Altosk Tavern
Name Altosk Tavern
Run by Raven
Type Tavern
Where Espoir

Why it was made

Anyway, of all the things for this guy to do, what would be better than a tavern. I mean look at the icon. HELLO. It screams bartender. And we need some adult stuff goin' on |D Plus a perfect place to pick up some of the more mature ladies~ There's no other motive. Not at all. It's not like he'll be able to pick up bits of information at the place, pfffft. WHATEVER ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IT?


Nothing too complicated about it. Raven is basically running a small, yet elegantly set tavern. It's for the older characters to sit back and wind down with a nice glass of brandy or martini or a shot of vodka. Whatever you want, ol' Raven will be willing to serve~ Course, if you just wanna drop in for a talk or need to release your woes and distress, Raven will be glad to lend an ear.

Ladies are especially invited~


One would think a bar of sorts would be in the city, no? But for Raven…he doesn't really like the city much. Sure, he's used to living in the second largest city of his world, but he's grown rather attached to Espoir. Call it old age nostalgia. Plus, he found an old tavern/inn while wandering through the village and found it to be rather well stocked. And in his case, age doesn't matter for his goods :3 And since the world has been around and abandoned for who knows how long…even better |D

It's not too far from the center plaza, in fact there is a path that leads right by it if the person started from there and went northeast. He'll have a sign put up once it's finished.

There's also a field nearby…for future use :3


Like stated earlier, it's a smallish two-story building.

The ground floor is where the bar is set up, with the bar counter running along the back wall and around the corner. There's actually a large mirror attached to the back wall, but since there are a lot of bottles and such, it's probably hard to see except from the top. All assortments of alcohol can be found in the various shelves, cupboards, and compartments (some he's probably going to build in) that line that far and side wall.

There are a few bench tables as well as some smaller booth tables that line up the wall. The space under the stairs has a couch and a smaller coffee table that some people could gather around to relax in. Pool table? Darts? But of course~ And a small upright piano. Not that he plays. But it was there and well. Fits the mood?

Also, in the back there's a bit of a small kitchen. Nothing fancy like Tamaki's café, a bit more down to earth and rustic. Still modern enough, and it's not like he's really serving food. He uses it more for himself and in case someone gets hungry…well. It's there.

For the second floor, there are actually three bedrooms and a bathroom and Raven will be moving in there. Not that he didn't like his old pad, but this makes it easier. And if anyone ever got stoned drunk well. He guesses they could stay in one of the extra rooms. But it's only for emergency use only. Though if any ladies want to spend the night…~

One of the rooms will probably be used for storage.


Like for Tamaki…I'm going to be lazy. Whatever the person wants, Raven will be able to make it.

ANY KIND OF ALCOHOLIC DRINK. Have a Wiki page that lists the main ones. Virgins are also available.

Of course, he also has non-alcoholic drinks. These will be water, soft drinks, iced tea, lemonades, and a select fruit smoothies.

Coffee is also available, and when it gets even colder, hot chocolate :D

As for foods, assortment of snack bowls will be around, but his specialty would be… …the Crepe. I kid you not. If you need an omelette, salad, soup, or sandwich, he'll be able to do those, too. Anything past that, he ain't doin' it.


Altosk will be open only in the late evening, from around 7:00PM - 3:00AM, everyday. Though it wouldn't be too surprising if Raven just decided to close it for a night. Since he's running this on his own (unless someone actually wants to help) if he's not available then no go.

If someone needs a quick drink or something, drop him a Voicemail and ya might get in :O Might.


Yeees. There are some rules :3 I mean…a tavern is for the more mature residents of Somarium~ However, anyone is welcome.

1) Only people ages 18 and older can drink. And don't try to fake it. Raven has a rather good eye about these things. Underaged guests will just have soda or water or juice or something else.

2) No roughhousing. If an argument breaks out and a brawl is coming, then it is requested to be taken outside. And if they don't move on their own will, well. Raven will be glad to knock some sense into them ;D

3) No using the upstairs bedrooms :| There are plenty of empty cottages nearby. Gank one of those those empty rooms, thanks.

NOTE Raven may allow people to bunk in one of the rooms (if they are vacant) so long as he knows the person and not for like very long. It's only until they can find their own place to stay.


When Raven is tending the bar, he'll be in bartender garb though…it's debatable if he'll have his hair up or down. It'll depend on his mood. And whether or not if prospective lovely ladies will come~ The majority of the time he'll probably be in his Schwann mode. Might as well look the part, right?

Those are pretty much the basics, though if I think of more, I'll tack them on.

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