Forging a sisterly bond with Sera along the way, the tribe eventually saw to it that all other leaders within the Junkyard had been eliminated. Climbing to the top of the Karma Temple to ascend to Nirvana, they instead found themselves in a fight against Angel, the being who set everyone after Sera in the first place. As Serph moved in to destroy the 'woman', something broke and The Junkyard began to collapse in on itself. The AI world was being deleted.

Everyone, Angel included, headed into the bright light, the only means of staying alive…


Like the rest of the Embyron Tribe, Argilla begins as an emotionless individual. As the Tribe's sniper, she stays behind the lines to take out targets from afar. She's an intelligent woman who wants to get to Nirvana by any means possible.

After Sera appeared in her spiky artichoke, Argilla's emotions were unlocked. A serious woman, Argilla is by far the most somber member of the Embyron Tribe. Very distressed and visibly upset about their current state, she wants nothing to do with the curse the people in the Junkyard have been given. Devouring others is disgusting and she would rather suffer severe hunger pains then drop to that level. After Jinana's death, she comes to the realization that she has eat or she will lose everything she cares for.

Despite the trauma she suffered after Jinana's death, Argilla manages to smile and joke afterward, showing her loving and kind side. She is fiercely protective of Sera, not wanting the black-haired girl to fall into the wrong hands, and as such, can have a fiery temper on occasion.

She has an especially strong bond with other females.


Argilla bears the mark of the Seismic Wave on her left breast enabling her to transform into the magic-user Prithivi. Though she is aligned with the element of earth, she is a master with all magic spells.

During times of high solar noise, Argilla will go into her berserk state, becoming a half-human, half-demon. She fights with her whip-like arms.

As a human, she has a deadly aim with her rifle.

Other Facts

Like the rest of the cast, Argilla is obviously a cannibal. Though she hates being one, she has accepted that there is no other way for her to survive.

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