Add On Characters

General Information »

You are now allowed to play "add-on characters", which are separate from the primary characters you play in the RP. These characters are not expected to be as active or well-developed as your main characters, and will function more like NPCs in the RP.

Please note that the concept of "major" and "minor" characters as they pertain to the canon itself does not necessarily reflect on whether they would be considered a major or add-on character. A character that is minor in the canon could still be considered a major character for the purposes of the RP.

Definition of "Add-On Character" »

An "add-on character" will meet most or all of the following criteria:

  • They are not very developed in their canon series. Add-on characters have significantly less background and character development than a major character. An add-on character does have a defined personality, but this personality is not very complex. An add-on character can still have a fairly detailed backstory, but they could also have little to no personal history, depending on the canon.
  • They are not dynamic characters. Your main characters will grow during the RP, and develop relationships with other characters. Aspects of their personality may shift slightly due to events that occur in the RP. Add-on characters, however, will change very, very little during the course of their stay here.
  • You would not apply for them normally. Add-on characters are essentially characters that would be interesting to play, but you would probably not ever actually apply for them. They don't have quite enough background or personality to write a decent-length application for them, and you wouldn't really want to use one of your limited character slots on them, because they would fit in the add-on category, and there's a more developed character you'd rather play.
  • They can be animals. For everyone who was a bit upset by the "no pets" rule, add-on characters can be pets. Animal characters generally have limited background and development, but are still fun to have around, and so are often ideal candidates for "add-on characters." Add-on characters do not have to be animals, and not all animal characters will qualify as add-on characters. Make sure the other criteria above apply to them as well.
  • Basically: if you think you could apply for and play the character normally in the RP, without being hampered by lack of information or personality, they are not an add-on character.

EXAMPLES OF ACCEPTABLE ADD-ON CHARACTERS INCLUDE: Haro from Gundam 00, Repede from Tales of Vesperia, Adorea from Franken Fran, Laughing Octopus from Metal Gear Solid
EXAMPLES OF UNACCEPTABLE ADD-ON CHARACTERS INCLUDE: Rose from Metal Gear Solid, Rhyme from The World Ends With You, Feldt from Gundam 00, Sodia from Tales of Vesperia (All of these characters would in fact be considered major characters and should be applied for as such)

We've tried to define it as best we can here, but some characters are still a bit difficult to judge. If you have any questions about what counts as an add-on character, or whether a specific character qualifies, please don't hesitate to contact the mods, and we'll help you work it out.

Canon Change »

If your character's canon is ongoing, it's possible that they might be developed later in the story, after you've already applied for them as an add-on character at Somarium. If an add-on character you play gains more canon development, enough to make them a "major" character instead, you will no longer be able to play them as an add-on character. At this point you would be expected to either apply for them as a major character, or allow someone else to do it. Regardless, you will be expected to drop them as an add-on character.

If you choose to re-apply for the character as a major character yourself, you will still have to go through the same application process as any other major character. However, you will be able to keep the same journal, and the character will retain their memory of events that happened at Somarium while they were an add-on character.

What Add-Ons Would Do In The RP »

Essentially, add-on characters are intended to provide support for the main characters in the RP. While they are not restricted to only interacting with main characters from their canon, that is probably who they will be interacting with the most. Add-ons shouldn't play integral roles in plots or relationships. That doesn't mean you can't develop their personalities at all, but try not to overdo it.

If it helps, think of add-ons as NPCs. They're simply there to provide a service for other characters. What that service is can vary between characters: it can be healing, providing of weapons, companionship, or just random entertainment value and comedy relief.

Activity Requirements »

Add-on characters are not expected to be as active as your major characters. They may not make posts in the main community, but they can make dream posts if you so desire. They are not required to make dream posts. Their primary purpose is to appear as support characters in posts or threads that have already been started by major characters. Add-on characters can comment on any open post they wish, but they are not required to comment on a specific number to be considered "active."

Add-on characters are still required to follow all of the rules pertaining to post style, godmodding, playercest, &tc. You may not playercest with add-on characters. If your major character has an add-on character companion that you want to have in the RP, someone else will have to play that character, not you.

Rules »

1. You must already play a "major" character at Somarium to apply for a add-on character. You must also be eligible to apply for a second character — that is to say, you must have been active with your first "major" character for at least two weeks.

2. You may only play three (3) add-on characters. Add-on characters can be dropped just like any other character if you decide to want to play someone else.

3. You may apply for an add-on character even if there is no major character from their canon. However, please make sure that this add-on character is capable of operating without canonmates; some animal or robot characters who cannot speak an actual language might have a hard time, for example.

4. You may apply for add-on characters under the age of ten, with no limits on their maturity level. This is obviously different from the application rules for major characters. Please don't abuse it.

5. The rules for "mature"/sex logs are the same for add-on characters as they are for majors: keep it out of the main comm, friends-lock it, no sex if the character or the player is under 15, no pregnancies. And additionally, no animal sex, guys, please.

6. You may only have a total of three (3) characters from the same canon. This includes both major and minor characters.

7. You may not apply for a character if someone else has already applied for them. If you apply for a character, and there is already an application for that character being processed, your application will only be looked at if the first application is denied.

8. You must wait until your application has been accepted before your character can join the game. This shouldn't take very long, so just be patient.

For information on how to apply for an add-on character, click here.

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